Mosque Opponents Zero In On Bloomberg

Hizzoner Plays Constitution Card; Lawsuit To Be Filed

NEW YORK (CBS 2/1010 WINS) ― With support from Mayor Michael Bloomberg the path was paved Tuesday for a mosque and community center near ground zero.

But opponents said the fight isn’t over.

CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer has the latest on this festering mosque controversy.

It was like a tale of two cities. On the one hand there were images of furious, placard waving opponents of a plan to build the mosque.

“Three thousand murdered. You betrayed them all. You betrayed our firemen and policemen who gave their lives willing to save innocents,” demonstrator Linda Rivera said.

“Be sure to look in those cameras and apologize for this disgrace that has just transpired here. I hope Mayor Bloomberg is satisfied,” Andy Sullivan added.

The Landmarks Preservation Commission met and quickly refused to grant landmark status, in effect agreeing that the building on Park Place near ground zero can be torn down so developers can erect 13-story, $100 million mosque and community center.

And a unanimous round of “ayes” came from the commission.

Several members of a crowd of 50 or 60 applauded, while others shouted “Shame!”

“I have come to the conclusion that 45-47 Park Place does not rise to the level of an individual landmark,” Landmarks Preservation Commission chairman Robert Tierney said.

On the other hand, there was the stark contrast of a press conference held by Bloomberg on Governors Island. The mayor was flanked by religious leaders with the majesty of the Statue of Liberty in the background as he argued that the developers’ right to build a mosque near ground zero was protected by the constitution and the right to religious freedom.

“The World Trade Center site will forever hold a special place in our city, in our hearts, but we would be untrue to the best parts of ourselves and who we are as New Yorkers and Americans if we say “no” to a mosque in lower Manhattan,” Bloomberg said.

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn said that if you try to exclude one religion from a neighborhood you are trying to exclude all religions.

This may not be the last chapter of this controversial project. Opponents said they’re filing suit Wednesday. The lawsuit will be filed by the American Center for Law and Justice. It is representing a New York City firefighter who survived the 9/11 attacks.

After winning the right to tear down the 152-year-old, developer Sharif El-Gamal was hard to pin down. CBS 2 kept following him to ask about his plans for the mosque, but when we called it a mosque he got defensive.

“It’s a community center. If you call it a community center we will talk,” El-Gamal said.

Others in the Muslim community had plenty to say about the importance of building the mosque.

“We’re trying to send a message that Muslim Americans are not represented by the people who attacked us on 9/11. They don’t represent our religion and they don’t represent us and they violated everything that is Islam,” said Zead Ramadan, president of the Council of Islamic-American Relations of New York.

The imam promoting the project was represented by his wife, Daisy Khan.

“In the words of John Lennon, let’s give peace a chance,” Khan said.

Some opponents said its fine to build a mosque — just not near ground zero.

“I find it unalterably offensive that they would want to establish a huge and very tall mosque where none needs to be,” Marion Dreyfus said.

“More important to the seemliness argument is the fact that they wanted to open this mosque on 9/11, 2011. This is an issue of Islamic dominance,” Sam Numberg added.


One Comment

  1. D says:

    They might as well build a monument to Osama Bin Laden.

  2. Hal says:

    Mr Bloomberg, Islam is not a religion it is a cult. So the constitution has no bearing on the facts in this case. This is lunacy!

  3. brian says:

    FILL IT UP. the next time you say that BE ASHAMED.where that money goes you will never know. terrorism will be here to stay as long as you say FILL IT UP MOHAMMED.

  4. tonyg10 says:

    New Yorker oppose the mosque at Ground Zero and protesters march in objection. The Talibhan oppose the doctors helping sick people in Afghanistan so they kill the doctors.. Seems fair.

