Fantasy Phenom Semifinalist Videos, Week 2

Round 2 of WFAN’s Fantasy Phenom contest was in full effect this past Monday at the North Babylon Buffalo Wild Wings.

Each semifinalist was given 2 minutes to rant about a chosen topic. One lucky contestant from this group will be chosen to participate in the Fantasy Phenom final round on August 27th at Bar A.

Watch the videos:

Terrence – Hopeful Jets Fan

Jesse – Micromanage the Mets

John – Get Excited Jets Fans

Peter – The Mets Major Disconnect

Mike – Lack of Giants Leadership

Michael – NFL Drama

Fernando – Two Words…James Dolan

Tommy – Enough with Baseball

Mark – Excited About Knicks Season

Matthew – Throw Strikes


One Comment

  1. kel says:

    A radio talk show host should have these three main skills: know what they are talking about, keep their listeners interested, and be a good public speaker. I believe the best fit for this position is Peter. Good Luck!

  2. Deanna Mammina says:

    I like Peter’s presentation best. His vocal delivery is smooth and professional, a necessary skill for radio. Also, he supports his opinion with a concise analysis of the issue and offers a concrete solution.

    1. Sammy S. says:

      Peter? He seems like a nice guy, but he has no shot. He ranted for just over as minute and all he said was that JOSE reyes should be traded…AND? …who do you trade him for? Who replaces him at SS? You have to address all these points to be take serious…


  3. Mike D says:

    Pete was by far the most professional sounding contestant and he made a lot of sense regarding the Mets and their disconnect with the fans. He wasn’t a screamer like some of the others and he was interesting and easy to listen to. I hope he makes it all the way to the end. Good Luck, Pete!!

  4. Dan says:

    Looking at these comments, it’s Super Obvious that most of these comments are not from first time observers but Terrance’s friends. Geez guys try to be a little less subtle. It’s actually funny because anyone reading these comments can easily see what’s going on here, unless all these “Alias” were really impressed by an average rant that was 1:37 long while they are supposed to be closer to 2 minutes

  5. Dr Kat says:

    Are you guys serious? i made it 5 seconds before i fell asleep during Tommys rant…Talk about boring!! He even looked uninterested….plus, he looks like Vinny from the Jersey shore…..Terrence was the best by far…Funny, smart, likeable and he even has the body for radio….This group was an easy one to decide…Terrence should and will move on….NEXT

  6. Jim says:

    Funny how 2 guys with different names left the exact same comment 2 minutes apart. My, Terrence has a lot of Facebook friends

  7. Chris P says:

    How can Mark compete in this contest if he has had prior experience in the business? The contestant with the greatest potential for growth is clearly Terrence, he showed passion and insight of which I didn’t see in any other contestant. Attention Mr. Chernoff the contestant you want to give a chance is Terrence, he’s young, energetic and willing to think outside of the box and bring your radio station a different look.

  8. CJ says:

    LOL, nice job by Joe and James copying and pasting what Terrence told them to post!!!!!! How fake are those posts??? Come on, boys………. That is embarrassing and Terrence should be ashamed of faking comments………………

  9. Kiki says:

    Wow, WFAN is going to have a tough time with this one. Terrence was funny, but Mark actually sounded like a radio talk show host. if it were a stand up contest, Terrence would win, but Mark sounded like he knew more about sports in general…..

  10. Kevin says:

    Terrence is easy winner. Yes, it is about personality, sense of humor and sports insight. I can easily just get the facts elsewhere. I want to be entertained!

  11. Kevvy Kev says:

    Terrence, baseball season is over? Good job knowing NY sports!!!!!!!!!! All this guy knows is stand-up. Another fat guy on the Fan? No thanks…. Tommy and Mark did a much better job……..

  12. Joe says:

    Terrence will bring broad sports knowledge, personalitly and humor needed to be a successful sports talk radio host!

  13. James says:

    Terrence will bring broad sports knowledge, personalitly and humor needed to be a successful sports talk radio host!

  14. K-Dub says:

    I agree that the Healey guy answered a tough question, and he immediately came up with facts to support his argument. This is a town where star power is revered!!!!!! Who know hoops and hockey? Nice job, Healey……..

  15. Tara Walker says:

    Mark Healey was the best. He was very knowledgeable and was able to cross reference sports. Mark is clearly the best candidate. Good Luck Mark!!

