9/11 Responder Calls Settlement Offer An “Insult”

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – People who worked at Ground Zero responding to the 9/11 attacks and got sick from the toxic dust are finding out exactly how much they’ll get from a $712-million settlement.

For some, it’s not nearly enough, as WCBS 880’s Marla Diamond reports.

LISTEN: WCBS 880’s Marla Diamond reports

He contracted thyroid cancer after working on the pile for 171 days, was forced to retire from the FDNY, and Kenny Specht called his settlement offer an insult.

“After the 25 percent for the lawyers [and after an itemized deduction to pay back the loan they took out to handle this case], it could be less than $100,000,” says Specht.

Because there’s no scientific proof the toxic dust caused cancer, Specht and thousands more like him are getting less than those with respiratory ailments like asthma.

He’s decided not to take the offer.

Specht says, “They can take the money and shove it (and the amount and shove it). It doesn’t matter to me. It has to come in a more respectful way.”

95 percent of the plaintiffs must accept their offers by September for the settlement to take effect.


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  1. Person says:

    People don’t realize that the lawyers do all the administrative work to get the settlements and agreements into place. While I don’t agree with some of the legal fees floated around by law firms, the fact is that they do the work to get the victims the money. They are to be compensated. This whole 911 settlement is a joke and these responders will never get enough to help compensate what they went through that day.

  2. J. Nayer Hardin says:

    It is a shame before God and man what’s going on with people dealing with World Trade Center Illness.

    What do they mean there is no scientific evidence? Exposure to toxic materials can cause cancer. Toxic material in the respiratory and digestive systems can cause cancer and other health problems. The feds lied to the people of the tri-state area about the safety and failed to provide even masks for people working on the pile.

  3. Barbie Rench says:

    When I contributed money for 911 workers and families who ost their loved ones I did not intend for them to have to sue to get it.

  4. John Leslie says:

    When it comes down to this sort of thing.The only people who win are the Lawyers. As far as I’m concerned they are theives with a license to be theives.They are heartless,callous and a bunch of hand wringing Ghouls.To those who are needing and deserving of compensation? Are you at all surprised by this insult? I’m not in the least. My brother was struck by a car while on his bicycle. He was off work for 6 yrs,and had eleven surgeries to repair the damage done to his nearly severed arm. The settlement was almost a half million. He got less than $100,000 when the Lawyers were done with him.

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