Suspect In Fatal Subway Stabbing Under Arrest

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Police made an arrest in the case of a Queens man who was stabbed to death while trying to help his younger brother.

Dario Paiva,27, of Woodhaven died Friday night on the Forest Parkway J train platform. He was home when he got a frantic phone call from his younger brother, Khristian Paiva, who said he needed help fending off four attackers outside a video store on Jamaica Ave. near the subway station.

“One pulled me to the side and tried to pull a knife on me,” said Paiva. “That’s when my brother showed up.”

Benjamin Moreira, 19, of Elmhurst was charged with murder and weapons possession.

Police said a description from a witness helped them track Moreira down.

When Dario arrived to help his younger brother, the suspects ran up the stairs, and the two brothers followed them so they could get a description to give to police.

But the suspects’ knives came out, and Dario performed a heroic act. Unfortunately, it would bet he last act of his life.

“Dario told me to run,” Khristian said. “He pushed me out of the way and they stabbed him right in the heart.”

Dario had a long-term girlfriend, no kids, and recently left a job in banking. “We just want Dario’s memory to stay alive,” said Santiago. “And not to happen again to anyone else.”

“He had a good heart,” said Gloria Santiago, the victim’s cousin. “He was family oriented. He didn’t deserve this.”


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  1. Greg says:

    This type of criminal activity will increase due to all the cuts in police patrols and station agents being emiminated. The MTA will never wake up as they are all about money. I can see this city going backwards to the days of the early 70’s when crime was all over this city.

  2. Disgusted New Yorker says:

    Thank the MTA for getting rid of station managers and cutting police patrols in the system. What the hell does the MTA do with all their money?

  3. Yummy says:

    so typical of thier kind

    1. RandomReader says:

      @ Yummy, so typical of your kind who can’t even spell! God don’t like UGLY, so watch what you say.

    2. PRDIVA26 says:

      OK first off, “so typical of his kind” would you be referring to his selfish act to save his brother’s life or that he came to his brother’s defense. I know you can not be making a racist comment, I am a Latina and a Human Being, if that was my sister or anyone for that matter I would help. So on that note you are an ignorant, self centered racist and if you had nothing to say you should not have said anything…..

  4. frank says:

    Why didn’t he call the police instead of his brother?

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