The new class is getting a lot of buzz at Crunch gym. It requires special footwear, but after that, the only requirement is a willingness to have fun.

“I would say its 60 minutes of pure, intense fun,” said Mario Green, the instructor.

It only takes a few seconds to realize that this class is crazy. You hear it before it before you see it.

“You always see 20 people outside watching it, including the macho guys that don’t do stuff like that,” said Green. “And then they kind of sneak in the class and they have a lot of fun.”

The special shoes are called Kangoo jumps – they turn you into a one-person trampoline.

Green takes you and your Kangoos through one hour of hopping, jumping, dancing and twisting your way to a great cardio workout and maximum calorie burning mode.

“You’re doing all these moves that are really trendy,” said one participant. “And you’re sweating!”

The workout may look like it could be tough on your knees. But even if you don’t have the best joints, you don’t have to worry.

“This is amazing if you have bad knees,” said Green. “If you’re looking at the shoe, the circular spring absorbs the impact. So if you have bad knees and can’t run, say if you had knee surgery and can’t run, you can run in these. These are actually made for rehabilitation.”

The workout is low impact, and all the while, it’s like a chance to be a kid again.

“I will say, the first time I put these on, my voice dropped an octave,” joked one class participant about the footwear. “I wanted to see if I could borrow them and take them to the club.”

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