Judge: No Pedicabs On NYC Bridge Bike Paths

NEW YORK (AP) — A New York City judge says pedicabs are not allowed on bridge bike paths.

A city attorney was riding his bike in May when he saw Duncan Elder giving another person a pedicab ride over the Manhattan Bridge.

Manhattan Rickshaw Co. argued that Elder was not technically “operating” his pedicab at the time. It said he wasn’t carrying a paying passenger — just a friend who was too tired to walk.

Elder also testified that he never pedaled the pedicab on the bridge.

Administrative law judge James Plotkin decided that Elder was operating the pedicab — whether he was pedaling, pushing or coasting.

The ruling could force operators to load pedicabs onto trucks when moving them over bridges.
Manhattan Rickshaw Co. may appeal the decision.

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One Comment

  1. DanTe says:

    I would love to see all you brainless twits here on the bridge path the next time a wide pedicab comes rolling down. I’ll bet you will start whining to a different tune.

  2. andy gee says:

    New York State vehicle and traffic law defines a bicycle as anything with two or three wheels, human powered (or with up to a 750 watt booster motor), pedals, gears or belts, and brakes. A pedicab clearly qualifies as a bicycle; what’s to prevent someone from ticketing a someone shopping at Pathmark and returning to Brooklyn on a big tricycle?

  3. srenco says:

    Must everything be decided by a judge here in NYC. If pedicabs are stupid enough to try to cycle over a bridge, who the hell cares?

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