  16. Rob says:

    Tommy is the #1 pick for WFAN. He was clear and to the point. I would definetly listen to Tommy of WFAN!

  17. Leslie Monteiro says:

    Mark Healey would be a great choice to do a talk show on WFAN. He’s a great guy that would relate well to the callers, which is what sports radio should be all about. He knows the sports well. He has experience of covering sports. He has great insights, and he is very diligent in knowing what to say like Marc Malusis. To me, he’s a no-brainer.

  18. howard Copy says:

    Listened to all these guys and it really comes down to Mark and Terrance but I have to give the edge to Mark. I thought he had the best answers to the tough question. Good luck Mark, and good job Terrance.

  19. Janice says:

    Not only was Terrence was the best, I went on the fan web-site to watch his first clip, and it’s even better, and more entertaining! I could listend to him for hours, and he makes me laugh while providing great sports insight.. I highly recomment everyone goign to the fan web-site and watching, you’ll be very impressed. Terrence, where else can we hear/watch you talk sports?

  20. Hollyr says:

    With all of Mark’s credentials listed, I clicked on him first. BORING. You’re right. He is an encyclopedia. He belongs on a shelf, never to be opened. Bad rythm, put me to sleep. There’s a reason why no one else has hired him full time. Terrence is the best. Contest over. I am a FAN and I want to be entertained! Terrence was passionate, funny, confident, all the traits that make your current broadcaster stand out. SIGN HIM NOW, I want MORE.

    1. K-Dub says:

      Holly, obviously you are Terrence’s friend and are scared of the Healey guy…… Get a life, poser…….

  21. Karen says:

    This contest was inspired by what Joe Bengino did 15 years ago to break into the field. Joe was a passionate caller who won a contest and the rest is history. This is Wfan’s “American Idol”. A Fans chance to break into the biz. That being said, I liked NFL Tommy.

  22. Jason says:

    I’d watch Mark.

  23. Derrick Armstrong says:

    Larry makes a good point. I wish I had been there to see Mark and Mike’s responses to the questions. Like others on here, I thought Terrence was funny, but ultimately it’s about sports knowledge. If this is to be a year long show, it’s the knowledge that’s going to make or break someone. Given that, my vote would go to Mark.

  24. Dan says:

    Exactly Larry, Very Good Point, All The Rants were Good, It’s The Other Factors That will determine Who moves on

  25. Charles Hollon says:

    He hits for average and has power to all fields. Good speed and a possible gold glove. Seriously– Mark Healy’s knowledge, smooth delivery and the ability to be “himself” makes this one a clear choice. Healy has always sounded good on Sirius and he’s got my vote….

  26. Larry says:

    The funny part is- at the auditions, the judges asked questions and made comments after the rant for a few minutes, and they didn’t show that here- which I think is most indiciitive of how they would handle a show. Anyone can stand up and say something they prepared, but how do you handle arguments, and questions?

    1. Frank says:

      Yeah, please add that to the videos next time.

  27. Brian says:

    They all did well however I would have to vote for Tommy b/c I agree “Enough with Baseball!!” He wrapped up all the storylines of the NFL season in two minutes…he was quick and right to the point with each team he mentioned….I’m pretty sure he’s a frequent caller too unless there’s another Tommy who is a Colts fan out there, and his calls are always on point and knowledgable…as for Mark for some reason I can only view the first minute of his rant…either that or I fell asleep…get to the point already

  28. Arron Carter says:

    Mark Healy, hands down, with Terrance in second place.

  29. Dan Crespo says:

    I have to say that Mark Healy actually made me think that the Knicks might play some promising basketball. Just for that fact I think he is the guy.

  30. Tisha Hermansen says:

    Mike Trezza ruled the airwaves. I felt like I was watching SportsCenter. Why doesn’t this guy have a sports gig? I hope he wins!

  31. Harry H says:

    Mark was good, but I can turn on any sports talk station in the country and hear someone just like him. I dont think the fan started this contest to find somebody they can find in a broadcasting school. Thats why i think i am backing the Terrence kid. For me, I would take humor and substance over “polish” anyday..I think Terrence moves forward, but good luck to everybody

  32. Corey says:

    So by now we can all see that Mark has a few friends in the industry who are trying to use their clout to swing votes his way. But honestly, if WFAN already threw out his resume’ once, or didn’t like his interview the first time around, what makes you think they are going to pick him now. Pick a FAN with enthusiasm like Terrance, not a bore like Mark.
    And seriously Dan, this is a blog. We are supposed to be commenting on who we like and dislike.

