Giuliani's Daughter Accused Of Shoplifiting In NYC

NEW YORK (CBS 2/1010 WINS/AP) — There was a shocking arrest on the Upper East Side on Wednesday afternoon. The daughter of former Mayor Rudy Giuliani was led out of an Upper East Side store in handcuffs and is accused of shoplifting.

CBS 2’s Dave Carlin reports 20-year-old Caroline Giuliani was processed and charged at the 19th Precinct stationhouse following her arrest earlier in the day. At around 7 p.m., wearing a red sweater and with her arms folded, Giuliani left the precinct with her mother, Donna Hanover, and attorney. Her high-profile father was not present.

Giuliani was busted at the upscale “Sephora” makeup store on East 86th Street, which is near the home she shares with Hanover, who is divorced from the former mayor. Al Jones of 1010 WINS reports at around 2 p.m. Giuliani was allegedly accused by the store’s security of stuffing five cosmetic items into her pockets before being busted, products that cost more than $100.

Giuliani was charged with petit larceny, issued a desk appearance ticket and must appear in court. A manager at Sephora would not comment on the case.

For many people the incident seemed so unlikely, given that Giuliani comes from a wealthy family, attends Harvard University and seems to have it all.

“Unbelievable. I mean, amazing. Her mother must be really ticked,” one city resident told Jones.

“You hear stories like this and you’re surprised. You think that somebody in such a status wouldn’t do that,” said Neysa Millan of the Bronx.

“Who knows? She’s probably going through some problem. She didn’t realize she took it and walked out of the store,” added Elisah Haniff of the Upper West Side.

The family released a one-sentence statement: “This is a personal matter and Mayor Giuliani asks the media to respect the privacy of his daughter at this time.” Caroline is believed to be estranged from her prosecutor-turned-politician father.

In 2007, when Rudy Giuliani was seeking the Republican nomination for president, Caroline Giuliani listed herself as a member of Barack Obama’s Facebook group supporting his candidacy. But she left the group after an online magazine sent her an inquiry about it, and she didn’t comment on the presidential race.

Rudy Giuliani lost to U.S. Sen. John McCain, who lost to Obama.

He has asked for privacy to deal with strained relationships in his family. His son, Andrew Giuliani, 23, has said their relationship became distant after his father’s messy divorce from his mother and marriage to another woman.

Psychologist Dr. Jeffrey Gardere told CBS 2 shoplifting attempts by the wealthy are almost always cries for help.

“This may have been a way for her to get his attention, though it’s a very destructive way to do that. So certainly, I’m sure the family is paying attention to what’s going on with her and whatever her needs may be,” Dr. Gardere said.

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One Comment

  1. kira says:

    When you go to any Sephora Store in NY, you will see a sign – We will prosecute anyone for shoplifting to the fullest extend of the law”. However, how about changing the sign now – “We will prosecute any anyone, except spoiled rich girls or children related to the big name families”. Disgusting double standards in our democratic society!The same goes for NY DA office, who are still considering whether to press any charges for this clear cut crime! Some zero tolerance crime fighting we have in America!

  2. Bill Florida says:

    What not shoplift. She is priveledged and she deserves it. She will get off, no problem her poppy will help her. Maybe she will have to go into shoplifting rehab. That will do it.

  3. Greg says:


  4. KMarshall says:

    Damn, I guess she really wanted that make up! This has to be the most stupid crime. I guess the recession is affecting everyone.

  5. PR_one says:

    Hopefully this young lady seeks professional help. Considering her social standing is obvious that she must suffer from a compulsion to shoplift. I’m not a fan of 7/11 Rudy. A man who doesn’t know the meaning of family values. But I’m sure that when she committed this act, her fathers name was not in her thoughts.

    1. manhattanman says:

      One of the better Mayor’s we have ever had.

      Obviously you have been asleep past 25 years. Think back to the crime waves of the 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s and then try opening up your mind a bit.

  6. touttyCoica says:

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  7. Ekavet says:

    Getting caught shoplifting..unfortunate.
    Being a privileged daughter of a former NYC mayor..PRICELESS

  8. Moustafa Elminabawy says:

    I don’t think so,that’s not happened ,some one trying to paly around with that good family,other wise if it happened may be sick an have to go to doctor………..!

  9. Dee Gee Tee says:

    Show her some love and tell her next time she’ll “sit it out” with some people whom she might not want to be friends with later on. DGT228

  10. Jesus says:

    She should pay for what she did .Just because she was a former mayor daughter doesn’t mean she should get any special treatment.

  11. Terry6206 says:

    The store does not want to press charges because she is Guiliani’s daughter. Maybe she should loot the whole city now.

  12. OpinionatedGift says:

    If your father was Rudy Giuliani you would do anything to embarrass him. The relationship between Queen Rudy and his children as abysmal.

    1. PR_one says:

      Family value Rudy doesn’t need anyone to embarrass him, he does a pretty good job by himself.

  13. Humch69 says:

    It’s because immature youngsters never think they’ll ever be caught. To some, it’s a game, they like the rush it gives them.

    1. Terry6206 says:

      If she wanted to punish Daddy looks like she did a good job.

  14. NYC Nice Guy says:

    What is UP with all these rich people stealing petty stuff???

    I know that Balzac noted that behind every great fortune is a great crime, but why the small stuff??

    Could it be that their sense of entitlement is such that they maybe don’t even consider it theft???

    The harshest punishment should be meted out to such people. It’s absurd to treat a rich thief the same as a poor thief!

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