KILLBURN, N.J. (CBS 2/1010WINS) ― Essex County has turned to hundreds of headlight-activated warning devices to keep deer away when drivers are on the road, CBS 2’s Lou Young reports.

Watching us watch them, seven deer stood on a bluff above South Orange Avenue at dusk seemingly oblivious to the traffic below.

Everybody in that part of Jersey’s got a story about late night run-ins motor vehicle run-ins with the animals. “It came out and slammed ran right into the side of the car,” said driver Heide Katz.

“They see you coming but that doesn’t stop them. They’ll run right in front of you,” said Anthony Quatrell.

Essex County installed the 500 warning devices over five miles of country road to send the deer scampering the other way, with flashing lights and high-pitched tones, when cars are approaching.

The County annually kills hundreds of deer to keep the herd under control, but now wants to protect the animals that are left as well as the drivers that might hit them.

“I got a heart.  I’m not a hunter. I don’t believe in hunting but we have too many deer for the acres that we have,” said resident Joe DeVincenzo.

Over at Northfield Collision they think the devices are a great idea.  Deer hits account for too much business, they said.

“Five, six a month easily, easily. You know we could get one or two a week sometimes,” John Condron said.

These devices were designed to cut down on the problem but deer will still end up in front of many vehicles.  If it happens to you, the advice is don’t swerve, don’t lose control of your vehicle, and flash your lights to break the spell if it’s caught in the headlight.

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