War Of Words: Woody Vs. Revis' Agents

NEW YORK (WFAN/AP) – The Darrelle Revis contract situation just got a whole lot uglier.

Jets owner Woody Johnson said on Tuesday that he was “rebuffed” when he asked to be part of Friday’s meeting with Mike Tannenbaum and Revis’ agents.

Agent Neil Schwartz told The Associated Press: “That’s a blatant lie. Whoever gave him that information is incorrect. I wanted Mr. Johnson’s thoughts on the proposal, so why would I not want him there?” Schwartz added that he would meet with Johnson “any time, any place.”

Audio: Boomer & Carton – The Revis situation gets uglier | Incarcerated Bob has a message for Revis, Boomer has a message for the Jets

It is believed one major sticking point is the lack of guaranteed money included in the Jets’ offers, something Mike Tannenbaum disagrees with.

“As I said at the start of training camp, our offer to Darrelle Revis conveyed that we are flexible on how the guaranteed money is structured, including the areas of signing bonus, roster bonus and option bonus,” Tannenbaum said in a statement Tuesday night. “This situation revolves around a fundamental disagreement in total compensation.”

Revis has missed 10 days, including Tuesday, since the team reported for training camp at SUNY Cortland. He’s scheduled to make $1 million in the fourth year of his six-year rookie deal, but wants to become the league’s highest-paid cornerback.


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  1. peter says:

    If you season ticket holders don’t want to pay Revis, then demand the team trades him. You won’t get equal value, but maybe you get a few players back and will enjoy another 8-8 season

  2. peter says:

    If Revis had not played up to the Jets expectations, he would be cut right now and would never see the last 3 years of the contract. So it goes both ways. If the teams want the players to honor the entire contract, then garantee the contracts. Revis saw what happened to Leon Washington. He gets hurt and never sees another deal.

  3. Pete says:

    I had to take out a loan to buy my psl’s, so pardon me if I don’t feel bad that Revis is scheduled to make the 1 million he agreed to make when he signed his contract. Also, the 15 million dollar raise that he wants doesn’t come out of Woody’s deep pockets, it comes out of mine, in the form of higher ticket prices, hot dog prices, apparrel prices, etc.

    I want to be a fan and season ticket holder of the Jets but the NFL is pricing me out of this league.


    if you like the jets so much then sign or sit its your choice you are getting bad advice from your cousin is he in there for the money or care about you i know the answer do you think about this

  5. John Farrell says:

    Classic game of chicken. Jerry Jones tried this with Emmitt Smith once upon a time. The Cowboys had just won the Super Bowl, and Emmitt threatened to sit out the next season without a new contract. Jerry didn’t budge, and the ‘boys promptly started 0-2. Jerry finally folded and Dallas went on to repeat as SB champs.

    Truth be told, Revis shouldn’t risk his future earning potential by honoring his current contract. Considering the $26M Joe Haden just received in guaranteed money (and $50M total), Revis has every right to expect better compensation for his proven services.

    The Jets don’t have enough cap space to make Revis the highest-paid DB in the league, but they need to come as close as they can. Randy Moss and Brandon Marshall are two guys pulling for Woody to drop the ball on this one, of that you can be sure.

  6. Mike says:

    Jets completely messed this up. They call him the best player in the NFL and should have been MVP. Then they say they will rework his contract – they went to him, he did not go to them for a new contract. And now they don’t want to pay him. They gave Rex and the GM new contract based off the player’s work on the filed but they don’t want to reward the players, even after they said they would. Oh and they also want you to dig deep into your own pocket to buy PSLs.

  7. Greg says:

    He has three left on his current contract. When he signed with the Jets he demanded a sixth year be added. He was offered a $120 million dollar contract. In the long run who is going to pay his salary. That’s correct the season ticket holder US!!!!!!!

  8. Mike says:

    This is so dumb because the ironic part is they will be lucky to make the playoffs. He’s 1 man!

  9. peterdeez@Hotmail.com says:

    Just another player being all about himself. Kick his *#$ to the curb. Go to a team that pays you & only you so they can’t afford anyone else BUT @ least you got yours. Right?

  10. Rick says:

    Ok, go play like you agreed to and when you negotiate y0ur contract make sure you agent knows what he is doing!

    1. Chris Pagliaro says:

      Hey the Jets went to him and said they wanted to rip up his contract. The Jets started this one!!!

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