  5. JP says:

    Ayman Taha or Army Captain Humayun Khan, who lured a suicide car bomb away from the men in his charge, Army Spc. Rasheed Sahib, an American Muslim from Guyana who was killed in Iraq Army Spc. Omead Razani, a son of Iranian immigrants who also died in Iraq. Also, Marine Staff Sgt. Kendall Damon Waters-Bey was killed in a helicopter crash on his way to duty in Iraq or Kareem R. Khanor the 10,000 Active Muslims in the Militray including one of my own FAMILY MEMBERS who has been in the military for like 20 years now

    1. DMB says:

      I believe that they’re probably are muslims that don’t really know what they’re religion or its founders truly believe that probably are good people and may love america, but the really devout muslims don’t like america. Mainly because we as a whole are a christian country and Muslims hate christians and they hate Jerusalem. Obama doesn’t like Jerusalem either.

    2. DMB says:

      I’m sure they’re are good muslims that don’t agree with what they’re relgion believes, but if they love america they wouldn’t be in favor of building a mosque at ground zero, knowing that it will do nothing but start trouble. I mean if it is built they’ll have to have police around it all the time to keep it from being destroyed. Its just asking for trouble building it.

    3. capt.79 says:

      A soldier suspected of fatally shooting 12 and wounding 31 at Fort Hood in Texas on Thursday is not dead as previously reported by the military, the base’s commander said Thursday evening.The suspect, identified as Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, opened fire at a military processing center at Fort Hood around 1:30 p.m., Cone said. As I recall this soldier is a Muslim.
      Hah.. I wonder which country he thought he was fighting for JP????

    4. capt.79 says:

      Militant Islam Monitor > Articles > Sgt. Hassan Akhbar convicted & sentenced to death: Murdered fellow soldiers because ‘he was concerned they would kill Muslims in Iraq’
      Sgt. Hassan Akhbar convicted & sentenced to death: Murdered fellow soldiers because ‘he was concerned they would kill Muslims in Iraq’

      1. Nicola101 says:

        America should become more like other countries when it comes to punishment for crimes. For example in the older times of Russia the government only took 7 days to do the trial convict and execute the punishment.
        For the more horrific crimes like crimes against children if one was convicted of child molestation then Russia allowed the families of the victim to choose and carry out the punishment.
        For example the whole town would be made to gather in the town square to watch the execution of the offender carried out by the family of the victim..

  6. L.G. says:

    In my personal opinion I think it would be a disgrace to all the men and women in uniform to allow this Mosque to be built near ground zero specially after all the people that have died on 9/11 and since 9/11 in war. That’s basically telling everyone in uniform that we have been fighting in a war that means nothing for the last nine years.

  7. NOTOMOSQUE says:


  8. MilitaryPilot79 says:


    Many Americans thought that after September 11th 2001 that things here in the United states couldn’t get any worse.
    But it has. Americans have been fighting in a war for nearly nine years now.
    A war that will probably never end do to the fat cats in Washington making money from tax payers dollars. The economy has been hit very bad. We have soldiers trying to kill themselves just so they don’t have to go back and fight in the war. The very same war that was started on that dreadful
    September morning. And if that isn’t bad enough our government and certain city officials of New york City are about to allow the people that declared war against us that day to open their Mosque two blocks away
    from ground zero so that they can claim victory on the United States yet again.
    I would like to know how is that fair to Americans specially the people that lost loved ones on that day?
    All it is is greed money greasing the hands of the New York City’s mayor.
    And a huge slap in the face to the American people.
    When will someone in Washington stand up for the true Americans that lost their lives?

  9. JD says:

    If we are going to apply this policy then if you google map the the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building there are couple of churches around it we should demolish all of them because that is a ” Hallowed Ground” “UNNECESSARY provocation” it stabs hearts. Pls reject it in interest of healing so lets see Bye bye

    St Joseph Cathidial
    First United Methodist Church
    Skyline Church

  10. JD says:

    yeah and over 200 muslims died on 911 in the WTC also so your spit on there graves also by denying the mosque MUSLIMS AND SINCE THEN WE ARE DOING OUR PART LIKE THE MUSLIM VENDER WHO TOLD ANOTHER VENDER ABOUT THE CAR THAT HAD SMOKEING COMEING OUT OF IT TURN OUT TO BE A TERRORIST ATTEMPT (TIME SQURE ATTEMPT) look this has nothing do with the mosque but people hate for muslims and islam the WTC is being used as a excuse look at the lady holding the sign above and read what it says and this same stuff is going on all over the US lower Manhattan , Staten Island , Tennessee ,Southern California, Jacksonville, Florida.

