B&C Blog: Sunshine, Beaches, Umbrella Drinks…Boomer and Carton

In this very special Friday edition of the program the boys broadcast live from the beautiful Fairmont Southampton Resort in Bermuda. Despite the many distractions that Bermuda has to offer the guys were still on top of all the sports happenings from the previous night including a Met loss out west. The show opened with Boomer complaining about traveling with the neurotic duo of Craig Carton and Al “Hughes” Dukes. Craig stands his ground that the Mets season is OVER but Boomer assures him that there is plenty of season left. Meanwhile the Yankees caught a lot of heat themselves as not one single current or former player attends the Legendary Bob Sheppards funeral…however there were some reports that the guys found out later in the show that indicated that some of the Yankee players were on their way to the funeral but could not make it due to the unfortunate accident on the Meadowbrook PKWY on Long Island…

All of that plus… Bill Lee is happy the Boss is dead, Craig’s funeral requests, the Mr. Met Pizza Bet, Dukes and Carton act like their married, Who’s the most famous man from New Rochelle?, Hamptons Jersey Shore Debate, Jerry offers a moment of the day featuring the great Eddie Scozzare being not so great.

pimple1 B&C Blog: Sunshine, Beaches, Umbrella Drinks…Boomer and CartonJerry unfortunately could not make the trip to Bermuda as he was needed here but he was missed by one Craig Carton who could not imagine a day at the beach without Jerry popping his pimples.(Jerry’s Pimples of course) With that being said here is Jerry Rello’s first update of the morning…

billlee B&C Blog: Sunshine, Beaches, Umbrella Drinks…Boomer and CartonFormer major league pitcher Bill Lee has some not so kind words about the late George Steinbrenner. After hearing the comments Boomer and Craig determined that Lee, nicknamed the SpaceMan was infact somewhere lost in space.

tombstone B&C Blog: Sunshine, Beaches, Umbrella Drinks…Boomer and CartonEven though Craig Carton is a young man it’s never too early to plan your funeral. In the wake(no pun intended) of two legendary NY Yankee Sports Figures Bob Sheppard and George Steinbrenner passing away this week…Craig got to thinking if he died the person he would want to give his eulogy is none other than his partner Boomer Esiason….Plus the softball team picks up a convincing victory over Spike TV…Embarrasing…
Mr %20Met B&C Blog: Sunshine, Beaches, Umbrella Drinks…Boomer and CartonAs you have probably heard by now Craig is convinced the Met’s season is over. He is also convinced the Mets will finish under 500 on their current 11-game road trip…..Craig is so confident that he said he would be willing to be Mr. Met for a day if this did not happen. Craig tries to get Boomer to wager something but his efforts were met with some resistance.

carton B&C Blog: Sunshine, Beaches, Umbrella Drinks…Boomer and CartonAl B&C Blog: Sunshine, Beaches, Umbrella Drinks…Boomer and CartonBermuda can be a very relaxing vacation…unless of course you are with Al Dukes. Al’s picky eating and obsession with sun screen left Craig Carton wanting to pull whatever hair he has left out of his head.

 B&C Blog: Sunshine, Beaches, Umbrella Drinks…Boomer and CartonEver wanted to know who was the most famous person from New Rochelle? Craigs buddy Dean Marazzo did….Dean called the program to let the world know his results as he polled many New Rochellians on who they thought was more famous..Ray Rice…or Craig Carton…the results left Craig a little puzzled…

hamptons%2520view B&C Blog: Sunshine, Beaches, Umbrella Drinks…Boomer and CartonThe Hamptons is a wonderful summer hot spot. Stars from all over flock to the long island shores to party and flaunt their celebrity. Unfortunately the Hamptons is not on the summer docket for one Mr. Al Dukes…

In the Moment of the Day The Great Eddie Scozzare does something not so great…

As you know by now Craig, Boomer, and Al are spending some time at the beautiful Fairmount Southampton Hotel….Here are some of the comments the guys have about the island and the wonderful hotel.

craig: “wow what a great island..beautiful drive from airport to fairmount hotel just got to the beach awesome. never saw a portugese man o war before….swam to the rocks and saw tons of crabs should have eaten one…………..dukes just ordered a mai tai thinks hes in hawaii………………….love it here im not leaving

boom: golf course was sweet cant wait for dinner gonna make craig pay…..oh and the accommodations are unreal. People are so nice. So much nicer than jerseyans…….just wish i didnt have to fly with dukes and craigie……im coming back again this fall bermuda is one of my favorite place n earth now

dukes: i was most surprised at the fact that they drive on the wrong side of the road here…and the steering wheels are on the wrong side of the car too…i’ll be extra careful when I get on my moped later to head to the beach

NOTE: The Bomber’s, Boomer and Brodway Softball Classic, scheduled for July 19th at Yankee Stadium, has been cancelled due to the passing of George Steinbrenner (a make-up date has not been annnounced yet). That didn’t stop the folks over at TYJA Sports (Where it Begins…) from making up jersey’s for the team anyway. Take a look below at the crew posing for a picture in the sharp, new threads…

**This is a compilation of all the above audio in one nice downloadable package for your convenience…So go ahead – Download it and Enjoy!!!


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