HARTFORD, Conn. (CBS 2) — Tuesday is primary day for residents of Connecticut, and voters will be grappling with a lot of choices. Perhaps the most high-profile race is the battle for the Republican Senate nomination, involving the former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, Linda McMahon.

CBS 2’s Tony Aiello has the primary preview.

Getting the attention of voters is never an easy – or inexpensive – task, but it is even harder during the summer months, when voters are distracted by vacations, warm weather and neighborhood block parties.

But it’s not like the candidates haven’t been trying.

“We’re getting a lot of mail,” said Diane Vaughan, a Stamford voter. “A lot of phone calls, the signs are everywhere.”

But still, some of the efforts go unnoticed by potential voters.

“I haven’t paid any attention,” said Gary Bebell, a Wilton voter.

McMahon admits that not everyone gets a kick out of what she calls the “scripted soap opera” of wrestling, but she insists she’s the right choice for voters.

“I’m the candidate that really understands what al ot of the people here in Connecticut are going through,” she said. “

Greenwich voter Carol Fox admits that she’s impressed by McMahon’s successful business, even if it is controversial.

“No! I’m not a wrestling fan,” Fox said.

Challenging McMahon is investment firm president Peter Schiff.

“The country is in serious trouble right now,” the Republican said. “And nobody really understands why in Washington.”

Schiff is widely credited with accurately predicting the housing bubble and recession.

“I’m going to argue for less government and more freedom,” Schiff said. “I want free markets and not central government planning.”

There is also a third candidate on the ballot, former Congressman Rob Simmons. At one point he was leading in the polls, but he suspended his campaign when the state convention endorsed Linda McMahon.

The most recent poll has McMahon leading both Schiff and Simmons by a comfortable margin.

The winner of the Republican Senate Primary will face off with Democrat Richard Blumenthall in November.

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