    1. D says:

      If they want to build a monument it should be a monument that is dedicated to the fallen. Not a mosque.

    2. D says:

      Just because they were here working and making money, doesn’t mean that they love us or our country.

  11. Ryan says:

    I am Muslim. I am America. I love this country and it’s people.

    1. Bob says:

      You’ve posted how many times? And you still haven’t convinced anyone of your biased opinion. Seriously, just shut up.

      1. MilitaryPilot79 says:

        I am convinced …. BOB Perhaps if you were the one to be in the situation of either fighting in a war for apparently no reason or the one that got raped as a child then your comment would be different….

      2. MilitaryPilot79 says:

        Too bad we cant fly two of their civil aircraft’s into their Mosque once its built….

  12. Marie says:

    With over 200 mosques in nyc, the mayor’s lame rehetoric that this an issue of freedom of religion makes me want to vomit. Under the guise goodwill and peace, this group employs the likes of a corrupt Imam who feels US brought on 911 attacks, Hezbollah is NOT a terrorist org., sharia law is a good thing and will not fully disclose financial backing for this project. This mosque respresents a victory to islam. This is their religion & tradition- to build on (or as close to) the graves that they feel they have conquered. To add insult to injury the Imam has scheduled the opening of this monstrosity for 9/11/2011. What more do you need to know? Stop this now.

  13. Ginny says:

    Wouldn’t it be sad if a mosque was built before a memorial to those who were killed on 9/11……….I don’t agree that we should tolerate what they did by allowing them to build anything near ground zero

    1. Ryan says:

      The people building the mosque had nothing to do with the criminal murderers who attacked this country. The people who attacked this country were destroying things because they hate this country. These people are building things in America because they love this country.

    2. Asif Hussaini says:

      Who is they? All American Muslims? Do you honestly believe that?

  14. Tim Fox says:

    As a Jamaican and veteran of Kosovo I lay witness to the evil of Islam. It’s also evil and a crime to do business with women abuser s and a child marrying, child molesting cults. It’s a crime to have immigration or any form of communication with these satanic monsters. We defended this satanic cult in Kosovo against Christians and paid the price 1 year later in the form of 911. We must expel these monsters and have a zero tolerance policy towards woman abuse and marrying children. We must destroy all their mosque and convert them into women’s centers. If we continue to greedily consume their oil and allow them to abuse women, then we have no right to complain about terrorism.

  15. Blow it Up says:

    Wait until it’s completed and blow it up during the first service. That would be poetic justice.

    1. Ryan says:

      Some people here are sick. 13 Muslims attacked America. Now the 1 million Muslims living in NYC are under suspicion? You sir should be locked up like any and all terrorists regardless of what faith they claim to adhere to.

  16. Blow it up says:

    Let’s give the VATICAN 20 Acres in the center of Baghdad to build a CHURCH. You know, to promote good will and understanding.

    1. VR says:

      There were churches in Saddam’s Iraq. Saddam’s deputy Tariq Aziz as well has his personal bodyguard Kamel Hana Gegeo were both Christians. There still are but the poorly coordinated invasion of Iraq has actually made them more vulnerable.

  17. Yana says:

    I have no words,, it is a shame!!!! It is not freedom, freedom has its limits, come on people. Most of the people dont want this building there. People have to protest there anyway so they get the message that noone wants them there. France bans burqas, but America just gives all these. It is crazy. It is going to create more tention betweeen people. WHy would you make your peole angry??? Protest, protest……

  18. jack d benisi says:

    We have all been hearing the news about the mosque near Ground Zero….well the address of this Mosque is 45-47 Park Place – SEE–> (
    What I found very strange is the address….4 and 5 = 9, 4 and 7 = 11……911!

