Woman Drowns Off Long Island Beach

NEW YORK (AP) — Authorities said one woman has drowned and several others had to be pulled out of the water because of strong rip currents at a Long Island beach.

According to Amagansett Fire Chief Mark Bennett, the woman was not breathing when she was pulled out at 3:30 p.m. Sunday.

Some of the other swimmers who had to be helped may have gone in to try to help the woman.

Most of them were treated at the scene.

Bennett said the water was calm when it suddenly turned treacherous.

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  • Professor X

    Clueless idiots will occasionally kill themselves. I don’t need my tax dollars saving the stupid.

  • Mags

    Fat people float! Let’s give gumment subsidies for McDonalds…

  • Practical

    Why is government your mother? Keep them out of it. People need to use their heads and know that with a rip current you need to swim parallel to the beach until you get out of the rip current. If you are not capable of doing that then stay in the shallow water. Keep the government out of it. They are way too involved already.

  • sam salinitis

    um how many mor epeople need to die before the state gets involved and investigates why so many people are now swallowed by our local beaches

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