Beer Killer: "I Wish I Had Gotten More Of The People"

Omar Thornton Told 911 Racism Drove Him To Gun Down 8

SOUTH WINDSOR, Conn. (CBS 2/WCBS 880) — First he murdered eight co-workers in a bloody rampage and then he called 911.

On Thursday, CBS 2’s Tony Aiello heard the chilling confession from the killer responsible for the massacre in Manchester.

While Omar Thornton holed himself up in the building, unwilling to give up his location, he told the operator he wanted to make sure everyone knew why he opened fire in his workplace.

“You probably want to know the reason why I shot this place up. This place is a racist place. They treat me bad over here. They treat all the black people bad over here, too. So I had to take it into my own hands, had to get my hands on the problem. I wish I could have gotten more of the people.”

The operator insisted he help him surrender to police, but Thornton expressed fear for his life.

LISTEN: 911 Call from Omar Thornton

Thornton: “These cops are going to kill me.”

Operator: “No they’re not. We’re just gonna have to get you to relax.”

The operator offered an agitated Thornton a safe way out, but he refused.

Operator: “Where in the building are you Omar?”

Thornton: “I’m not gonna tell you. I’m not going to tell you that. When you find me that’s when everything will be over. It’s all right. I guess I got enough ammo to take care of business. Tell my people that I love ’em and I gotta go now.”

Operator: “Omar, I really want you to help me stop this situation. Okay.”

Thornton: “Okay.”

Operator: “If you work with me we’ll get this to stop. Okay?”

Then there was a hesitation on the line, followed by the operator repeating “Omar? Omar?”

It’s the same story Thornton had been telling family and friends for months — racism on the job. His union and the company said he never filed complaint and was fired for stealing beer and selling it to third parties.

The phone call lasted around four minutes and police later found Thornton’s body in a corner office area of the building.


One Comment

  1. Devon Henry says:

    Black or white who kills people. #Yuck. The families of the innocent workers are devastated. Thats so unfortunate. They went to work to earn a living and they didnt come back home. Its sad that racism played a role in this event. it just goes to show that with every step forward (President Obama being black, Justice Kagan beig confirmed and the overturning of Proposition 8 for example), we are still taking major steps backwards. This country has a lot to work on, we are more than we are we are one. United We Stand Divided We Fall without a doubt. I pray for the families of the slain and for the criminal and his family too. Its a shame. As for the ignorant, its not too late to educate your selves. The only way one can know they are in chains is by learning that they are in chains. Enlighten yourselves to the bigger picture. I am black, thats because I was taught that I was black, I live my life as I was every color, every race, every sex. No boundaries. Its time to uplift ourselves and each other. People are dying and thats the truth.

  2. Black all the time says:

    What? Your comment is offensive.

  3. BigBrotherNewJersey says:

    This guy, Omar, is nothing but a THIEF and a KILLER. Obviously, he had this shooting spree all planned out. He brought in a Gun to work (probably on several occasions), waiting for the right time to just take out all his frustrations out on the world around him. This guy stole merchandise from his company and was caught on video. He had no idea that he was going to be fired at 7 AM, but he was ready with the illegal gun that he brought in to work. Wow! Not exactly an “Angel of God” !!! Any other company out there would have fired this individual for stealing! There are no “second chances” when you steal from your company. The company managers have no time to Baby sit these thiefs if they give them second chances. This premeditated murder by this coward Omar, who took his own life to avoid Prison time, is inexcusable. People need to stop making excuses on TV and on the blogs for Omar’s horrific actions. To play the race card in this case is just rediculous!! By the way, anyone that carries a concealed weapon should get automatic Jail time of at least 1 year. If anyone out there knows of someone that carries a Gun to work, they need to report it immediately to all their Managers, company owner and the Police (even if you have to do it anonymously). Most of the time, these people do not have a Permit to Carry a Gun. May God forever bless the souls of the poor people that were killed by this crazed Gun man.