    1. simplicity says:

      LOL. Another nut-job with a severe case of Islamophobia.

  19. I♥NY says:

    One of the protesters carried a sign that said it all (not only for myself, but for all New Yorkers and all Americans!). It said that building a mosque near ground zero was tantamount to building a shrine for Hitler at Auschwitz!!!!!!!!!!! This decision is outrageous, disgraceful and heartbreaking! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Stephen Link says:

    Isn’t Bloomberg the punk terrorist who held the chinese communist revolution parade a few months ago?It figures he’s al-quaedas #1 man in NY.He’ll burn with Bin Laden and Allah in hell.

  21. Edward says:

    UNREAL…try to put up a church or synagogue today ANYWHERE in a REAL Moslem contry. It just won’t work. We are supposed to understand…DO THEY?
    Just wait and see. This is all being funded by radical, extremest elements. What will you self-hating Americans say when the truth about funding comes out?

    1. simplicity says:

      Actually, there is no such thing as a “real Muslim country”…
      but there are many countries with a Muslim majority. And the
      countries that currently claim to use Islamic law (aka Sharia law)
      in actuality distort it to fit their own agenda.. thus there is no
      “REAL Moslem contry”. And in fact, many countries with Muslim
      majorities DO have synagogues. (Iran, Turkey, Dubai). However,
      there aren’t many, and the reason is because since the establishment
      of Israel, most Jews migrated there and to other western countries
      (like the US). Search “Zablon Simintov”, supposedly the last Jew
      in Afghanistan.

  22. Linda says:

    This is so wrong on so many levels. Shame on you who voted to put a mosque on this spot. May God yes I said God, forgive you.

    1. Alex says:

      In case you are uninformed (as you must be)…Muslims do worship God…the same God that Judaism and Christianity Worship. Only Christians follow Jesus, Jews follow the prophet Abraham, and Muslims follow the prophet Mohammed. (By the way…read your bible..they are all in there…separate religious branches that differ but are based on the same God). And like Christians, they have a right to their beliefs in THEIR city. May whatever God you worship forgive you for your ignorance, hatred, and believing God cannot judge people well enough so you need to take on that role…

      1. Stephen Link says:

        As usual Alex,you are uninformed.Jews and christians believe God loves the world.Moslems believe he wants you to destroy everybody different.

      2. D says:

        There is one big difference between the three, and that is that Mohammed was nothing but a murderer. He was a man of violence. That and he’s dead.

  23. Kevin Edin says:

    I say we also build a monument to German war heroes at Auschwitz…whattaya say to THAT. Bloomberg?!

  24. KMarshall says:

    This is just racist. A damn shame, and it’s the year 2010!

  25. JasonS says:

    I love the way Muslims are touting this as an example of the “wonderful freedom” of America. They pay lip service to American liberty when it suits them, not so enthusiastic about American liberty when they’re objecting to the freedom of Americans to speak out against Islamism.

    The similar case of a mosque built in Boston is a good example. They tried to counter the controversy with much the same phony rhetoric about freedom and understanding, then when the mosque turned out to be a haven for hate speech and dubious terrorist connections (as everyone predicted but were told that their fears were racist), they unleashed the full wrath of their lawyers in an attempt to silence anyone who pointed it out.

    The same will happen here and we’ll have yet another example of the bone headed folly of liberal political correctness to look back upon with contempt.

    1. NYC Nice Guy says:

      Which mosque is this in Boston? Please give more information. I, too, am suspicious of Islam – but I am suspicious of anyone who still believes in a literal Sky God in the 21st Century, some seven million years after the human race has left Africa!

  26. ken says:

    This is wrong. Just plain wrong. Gotta love those supporting the Muslim brothers. They’ll put the knife in your back

  27. buddy love says:

    Lets build a “Pork Rendering” buiness next door. People need to eat.

