Fantasy Phenom Semifinalist Videos, Week 1

Round 2 of WFAN’s Fantasy Phenom contest was in full effect this past Wednesday at the Palisades Center, Buffalo Wild Wings.

Each semifinalist was given 2 minutes to rant about a chosen topic. One lucky contestant from this group will be chosen to participate in the Fantasy Phenom final round on August 27th at Bar A.

Watch the videos:

Tommy – Enough With Team Chemistry

Michael – Giants vs. Jets

Chet – Woody Johnson’s Problem

Daren – NY Sports Therapy

Jeremy – Mets Misuse Money

Sophia – Get Rid Of Castillo And Perez

Artie – How The Wilpons Spend

Otis – Revis Holdout

Shaun – Worst NY Sports Moments

Vincent – Jets Arrogance


One Comment

  1. Melissa says:

    its all about tommy; no doubt. leave the long rants somewhere else. this isnt a high school argument be adults and vote for whos right. tommy is right. great words, great body language, great performance.

  2. Michael (Contestant 2) says:

    Congratulations Otis! Great job, and represent the West Nyack group in the finals!!

  3. Jeremy K says:

    Congrats Otis! It was very well deserved. Go get ’em in the Finals.

  4. Jim SSSSSSSSSS says:

    Barone…thank you for proving my point. I’m surprised I’ve never heard of Vinny at WKRB in Kingsborough Community College. It’s usually the first place I go for my sports updates and to find out what’s for dinner in the cafeteria!

    I’d like to put Vinny next to Francessa but where am I going to find a broadcasting booth big enough?!

  5. Dave Rivera says:

    i agree with you Walter. In my opinion Vincent grabbed my attention and was definitely the best contestant. As he was last on the video list to watch, it was like a breath of fresh air reaching his rant because the previous contestants before him just did not cut it. Vincent was not only full of knowledge on this topic but exploded with emotion, enthusiasm, showing that clearly sports is where his heart is. I think Vincent deserves to move into the finals and if he does Ill make sure I’m there to watch! Good going man!

  6. Walter Taylor says:

    i believe that vincent is the best candidate out of everyone as he portrays the ideals of what WFAN is all about. he is not only educated in the area of sports but grabs your attention and makes you want to listen without changing the channel. i believe that if WFAN wants to improve their ratings even more, the best thing they could do is put vincent through to the finals because if you dont youre making a HUGE mistake. great job vincent.. you deserve it!

  7. spoon says:

    So I watched all the contestants. I liked the fact that Tommy-Enough With Team Chemistry not only added humor (most important), but included historic facts. Overall, he sounded like a pro.

  8. james francis says:

    jets fans need to get real…vinny’s right, and he’s the best one, clearly. how can you deny that brooklyn accent? he’s got charisma and talent. he’s got the voice for radio, everyone else is just boring. put vin through to the finals!!!!!!

  9. Jim S says:

    I actually thought that Michael was the one who stood out the most. He was the only one that I could close my eyes and actually imagine hearing on the wfan. Seems like a knowledgeable guy and has a great delivery/voice. I’d like to hear more from him.

    I’d like to say hello to Vinny’s friends and family who have been very dedicated to leaving comment after comment on this page. In reality Vinny’s rant is average at best. Anyone can go up there and just trash a team they don’t like. Not one original thought in the whole rant. I have a hard time believing he could come up with enough material for a whole show And for whoever described him as “articulate” should listen to him trip over his words the whole time. It’s easier to hear when you’re not related.

    1. Barone says:

      Oh yeah Jim? That’s why he already has a 2 hr radio show every monday on WKRB. He knows exactly what he’s doing. This isn’t some fan call like half of these idiot rants and he’s not boring like some of these guys who try their best to emulate the typical bland radio broadcaster but can’t back it up with any knowledge of sports. Giving them a show would be as successful as the Joe Buck show! You shouldn’t open your mouth about things you don’t know.

      If you heard everyone of these clowns open a show with these rants, none of them would generate one call, and for most of them, people would just change the channel from boredom or obnoxiousness. Put Vinny next to Francesa and watch the damage he does in the next round. This guy is a heavy hitter. A Franchise. A sport radio legend in the making!

  10. Effie M says:

    Seems as if Perez Hilton aka MARIO Armando Lavandeira, Jr. does NOT know what it means to be from NY. He was born in Miami and only moved to NY to study drama. What’s the difference who Tommy is rooting for!? Are we not all entitled to our OWN opinions? Seriously Hilton, go interview Lohan about her time in jail and don’t worry about Tommy and his team preferences! Besides, Tommy doesn’t feel the need to change his name cause he is comfortable with who HE is and his heritage!! Sheesh

  11. Local 342 says:

    I liked Vinny the best. He was very powerful and passionate, and brought up some great points and facts.