  4. DR. ANJOU says:


    1. Mrs. I Understand says:

      Anjou minus the dr…apparently it’s not coffee you’re drinking. When you hear the N word used at free will…nine times out of ten it’s the young, dumb around the way morons who lack the appropriate intelligence and use the term amongst peers as term of communicating “thug”. And just in case you’re not aware it’s not just African Americans. I am by no means condoning Racism nor its consequences….I’m speaking from a working industry where you are the “minority” and racism reeks throughout. To say whites think of “US” as Animals…….that would be a very sterotypical comment that YOU made regarding them….,.Well guess what Anjou…I raised 4 young men….they were not chained, caged, fed from a metal bowl nor left out in inclimate weather. They are by no means ANIMALS…..speak for yourself. And you are the one who claims racism is no longer in existence….IT IS WHAT IT IS…….DOC.

  5. Paul Palladino says:

    This is sad…very sad for all. My condolences to the families who did not see this coming. No one looks good here…not Omar or the Company. Shame on those responsible for pushing a man to the edge and shame on Omar for allowing it to go that far.

    1. Mrs. I Understand says:

      Wow…Good day Mr. Palladino. It’s refreshing to see someone say something sensible. Exactly, it’s definitely a lose for the deceased families. Regardless of race we all are human, we all have feelings and we all have that “limit”. Everyday good people take on a great deal whether it’s emotional, mental, or financially. To have someone in your life where you can express your inner emotions plays a big part on how you deal with situations. Emotionally, Omar held most in until his cup runneth over and now look what has happened. As far as the Co…they apparently have issues . Out of 120 employees, only 2 are black. Is this a small town? ..I don’t think so. They met their EOE quota ?

  6. M.X. Hannah says:

    To Joel Rifkin: So I guess a good reason to not hire white people would be with all thier deep embedded racism, they’d provoke blacks to murder people out of anger or revenge? NOBODY WINS HERE JOEL, EXCEPT THE DEVIL AND HIS WICKED WAYS.

  7. Back to school at 50 says:

    He STOLE beer and sold it to third parties BUT you claim he was released because he was discriminated against. You go back in history to bring up lynchings and slavery to justify your point of being so persecuted.
    Please spare me.
    I am a white American male out of work for 18 months.
    How discriminated against do you think I feel when I fill out an online application for a job and they want to know my sex and race because of the tax breaks given to companies for hiring minorities?
    Stop using your racism crutch because you feel you have a miserable job.
    Look for another line of work.
    Education blurs the color lines.
    Ignorant people darken them.

  8. Stiggman says:

    To Ms I Understand. It’s amazing how you defend this crazed man for killing people. In your eyes he did the right thing. If you believe this and you are suffering as much at your job, then you will be doing the same thing. Forget killing innocent people and just put the gun in your mouth and pull the trigger. Then we would have one less racist lunatic on the earth. Have a good life you racist. Yes black people can be racist as well.

    1. KMarshall says:

      What exactly did she say (Ms. I Understand) that was racist? Please let me know that? She is absolutely right, racism DOES STILL EXIST. Some of you guys are saying, the President of the United States is a Black Male, but RACISM existed before Barack Obama and still exist today! That doesn’t mean anything!

      I’m not justifying killing 8 people, BUT I do believe he just snapped due to being the victim of racism, which can happen. When people are put in a stressful situation they are likely to just “go off”.

  9. KMarshall says:

    Oh Wow. He’s crazy.

  10. budwhite451 says:

    At least the coward put a cap in his own head.

  11. catenyc says:

    Racism is ugly and still is alive and well in the workforce. However, this does not give this guy the right to shoot eight people.

  12. Mrs. I Understand says:

    Sadly enough…I understand ! As an African American woman who has spent many years in a racial employment atmosphere I understand the racial hatred that Omar most likely experienced. He was in a workforce of 120 white employees and “2” blacks. COME ON PEOPLE…racism is alive and well whether we want to believe it or not. I worked in an atmoshpere of all male and a very small percentage of blacks..they treated me as though I was inferior to them. Innocent victims..I don’t think so, Omar knew exactly what and who he was going after. The people who treated him the way he was treated. He expressed this anger not only to his family but the UNION representing him in this matter. And regardless to whether he was accused of theft, they were accused of far more than that. They used the “theft” to justify…HOW DO WE GET THIS ****** OUT OF HERE ??? And…he made sure he took out the Union Rep first, sounds very familiar.

    1. nyu1232 says:

      How sad for you, try being unemployed. You sound as sick as he was.

      1. Mrs. I Understand says:

        No nyu1232…it’s not sick. It’s the real world when you work, eat and sleep around people Everyday who can’t seem to understand that there are peolple who are just different. Whether it’s skin color,height,weight,the car you drive, whatever it is, people seem to have a problem. Too bad…it is what it is. Unemployed…yes I’m very familiar with that term. Try putting in 11plus yrs with X company and they tell you “doomsday budget crisis” eliminates you.