    1. Ryan says:

      As a Muslim American I can tell you that would be fine. Eat as much pork, chicken, beef that you like — it’s a free country!

      1. MilitaryPilot79 says:

        Apparently the country is only free when your a Muslim… The United States might as well send out a statement to execute all of the true Americans and keep Islamic Muslims instead of its own.

  28. Manny says:

    This is a Slap in our face as Americans – thes Islamic are responsible for the Murder & Hatred on Sept 11, 2001 of more than 3200 American lives and Destroy Millions of us forever & to allow them to continue to Do their Dirty Murder @ our doorsteps its Unheard of they are Not faitfuls they are Extremist & Murders/Terrorist – They want to be closer again to Bring Down the Freedom towers & more sooner than later – Shameful Mayor & others who allow this we take it to the Courts to have this stopped. Abolish all there Muslims & send them back where they cam from – Murderers – Killers of USA people & our Life Daily

  29. Ron says:

    Finally a victory for tolerance over the right wing bigotry. Muslims are not the enemy and all leaders have already condemned violence many times. As the article said, the vote to approve the mosque was quick and unanimous – just like it should have been. Only a few right wing nuts came out to protest and then post comments on internet sites. Our mayor supports the new mosque and so do the vast majority of NY’ers.

    1. NYC Nice Guy says:

      There are many who are “tolerant” of Muslims while not mistaking our own tolerance to be anything more than just good manners. Which is why we take Muslims to task for their own lack of the same! How about I gun you down, and then my family decides to build a shrine next to the murder scene depicting what an otherwise upstanding family it is?? Would such an act even make any sense at all, despite all the rhetoric about “peace” and “tolerance?”

      Muslims continue to generate ill will by doing sneaky things like this. No one is fooled as to the subtext of this action. Beware those who would use your own values against you!

    2. MilitaryPilot79 says:

      RON- the only NYers that support the decision to build the Mosque are hajjis themselves… I as an American can only hope and pray to my higher power that someone scorches it once it is built… Too bad the guy that wrecked his plane into the IRS building in Austin still isn’t here that could have been his final mission.

      1. Alex says:

        I’m a New Yorker…and not that it MATTERS, but I’m not Muslim. I’m of Swedish, Polish, and English decent. I, along with many other New Yorkers, support this building…so you are already wrong. Hoping for another disaster in this city makes you wrong and ignorant.

  30. NYC Nice Guy says:

    Muslims keep asking people to be “sensitive” but I do not see them being sensitive to others. Look at all the countries where Muslims are, they are always agitating and complaining: China, India, Thailand, the Philippines, Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Russia, Italy…these are people who don’t care about freedom of religion but using the concept when it is to their advantage!

  31. Marc Rand says:

    All muslims are terrorists just as all white people are card carrying klu klux klan members.

    1. MilitaryPilot79 says:

      Marc Rand- I grew up ten miles from where the KKK originated… The funny thing is that is where Kentucky Fried Chicken Originated too… Maybe that was the WHITE people coming up with ULTERIOR MOTIVE TOO..

    2. D says:

      I agree with you on the Muslim part but I’m white and I think the klan was evil and a disgrace.

  32. D. says:

    This is a disgrace to the people in this city and the U.S. soldiers. The real agenda is not caring for the people’s well-being, getting along with others, it’s really about one thing -“MONEY”. they say to respect these Muslims how can we ? When they cannot build somewhere else besides the this sensitive area. They are disrespecting us !!! Give peace a chance – they are suppose to set the example . This “SUCKS”

  33. Kellian says:

    Oh, yes, this mosque is a great idea! Maybe this sort of “Tolerance” can open the door for me to go to Nagasaki as an American and open up a nuclear plant to manufacture weapons. I may even get some concessions and tax breaks from the good people on the city council. The citizens of Japan wouldn’t be offended. Why should they be? I am just there to run a business, not hurt anyone. It would actually benefit the city, right? If you buy this mosque non-sense, then you should buy my proposal. As an American expected to “tolerate” everything and everyone, I am wondering when the rest of the world is going to start tolerating us? If we keep laying down for everyone and every belief, we will be no longer. When are we as Americans going to take America back?

