NEW YORK (CBS) – Mel Gibson’s vicious custody battle with estranged girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva took an even uglier turn on Thursday.

Grigorieva now claims Gibson hit their baby daughter in a violent January confrontation.

Gibson’s ex is now looking to strip the actor of custody rights of their little girl. This comes as another taped tirade from the actor was released.

In the newest release from website, the actor seems to come unhinged as he lashes out at Grigorieva.

“You (expletive) offend me and you don’t care about anyone but yourself,” Gibson said.

Grigorieva is now looking to strip Gibson of custody of their baby daughter. And this string of venomous tapes may prove to be damaging evidence against him.

On the latest recording he seems to put Grigorieva at fault for his financial woes, laying the blame on her for the sale of his Lakers tickets.

Gibson: “And now nobody gets tickets because of you! I had to sell the (expletive) because of you!”

Grigorieva: “Why is it because of me? Why is it because of me? What kind of (expletive) is this?

Gibson: “I sold it because of you. I don’t have any (expletive) money to support you and everybody else. Ii have to sell paintings.”

But this time Grigorieva stands up for herself.

Grigorieva: “Not because of me, because you have to feed an army. Why is it because of me? What kind of (expletive) is this?”

Gibson: “I spent too much (expletive) money on you and my wife knows it’s you!”

In the epithet-laced rant Gibson goes on to curse out Grigorieva and call her a gold digger, but publicly the actor has been tight-lipped about the tapes.

“There’s only one reason why he’s not talking and that’s because he’s in serious legal jeopardy. I’m sure that his defense attorney is saying to him you may not speak,” CBS News legal analyst Lisa Bloom said.

Two years ago Gibson donated money to a Boston domestic violence center. These tapes have left the group simply stunned.

“We were grateful for it at the time, but obviously we would rather not have a donation from someone who is later revealed to be an abuser themselves,” said Nathalie Favre-Gilly, co-executive director of Casa Myrna Vazquez.

On Wednesday detectives investigating the domestic violence allegations against Gibson received audio tapes from a court presiding over the child custody case.

It’s unclear whether those recordings include the audio that was posted by

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