    2. shoshana says:

      no one should defend someone who goes on a rampage and kills people, regardless of his/her reason. Second, everyone has gone through discrimination in history. I am Jewish. We have a world history of hatred/persecusion. That does not give me the right to kill innocent people. Anyone can come up with a reason why he/she would kill someone. There are civil ways to handle discrimination. Last, we are living in a time where racism is no longer an excuse for crime among African Americans. We have an African American president, there are many successful black employers, many of them went to high educated schools. In fac t, Many African Americans ha d better chances of getting in to a school than any other group. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and take responsibility for your actions!

      1. Mrs. I Understand says:

        Shoshana, I applaud you to step up and speak on behalf of African Americans but just in case you were not aware, racisms has never been Excused as a justification for crimes committed. It’s definitely by no means just a crime that has been done amongst African American. Years ago, African Americans were hung from trees if they even thought of dating a white woman. African Americans happen to be some of the prominent and successful creators of all time. Open your eyes, look around, we are going places….some of the most prestigious…you name it “many of us are there”
        Where’re not all “feeling sorry” for ourselves. Shoshana…be careful of your choice of words…Innocent means free from guilt or sin. We will never know just what characteristics those individuals had within that building.

      2. Black all the time says:

        Please tell me why Jewish people always say “Look at us, we were persecuted and if we got through it then you should too”. Jewish people are able to go into court about what was taken from them and they get it back. Black people cannot get what was taken from them back. We deserve everything they give us and then some. I believe this guy was discriminated against. I experience on my job. I see it on my job. I have reported it and it was basically swept under the rug under the guise of let’s all try to work together. It made me sick to my stomach and I was upset about it but it was put on record. If your curious to know the particulars I will share it. I was having a phone conversation with a white female peer from another department about scheduling my staff for some training. She and I could not agree on the date to hold the training and because I wouldn’t agree with the date she wanted she blurted out “ypu have an attitude”. I asked what did she mean by that aand she replied “you all are hard to get along with”. At that point I ended the conversation and notified my boss who is one of the VPs. She denied saying anything and since there was no way to prove it I had to let it go. It happens a lot and this guy was wrong. He could have taken another route. He could have contacted an outside agency and had them investigate his claims. Also, we don’t feel sorry for our self we just want white people to stop the covert and overt racism. Looking at some of these post is scary because a lot of them have racist undertones.

  13. NYC Nice Guy says:

    Ah, racism again. It must be real tough being black in 2010, what with a black President, affirmative action all over the place, and a media sympathetic to every claim of bias anyone lodges.

    What I don’t understand is why these same blacks have white girlfriends at all! And what is the matter with these girls, anyway??

    Truly bizarre all around.

    1. Mrs. I Understand says:

      To NYC Nice Guy…use the common sense that I could only hope you were raised to have. Racism existed far long before President Obama was elected and it will always exist as long as we have “ignorant”…meaning Lack Of Knowledge individuals such as yourself. Apparently Omar did not have a problem dating white..he did so for 8 years. It was the so-called Company that according to them, he was diligently and plesantly employed by. I guess after the two, they met their EEO quota. You mentioned “what is that matter w/ these girls anyway”….(sniff sniff)… I smell racism. And you call yourself Nice Guy??

      1. Dusty Love says:

        Too bad none of these ignorant responders know how to spell. But Mrs. I Understand understands the problem. And all the suffering caused by ignorance.

    2. kelly says:

      Okay, I’m gonna try to say this without sounding as dumb and as ignorant as you. I am a black guy who dates all races. i see no color line. most of us don’t. However, the statement before the last one you made really struck a chord with me. Okay, ONE black President out of 44. Who happens to be half white AND black you DWEEB!!!, Affirmative action is not effective in 2010. Maybe, just maybe affirmative action would not even exist if blacks where given equal rights. plus if it was in full swing well, ………It very well should be!!!! This country was created on the backs of black people, from traders who were here before white people ever came along, to the many inventions stolen from the minds of black slaves. Maybe WHITE women see can see the same intelligence in black men that white men have been seeing for centuries. Only white women don’t feel threatened like the white man does…………………………….

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