    1. shauntu says:

      Can you atleast tolerate your fellow Americans? Cause the people building this community center are your fellow Americans. Or are believe from a belief system not yours, not acceptable as Americans to you, that you have to take America back from them?

      1. Alex says:

        Agreed Shauntu!! These people are Americans and New Yorkers and this city is their home and their community just like every other New Yorker. No matter what religious doctrine they follow, they have a place in their own city, their own country.

      2. D says:

        They’re not Americans, they just live here and its now about us against muslims. Its good versus evil. The USA is way to kind to ones that hate us. We capture terrorists and we treat them like celebrities. Thats why they’re taking over our country. They’re not scared of us. Obviously not, they have one of their own in the White House. P.S. and I’m not a republican.

      3. militaryfemalepilot says:

        This is a disgrace to my country and my uniform !!!!!
        But when people of this country elect a man for president that’s name rhymes with OSAMA what did we expect was going to happen?

  34. Jordan says:

    DAMN!! ya hatin on Muslims. shame on yall.. this is against what USA stands for. its a shame.

    1. D says:

      What we stand for, freedom of religion has become our greatest weakness and they are using it against us.

  35. sacf says:

    These persons are hateful…know nothing of decency or fair play.
    They have NO allegiance to USA.
    NO MOSQUE….No nothing for muslims!!!!!!!

    1. Alex says:

      These people are New Yorkers…it is their city too. They are much so as any of us are. Not every Muslim in the world…millions of them…are terrorists. Just like not all Americans are ignorant.

      1. D says:

        They’re not terorists yet but it doesn’t mean that they don’t believe the same way. I mean, they’re living here enjoying our money and way of living, of course they’re not going to say they support the attacks, they’d get locked up. They’re just thinking it instead of acting on it. But they’re beliefs run thicker than blood and one day they will manifest.

  36. Concerned Citizen says:

    Why can’t the Imam’s come out against Jihad? The reason is because they know it is the right thing, the Koran way, of doing things. After 9/11 I never saw an Ad on TV from the Islamic community condeming such a horrific act.

    1. Ryan says:

      Imam’s denounce terrorism all the time. You just don’t know how to use Google.

  37. Jordan says:

    So, using your logic, the families of people murdered by the 9/11 terrorist attacks and who oppose the Mosque are ant-American.

  38. Samira A says:

    hate who? Im American and Muslim. This is my country and it hurts that there is so much hatred towards Muslims. Whoever is responsible for the 9/11 attacks isnt Muslim, they have no religion.

    “This land is my land, this land is your land, from California, to the NY Islands, this land was made for you and me…”

    1. Kermit says:

      This country is not for you, this is not a land for muslims and will never be.
      It is open to anyone except your murderous religion of fanatics.
      The land for muslims is in burning hell, there you can get raped by mohammed until the end of times.

      1. simplicity says:

        I smell a BIGOT…

      2. mark says:

        what a sad man. I am sorry U get raped as a child. It shows from your comments.

        1. MilitaryPilot79 says:

          Hey Mark it’s GOT raped as a child not GET… dee da dee… But if you were a true American you would have had the proper education to have known that….

          1. Alex says:

            I have to agree with those who can think logically and rationally. Ignorance abounds in these comments. What “THEY” did? All Muslim Americans…which are at minimum 1 million and could be as high as five million (depending on what surveys you use)…were involved in the attacks on 9/11? “They” did nothing. They are a part of this city, as are their families, and they have a right to this building. If it is the location that bothers you, maybe consider how 9/11 affected them as well, they are Americans, New Yorkers, and were just as affected if not more when you include the hatred and judgmental stereotyping that followed the terrible events on 9/11. Also, to anyone hoping this building is attacked and innocent men, women and children are harmed…YOU are a terrorist. I prefer these people get their building and YOU leave this country. Anyone hoping for the deaths of innocent people is sick and hateful just like those responsible for 9/11. I’m an American and a New Yorker…and this building doesn’t bother me at all….the ignorance of very uneducated, hateful, violent Americans bothers me.