  12. Effie M says:

    Do you guys really think there is a true competition here?? Tommy is the epitome of what a radio personality SHOULD BE!!! He is so powerful that he can turn someone who doesn’t like sports into a full blown fan! Tommy from the Bronx takes the cake hands down!! It’s about time he answered one of his many True Callings!

    Superb — TLo does it again!

    1. Perez Hilton says:

      Powerful? Tommy’s the most effeminate contestant here! Plus he roots for the Mets from the Bronx! The Bronx!!! What a fudge packing loser.

  13. john rios says:

    j.j continues you to bring up the over two but form what i kno vinny has been on the air for 4 years now on wkrb based in brooklyn and i am one of his long time listeners along with mike reyes another semi finalist. so vinny unlike the other 9 has been on radio and can be a host he just needs a shot on the biggest station of em all wfan. screw this competititon give vincent lovaglio and mike reyes there own show now. WKRB 4 lifeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  14. LeBron James says:

    I’m still waiting for someone to talk about the Cowboys or Bulls. Those are the true sports fans, the real New York fans! Where is there voice? It’s the reason I went to Miami instead.

  15. Steven Seagal says:

    If Vincent doesn’t win I’m gonna make the winner eat puppy dog food from jersey. I’m also gonna come down to the WFAN studio and look for Richie and I’m gonna keep coming back until somebody starts remembering something! Sticks doesn’t stand a chance, or Tattoo, because I’m out for justice! So don’t be a bad guy, be a nice guy and award Vin because when he finished his rant and I heard that bell, it was the loneliest sound I ever heard.

  16. Julie says:

    Tommy’s your guy. No doubt about it

  17. gallino says:

    Even with me being a die hard Jet fan… i think Vincent makes a great argument and bring up great points. He states his case with facts…..WFAN .. this is your guy

  18. Vinny's mom says:

    Great job Vin, We’re so proud of you. I made a pot of pasta just for you.

  19. Steven Seagal says:

    I listen to Vin’s radio show every monday on WKRB. It’s amazing. It’s like my mothers sauce. I swear, god forbid this kid loses to these meatballs, which is nothing like my Ma can make. In fact, Vin wipes the floor with these chumps, sorta like I wipe up my plate of pasta with the bread from Gino’s Deli. My god! Bing! Pow! Sopping up my ma’s sauce is almost as good as listening to the radio on mondays at WKRB from 5 to 7 pm. Fuggetabout it!

  20. Kathy J says:

    Are you kidding me? Tommy blew the rest of ’em right out of the competition. He knows his stuff and how to deliver it! Tommy is a natural!

  21. William H says:

    people making weight jokes are classless and wastes of life, you better stick to your discreet names while posting you lames

  22. john says:

    wfan should be careful to hire vinny. he might dropdead. guy needs to lose weight.

  23. stan browning says:

    you can probably judge whos good or not from a rant. it’s 2 minutes people. cominy up with a speech doesnt mean you can do a radio show. does anyone in this contest have any experience on the air.

    1. J.J. says:

      Exactly. It just means you’re a good enough actor who can memorize lines long enough to fool people for two minutes at a time.

      The trivia questions to weed people out in the first round mad e even less sense. Were people auditioning to be on a sports game show or to be a show host?

      WFAN missed out on a lot of truly talented people with actual experience with the way this contest was set up.

  24. Christopher says:

    To be honest, none of these guys were that good. There were a few standouts in the first round, but none of them were invited to the Palisades on Wednesday. Hopefully the fan doesn’t bring all the good ones to the same place.

  25. Amaranta says:

    Tommy should be sent to the finals he is persuasive makes a good point and would make a great host

  26. Dave says:

    Daren is by far the best… question. He is the only one that sounds like a host! Can’t wait until he crushes it at Bar A. Hey guys….wake up…this is about hosting a talk radio show.-

  27. Jossy Pascasio says:

    Tommy is right about the Mets I definitely agree with him we the fans need to send a message so they can stop blaming their lack of team chemistry because either way we still paying to see them lose. I trust his judgement and he is very convincing and honest I like that send him to the finals I will certainly listen to the radio station to see what else he to say about our favorite teams!!!!

  28. Bud Bundy says:

    I think Artie or Shaun should win because they were the worst ones and I always root for the underdog. If Shaun loses, maybe he’ll land on job on BET, since that’s the style he thinks can go over, acting like ghetto trash. They wore hates to a job interview. I think they want this more than anything!! I mean, just look at the effort and talent oozing out of them. They clearly know nothing about sports and convey that message well. And really, isn’t that what matters most? They proved they are the worst, so they should win!

  29. Rodrigo Valentino says:

    Tommy should have used this open mic to come out of the closet. O wate, nevermind, the fact that he’s a Mets fan from the Bronx and his mannerisms are a dead giveaway. I hope he wins. Maybe he can interview some athletes and get them to come out of the closet too. I think he likes the Mets because they are from Queens. Toodles.

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