Jersey Shore Boardwalk Game Features Obama As Target

SEASIDE HEIGHTS, N.J. (1010 WINS) — A carnival game at the Jersey Shore has some people up in arms. Visitors can win a prize if they knock a plate out of a moving likeness of President Barack Obama.

The “Walkin Charlie” game on the Seaside Heights boardwalk also features caricatures of Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden and Michael Jackson.

The game’s creator, Tommy Whalen, says he plans to add Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton and former President George W. Bush to the turnstile.

Reaction on the boardwalk was mixed.

“They’re disrespecting the President.  I think they’re disrespecting him and it really should come down,” tourist Cathy Williams said.

Others didn’t find anything wrong with the game.

“It’s just a lot of fun,” North Jersey resident Kevin Lawton said.

Seaside Heights is where MTV’s “Jersey Shore” reality show is videotaped.


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  1. Georgian says:

    I’m sure that the only idiots that find this “disrespectful” are the same idiots that find it OK to disrespect any other politician who isnt black. Get a life, get a sense of humor and live your life. To the “Queen”, how long have you lived here? Obviously you haven’t lived here long enough or are too young to know that this is something that Americans do. Have fun with ANYONE who is a PUBLIC figure. If you don’t like it, you can always go back to the hole you came from and stay there. Or, wait until you grow up a little and get some experience in life.

  2. John says:

    Hey I’m the kid that was in the video I’m sorry if I offended anyone but it was not a racist statement I just said that because I don’t like the president just like i didn’t like bush that my comment and I have a say . I did not mean it in no racist way because I’m not racist one bit and I apologize if people took it that way because it was not meant in any type of way like that I’m sorry it’s just a game an honestly I didn’t go for his head just bad aim and right before thy i was goin for the burger king guy but are lovely reporter that taped it I guessed edited it out from the video but this was for no harm for the president I would never make a threat so sorry mr president this was not racist and no harm

  3. Queen says:

    It doesn’t matter if you like or don’t like the president. The fact is that it is disrespectful and anti-american. I’ve been living in this country for 11 years now and if I remember correctly, Americans were not ones to disrespect their president no matter how stupid or corrupt he was.

  4. Atkay says:

    As long as he means it when he says G.W. is on the way, I don’t have a problem. At the moment though, it does have a racist feel to it.

  5. Stuart says:

    Its thrown at the person who is responsible for such mockery and disrespect. President Obama is the target and it (statue) should not appear there. I dont know if you served in the military or not, but if you don’t like the person that is an officer, you respect the rank and you move as one unit to achieve the task at hand. The plate is not responsible for a “thing” a person has the role and responsibility for such action.

  6. rkt says:

    You are to throw the ball at the plate not the “person”. So the headline is incorrect. Obama is not the target.

  7. Tom says:


    Ridicule is one thing. Taking pot-shots at effigies is another. And this is not the only one I’ve seen. A church carnival in Pennsylvania last week had a ‘shoot-em-up’ game where Obama was a target as well.

    No one is going to agree with everything a sitting president does — and what makes this country great is that we’re allowed to disagree and protest his decisions. I will point out that during the Bush era, it was made clear time and time again that if you disagreed with Bush you were anti-American. Fortunately in the Obama era, no one feels threatened in that way. In fact now it almost seems like UNLESS you mock the president you’re not a real american.

    That being said, I saw my share of effigies of Bush being hung, set on fire, made to look like Hitler. I didn’t agree with those either.

    1. Stuart says:

      This is clearly a form of racism and disrespect. For one, the President complexion is not that dark; two, the constant smile with white teeth. Yes ex President Bush was mocked to some degree, but racism did not play a part. And the extent to where President Obama is mocked has far exceeded ex President Bush’s mockery. I don’t condone any mockery of any President. There’s nothing wrong with constructive criticism. But things like this cross the line. When are people going to realize that from the outside looking in, America is falling apart because there are a faction of people who disrespect the office of the President, which represents America.

  8. SUSAN says:


    1. IWishIwasOnAnIsland says:

      I love your selective memory you stupid, Palin worshipping, Limbaugh loving, O’Reilly defending fool. If anyone spoke against W, he had his pitbulls all over them. It’s funny how everybody forgets all the fines Cheney’s little henchmen at the FCC tried, & successfully removed many “dissenters” on the air.

  9. karen says:

    It seems a good way to vent rage without harming anyone. It does seem a bit racist, perhaps it isn’t. I haven’t seen the game.

  10. johnnie says:

    Hey, tourist Cathy Williams, what kind of place you came from? Freedom of Speech, baby, check the American Constitution.

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