            1. Capt.79 says:

              The last time I checked it is my brothers, sisters and I that keep this country safe at night So if we leave who would keep the freedom in this country so you can still freely keep typing your BS on this site????

    2. Alex says:

      Samira is right. As an American she was just as affected by 9/11 as all Americans were. As a Muslim…she was affected more, because she had HER country ATTACKED and then as a response to that attack…she, and other Muslims, were attacked, hated, and feared even though they have done nothing. 9/11 was the act of extremists who twisted a loving, peaceful and non hateful religion to suit their own agenda. Nothing in the Muslim faith condones what occured on 9/11 (and, by the way, I’m not Muslim…but I have read their doctrine, gone to Mosques, and have actually educated myself long before 9/11). This is OUR country and as a New Yorker I will add this is OUR city. I live in Manhattan, work in the Bronx, and love this country and this city and am happy to see fellow Americans and fellow New Yorkers getting the same right anyone else would. This is their home as MUCH as yours…so don’t talk about how it is a slap in the face to Americans…they ARE Americans.

      1. Capt.79 says:

        Alex how many Muslims do you know that have personally stood up to their own to fight this war that Americans like myself have been fighting for 9 yrs now?
        I have gone to Iraq 4 times now with each deployment being anywhere from 12 to 15 mths each. I have a great idea why don’t you get out of your cushy little job in the Bronx and go join the military get sent to IRAQ and you do my job for a change.
        Oh wait I don’t think you could handle one week there let alone a year.
        Let me know how it works out for you when an IED comes flying over the gate and hits an innocent soldier walking by minding his own business. The impact kills him almost instantly but you cant move him or touch him until the IED is disarmed and secured for the safety of everyone else on the base.
        Tell me how you would look at these people after that !!! If my memory serves me correctly it was Muslims that declared war against us on 9/11 !!!!

        1. JP01 says:

          Ayman Taha or Army Captain Humayun Khan, who lured a suicide car bomb away from the men in his charge, Army Spc. Rasheed Sahib, an American Muslim from Guyana who was killed in Iraq Army Spc. Omead Razani, a son of Iranian immigrants who also died in Iraq. Also, Marine Staff Sgt. Kendall Damon Waters-Bey was killed in a helicopter crash on his way to duty in Iraq or Kareem R. Khanor the 10,000 Active Muslims in the Militray including one of my own FAMILY MEMBERS who has been in the military for like 20 years now

          1. Capt.79 says:

            U.S. Army Maj. and doctor Nidal Malik Hasan leaves 12 dead at Ft. Hood while injuring several others.

            An American soldier was detained after grenades exploded at a US base in Kuwait today, killing one serviceman and wounding 13 others.

            An American soldier was detained after grenades exploded at a US base in Kuwait today, killing one serviceman and wounding 13 others.

            The attacker threw three grenades into three tents, including the command tent, military officials said. The motive in the attack a 101st Airborne command centre “most likely was resentment,” said Max Blumenfeld, a US Army spokesman. He did not elaborate.

            “Death is a tragic incident regardless of how it comes, but when it comes from a fellow comrade, it does even more to hurt morale,” said George Heath, civilian spokesman for Fort Campbell, Kentucky, the 101st Airborne Division’s home base.
            Ten of those wounded had superficial wounds, Heath said. Three others who sustained serious injuries were undergoing surgery.
            You can find the info if you google the soldier that threw the grenade in officers tent 2002 – 2003 in Iraq

            1. kim says:

              Two words people LOOSE CHANGE go Google it down load it watch it. then perhaps you guys can stop fighting with hurtful words.
              I am guessing why the U.S. is supporting this Community Center is becasue perhaps there is more to what happened on 911 than what the government is letting on.

