Gender Equality? Women Still Paid Less Than Men

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — What price equality? When it comes to salaries between men and women in New York – and nationwide – it’s hardly a case of “separate but equal.”

CBS 2’s Scott Rapoport drops the dime on the money gap between guys and dolls.

Working women of New York work as hard as a man, and are as smart as a man, but on average get paid less.

“It’s crazy. I don’t know why that would be,” Sharon Minick, of Hoboken, said.

“That’s a travesty,” Amy Kaneko said. “That’s just not fair at all.”

According to a study by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, full-time working women in New York made just 84 percent of what men did in 2009 – $720 a week for a woman, compared to $858 a week for a man.

“I’d like to make as much as a guy makes if I’m doing an equal amount of work,” Margo Lewis, of Pittsburgh, said.

Nationally, the gap is even wider. Women average $657 a week across the country, while men earn an average of $819, despite calls at the highest level for equal pay.

“There are no second-class citizens in our workplaces,” President Obama said. “It’s bad for business to pay somebody less because of their gender.”

“Corporate America needs to stop discriminating against women and understand the value they bring to the workforce,” Sonia Ossorio, executive director of the National Organization for Women in New York, said.

Ossorio says change can happen, but it’s going to take time.

“It’s really about education and consciousness-raising, backed up by really good laws,” Ossorio said.

Ossorio says women can improve their pay situation by tooting their own horn, mentioning their accomplishments and asking for what they want.


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  1. Rachael Methvin says:

    Its the fact that women are capable of doing the same amount of work at the same skill level if not better, especially in jobs that require problem solving and attention to small detail. Put it on the same concept of two men, of equal skills and one making over $100.00 more per pay check. Regardless of sex, that’s a pretty big deal.

  2. Brie says:

    Women are paid less because their work is undervalued. Discrimination still exists in the workplace. We have come a long way since the days of ‘Mad Men,’ but discrimination is now less blatant and just not as talked about.

    On average in the US, white females earn 78% of what their white male counterparts earn. For women of color, this percentage is even lower.

    Bottom line: Women’s work is undervalued and underpaid. Women now make up more than 50% of the workforce, are exceeding men in rates of attending and graduating from four year colleges and post-graduate programs. And yet, the culture in the U.S. still functions as if this is just a trend that will die out soon and should not be celebrated, but called out as some kind of pandemic.

    What is so wrong with women earning more money, earning what they are worth? It would mean a happier work environment, more money being brought in to families, benefiting the partners and children of those families.

    Why is there such a strong attitude to hold women back?

  3. Don says:

    The feminists are whining about pay again…..who really gets paid for what they are worth???? More and more women are being moved into executive positions, no blatant discrimination there. That and the great recession (depression)wiped out a majority of males in the work force, women will dominate the work force soon enough. They should be happy about having a job at all right now.

  4. HENRY says:


  5. Alvin says:

    It’s the battle of the sexes again! I wish they’d show exactly how they came to this conclusion. Show us what mathematical formula or equation they used, as well as the type of jobs both genders are in so we can decide if their math is correct.

  6. Ken says:

    This is done to make up for the fact that women live longer then men.

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