  33. Paul says:

    Terrence was head and shoulders above the others. Excellent substance, personaility and humor. I could listen to a full show with that guy. Just awesome. Way better than Mark, who I found to be too slow and methodical.

  34. Dan says:

    At these point, all these contestants were semi-finalists so, as you can see, all of them have some talent. They had to beat out hundreds of other contestants just to get to this point. So It’s hard to say who will make it because there are multiple factors that the judges will have to consider when deliberating. The interviews, the pre-sreenings, The round one and two rants, the questions between round two’s rant, and the contestant’s overall personality. It’s a matter of what the judges liked and what they are looking so it’s anyone’s guess. Most of these guys are viable candidates in my opinion.

  35. Serie says:

    Terrence dominated. Didn’t sound like typical radio and has the likability and insight needed.

  36. Jedi BO says:

    I fully admit I’m leaving objectivity at the door, but as a former colleague of Mark’s, let me say that the guy is a sports encyclopedia. Gotham Baseball and Baseball Digest are his labors of love, and the passion he’s invested into those properties should be an example to us all. He has a strong background in radio and print, an unmatched breadth of topical knowledge, and a magnetic personality that thrives on intelligent conversation. In other words, he has the perfect skill set – not to mention, face – for radio.

  37. Corey says:

    For anyone who is having trouble sleeping at night, there is no need for Ambien, just listen to this guy Mark talk. If WFAN is looking for someone to fill the 2am-3am time slot, the most of you are right, Mark is the man. Otherwise, like most of the guys on the radio right now, if you are looking for energy and passion, along with knowledge, TERRANCE is the obvious pick in this group. From now on, please watch all the videos before commenting.

  38. james says:

    Yes Sports Knowledge is important, but it is more effective when combined with humor and likeability, which are all traits that Terrence displays more than anyone else and not to mention he has a great Voice for Radio WFAN can find a million people who know every fact there is to know about sports, but that is not what drives ratings and without ratings WFAN does not make money. People tune in to be informed, but also to be entertained at the same time. So my vote is for Terrence bc i feel like he is someone i can relate to.

  39. Bob says:

    For those of you who think Mark is too serious, read one of his columns or catch his on Sirius. He does have a sense of humor. What he did was a professional monologue. Terrence sounded like the guy sitting next to you in Section 104. I don’t look for that out of a host on The Fan.

  40. Patrick says:

    Mark Healey is the only one with a knowledgeable thought out point of view

  41. C.O.H says:

    I wont discredit Mark for a job well done but I really believe that Terrence nailed it! He knew what he was talking about and he was funny. Some people are meant to do different things, I think its clear that we just found Terrence’s calling – go get em!

  42. Dan Drobnis says:

    Mark Healey showed both hockey and basketball knowledge in his response. Definitely the best of the bunch!

  43. John Sanpietro says:

    Loved Mark Healy’s comments. I’ve heard him online and on Sirius. This guy KNOWS SPORTS! And he knows how to pass that knowledge on to the listener. He’s exactly the kind of guy I look for on the FAN!

  44. John says:

    It’s good to see Mark’s buddies got on the site together. I was there the other night- no one held the crowd or the judges like Terrence. He was also hilarious. Youi have to have personality in this business also . . . No one else came close in that department.

    1. Tara Walker says:

      I’m sorry John is this a contest for best comedian or for the best sports caster? Lets get real, Mark blew everyone away.

  45. Scott Gilroy says:

    Mark Healy was easily the best and most knowledgeable even when considering NBA is not his first passion. I have heard him talk baseball online and he is more knowledgeable and proffesional than most hosts you will find. A guy with Marks integrity and skills would be a great host for any show.

  46. Michael Dittelman says:

    Mark Healy is the choice — he’s far and away the best option. PICK HIM.

  47. Patrick Hoffman says:

    Mark Healy is someone that knows and follows all sports. Sure, if you look him up online, you’ll see that baseball is his passion but if you listen to him talk about the Knicks, his language conveys that he knows a lot about all sports.

    Give Mark a chance, folks. I promise you won’t regret it.

  48. dan says:

    I like John’s bit. Thought it was lively, passionate, and just enough information. Good luck to him

  49. Kevin H. says:

    Definitely better than the West Nyack group, but I still haven’t seen the winner yet.

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