          2. Capt.79 says:

            GEEZ wow what a big shocker….. FBI Sources: New Al Qaeda Global Commander Lived In Brooklyn… I wonder which Mosque he did his worshiping at???
            I wander if he has ties to the Muslim community here since after all he lived in Brooklyn.. Just one more reason not to build the Mosque !!!!!!
            He had to do his rug praying at one of them…. Which one was it???

  39. VICTORIA says:


    1. D says:

      They want to build it there so they can say that they’ve won or are winning. Its they’re way of saying that they are taking over our country and sadly they are. If they we’re peaceful as they try to convince us that they are, they wouldn’t build anywhere near ground zero. They’re doing it to mock us, and they know that our greatest weakness is that we treat our enemies and those that we capture way to kindly. Matter of fact if they succeed in building a 13 story mosque at ground zero, that will be a monumental victory for them. It well serve as a testimony to the rest of the world of how far we’ve fallen. It’ll have the same effect as building a monument of Osama Bin Laden at ground zero. They try to say they’re not the same but deep down they are and they’re making us look like complete fools.

  40. TheTruth says:

    I hope the new mosque is at full capacity when it is targeted and destroyed

    1. Alex says:

      You are disgusting. Anyone that hopes for the death of innocent men, women, and children is a terrorist…so you are exactly what you claim to hate. Yes, another attack on a building in New York killing a huge number of innocent people would be good….now THAT comment (not the building of this mosque) is what would make the victims of 9/11 turn over in their graves.

  41. wise man says:

    The right decision in the right place and time. Thanks are due to the wise people who supported this step.

    1. MilitaryPilot79 says:

      Yeah thank you Bloomberg I know you wont be getting re-elected another term !!!!!!

  42. daveC says:

    What a big mistake this is. I think the people who died will turn over in their graves.

  43. Mitchell Cutler says:

    MADDNESS! The U.S.A. as we have known it is over. Welcome to the holy Islamic City of New York!

  44. JOHN says:


    1. simplicity says:

      Right on.

  45. Marvin says:

    The Funding issue is still an issue of paramount importance. Why is the new owner of the building a “Foreign Limited Risk Corporation” ? Why is Imam Rauf reluctant to disclose the source of his funding? $4.8 million is not pocket change and $100 million even more so. Let’s clear the air…FULL DISCLOSURE.
    What does he have to hide?

  46. kenneth says:

    i say let build it so when they blow it up they will feel what we feel on 9/11

  47. Janet says:

    I think it’s a bad idea because it will become a target. Some people equate all Moslems with terrorism, and there are people of a certain mentality who will see fit to attack it

  48. Dave says:

    This will be a slap in the face to all New Yorkers. This is a mistake and will cause more tensions. The government is corrupt to allow this project to proceed

    1. simplicity says:

      , this is not a slap to all New Yorkers. Like shiraz said, this is a victory for religious tolerance over hatred… and in Mayor Bloomberg’s words:

      “On September 11, 2001, thousands of first responders heroically rushed to the scene and saved tens of thousands of lives. More than 400 of those first responders did not make it out alive. In rushing into those burning buildings, not one of them asked ‘What God do you pray to?’ ‘What beliefs do you hold?’”

      1. D says:

        Well if we allow this to happen then we’re saying that its alright for our enemies to build mosques or monuments where they’ve killed our people. I mean why do you think they want to build a mosque at that particular location anyway? Clearly its to stir things up.

  49. karen says:

    I’m sure people of all faiths were killed or hurt on 9/11.
    I’m sure people of all faiths helped clean up after.
    I’m sure people of all faiths are still crying with pain everytime they think on 9/11.
    It’s good, we all have a place to go & try to understand that’s close to WTC sight.

    1. Josh says:

      Try going to a Temple

      Try Going to Church

      Trying going to all of the 3000 people who died

      Maybe then, you can try to figure it out

    2. MilitaryPilot79 says:

      Hey Karen do you think that the Muslims would even consider Not speaking their Hajji language to allow English speaking Americans to attend their church and be able to understand what it is that they are being taught?
      I THINK NOT!!!!

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