Jets Reject Revis Offer; Woody Steamed

Owner Not Optimistic Corner Will Join Team Before Opener

CORTLAND, N.Y. (AP/WFAN) — It appears Darrelle Revis won’t be joining his teammates anytime soon.

The New York Jets rejected the latest offer proposed by the All-Pro cornerback’s agents, and owner Woody Johnson is not optimistic a deal can get done before the regular season.

“The answer’s no,” Johnson said tersely Monday, a few hours after agent Neil Schwartz told The Associated Press he was awaiting a response from the Jets.

Audio: Boomer & Carton on the Latest Revis Situation

Schwartz and partner Jonathan Feinsod met with general manager Mike Tannenbaum and director of football administration Ari Nissim at a diner last Friday. They offered a long-term contact proposal for Johnson to review to try to make some headway in the dispute.

“Fundamentally, there really wasn’t any change,” Tannenbaum said, “and right now, we can’t find something that makes sense for both sides, so we really don’t have any progress.”

Revis has missed nine days, including Monday, since the team reported for training camp at SUNY Cortland. He is scheduled to make $1 million in the fourth year of his six-year rookie deal, but wants to become the league’s highest-paid cornerback.

A clearly irritated Johnson sounded less optimistic than he did a week ago, when he last commented on the negotiations.

“Well, I think based on the meeting we had last Friday, that Mike had, that’s the conclusion,” Johnson said. “And, you know, that’s my feeling right at this moment.”

Tannenbaum added that both sides had a “pretty good sense” of where the negotiations stood after their three-hour meeting at Roscoe’s Diner, located about two hours southeast of the team’s training camp site.

Revis is seeking a deal higher than the three-year, $45.3 million extension Oakland’s Nnamdi Asomugha signed last offseason. The All-Pro cornerback has not commented publicly since minicamp in June.

“The problem in this situation is we have a very fundamental difference of opinion on what the compensation should be,” Tannenbaum said. “When we will talk next, that’s hard to say.”

Schwartz said the HBO and NFL Films crew from “Hard Knocks,” which is filming the Jets during training camp, asked to attend the meeting. Schwartz and Feinsod declined.

Jets coach Rex Ryan said he hadn’t heard anything new between practices Monday, and insisted the team needs to press ahead without Revis.

“We’re coaching this group,” Ryan said. “That’s all we can focus on right now is getting this team ready. We’ve got to prepare like he’s not going to be here. And, if he comes walking through the door, that’s fine. Somebody will kiss him on the lips, probably. It doesn’t matter. We’re getting this team ready.”

Revis is being fined $16,523 for each day he misses, meaning he is already out $148,707. By sitting out, he also waived a clause in his contract which would have guaranteed him $20 million over the last two years of his deal.

The next big day in the holdout is Tuesday, when — by rule — he wouldn’t get credit for this year as an accrued season toward free agency. However, it is believed that won’t have much bearing on Revis’ decision.

The possibility that it could be a long holdout isn’t out of the question. Revis’ uncle, former NFL defensive lineman Sean Gilbert, sat out the entire 1997 season in a contract dispute. Gilbert, whom Revis confides in, ended up getting traded from Washington to Carolina and got the big payday he sought.

“When there is an appropriate deal to be made, I have absolutely no idea,” Tannenbaum said. “Do I hope it was a month ago? Sure. But, until there’s a deal that makes sense for both sides, he’s not here and there’s nothing we can do about it.”

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One Comment

  1. James says:

    Totally on Revis ; he is the best player on the team and arguably the best def. player in the NFL, show him the damm money! The Jets and band aid man Johnson have plenty of money, revis would be insane to risk his future for a million dollars this year, why should Revis have to honer this contract when NFl owners dont have to honor player contracts?! A team could cut a player at any monent and not owe him a dime, the Jets got Revis cheap these past 2 years , its time to pay up.

  2. Sammy says:

    Revis Island it costs a lot of doe to run an Island Revis needs to get his money guaranteed now. The owners make money when the players are worn out, crippled, or retire because of old age (30) is old in the NFL. Anybody that pays money for a PSL is a dope. Anybody that pays more then $25 for a seat is being silly. All the games are on TV for free.

  3. DaBooch says:

    Rosco Diner exit 94 on Rte 17.

  4. Fed Up Jet Fan says:

    Let him sit out and play Wilson! Then trade him in the offseason for a high draft pick.
    Revis should take a look at Nick Mangold. Maybe he would learn how to be a real teammate and better person.

  5. Mr. Trotter says:

    Revis has a contract that he heldout 21 days in his rookie season. The Jets offered to renegoiate the contract which they didn’t have to do. He does have three years left. He should man up like Nick Mangold (who has been a pro bowler the last few years) who is in his LAST YEAR of his contract and be in camp. I guess the “I” in Revis is not for team.

  6. bob d says:

    you know just when things are looking up for the jets with all the new signings and good new players being brought in to assemble a winning team then THIS happens! figures!!! its like a curse on the jets i dunno

  7. Art Fishman says:

    Woody- Pay the men( Revis, David HArris & Nick Mangold)
    I paid for the PSL. I am being charged a premium for the season tickets.
    Now find a way to get the core onto the field BEFORE Sept. 13.

    Let the JETS fans see the best defensive player on their team. As to the crap on the Raiders, NEGOTIATE……stop being a weenie and be a leader of the JETS.

  8. CHIN MUSIC says:

    That should read “THE Roscoe Diner” OR the “Roscoe Diner” in Roscoe, N.Y. BUT NIOT Roscoe’s Diner ! The town of Roscoe doesn’t own the Diner, nor is there any Roscoe who owns the Roscoe Diner. Leave it to AP !

  9. Ed says:

    Woody Johnson- this is exactly the same ‘pay me more’ treatment you gave your faithful season ticket holders.

  10. crashrouge says:

    Jets are being mad cheap! What the devil you’re tlaking about? Enforce the contracts players have? What about teams that sign players then after using them for a year or two cut players so as not to pay them? It’s a two way street. KNow aht you’re talking about before making a fool of yourself.

    1. DK says:

      If Revis’s contract is a gaurenteed 20 million over the last two seasons on his rookie contract then I can do the math he is turning down 10 million per season in the 5th and 6tth year of his contract so is it me or should the agents be fired for not giving their client sound advice. Granted he is getting 1 million this year but in the next two years his contact ballons to 10 million per season for the last two years. CRAZY

      1. James says:

        No crazy would be playing this year for 1 million, if he gets hurt like Leon did last year he’s screwed, the Jets and their baby powder salesman owner need to pay their best player

  11. jfields says:

    When will the league force players to honor existing contracts the way teams are forced to? Many contracts have renegotiation and performance incentives built in. If this one doesn’t, then Revis needs to suck it up and do better in three years after he completes his commitments.

    1. James says:

      Teams may have to honor a contract , but at anytime can cut the player and they dont owe him anythig, these contracts are not guaranteed, look what happened to Leon Washington last year, revis would be an idiot to play for a million this year, sorry I dont feel bad for the billionaire owner and billion dollar corporation that charges $25 for parking and $12.50 for a beer, but doesnt want to pay their best player

  12. chas says:

    Did he sign a six year contract? That means he makes what is in the contract for six years! Let him sit out this year and the next and don’t pay him cause he’s not playing!

  13. c ross says:

    They declined to have a multi million dollar negotiation meeting filmed? Are they insane? Doesnt EVERYONE want EVERYTHING televised? Incredible. Fire these agents! Revis needs publicity dammit!

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