Fantasy Phenom Semifinalist Videos, Week 2

Round 2 of WFAN’s Fantasy Phenom contest was in full effect this past Monday at the North Babylon Buffalo Wild Wings.

Each semifinalist was given 2 minutes to rant about a chosen topic. One lucky contestant from this group will be chosen to participate in the Fantasy Phenom final round on August 27th at Bar A.

Watch the videos:

Terrence – Hopeful Jets Fan

Jesse – Micromanage the Mets

John – Get Excited Jets Fans

Peter – The Mets Major Disconnect

Mike – Lack of Giants Leadership

Michael – NFL Drama

Fernando – Two Words…James Dolan

Tommy – Enough with Baseball

Mark – Excited About Knicks Season

Matthew – Throw Strikes


One Comment

  1. Kevin Zuko says:

    Remember guys, there are many things the judges look at when choosing who advances, so saying things like the obvious choice is and the easy winner is, is a little pre-mature. It will be interesting to see who the panel selects….

    1. Jason N says:

      I agree…Mike Trezza did a great job. Anyone can go up there and say how terrible the Mets are or beat up the Jets for not signing Revis. What’s next on the thought provoking subject list Favre? How about some points for an insightful and original subject? Nice job Mike and the greeting and signoff were entertaining!!

      I agree, that the interview portion not shown does reveal a lot more about some of these guys range or lack thereof.
      Good luck Mike…hope to see you in the next round.

  2. Frank R. says:

    Most of them were good, but Mike Trezza stood out the most. His tone and delivery were above and beyond much better than the others. He didn’t sound like a fan, he sounded like a real sports announcer. He deserves to go to the next round, and possibly win the whole contest. Great job, Mike.

  3. Dan O'Keefe says:

    I agree with Maze, Mike is A LOT better than these other guys. Smoother and more professional. If they ask for 2 minutes, do 2 minutes. If not, you are an amateur.


  4. joe chettie says:

    Terrance is the obvious choice. Mixture of comedy and sports knowledge. I want to be entertained and informed.

  5. Maze says:

    Mike was dead-on about the so-called G-Men. Great facts about how they performed and not a stat out of place. Good job by all of the talkies but Mike stands out to me…

  6. J.J. says:

    None of these guys can get through a full two minutes without becoming distracting and unfocused, and without amateurishly pausing with “You know’s…” or ‘I mean…”

    That’s unprofessional and befitting high school or college radio. How would they get through full 15-minute segments between breaks?!?!

    And, too many of them sound like fans or callers, not hosts. Remember, you’re talking to all FAN listeners of all NY teams, not just your own. We don’t need to hear a cheerleader.

    Note to Jet fans (including Terrence and John): You might have been 28 minutes from the SB last year, but remember what you did after the 3-0 start? Yes FOUR and SEVEN! And your cocky, bloated coach said your season was DONE at 7-7. Oh, and that was WITH Revis! Good luck even making the playoffs this year if you repeat a stretch like that. You got lucky and hot at the right time last year. Period. But, let’s not pretend that this was a dominant team last season.

    Note to John: If you’re such a big Jet fan, you should know that Holmes wasn’t named after a city in Texas – it’s Santonio Holmes, not San Antonio Holmes!

    Note to Tommy: And, I can’t believe no one else above heard this… uh, the Bengals aren’t Who Dat Nation, defending their title… that’s, um… the SAINTS?!! I know that’s just a slipup, but you can’t do that stuff on the air. Again, like the rest, AMATUERISH!

    Mark was the only one at all with a delivery befitting the show that the FAN is giving away, but even he misses the point. It’s ALL about star power and a guy like Carmelo. Amar’e, Felton, Randolph, along with Gallo, Chandler, Douglas, maybe Jerome Jordan is a nice START. But, if you don’t add one more star, you’re not more than a 6 or 7 seed!!

    I saw MUCH better in the first round. The semi-final round leaves a lot to be desired so far. I’m not sure from what I’ve seen this round that the FAN will find ANYONE deserving to be in that final spot to get the show. Very amateurish in this round, thus far.

    Note to the guy who calls himself John Starks: I met John in April. Please have the courage to use yor own name. He would never speak about his own organization the way you did, so no one bought it. Try again.

    1. Mr. McGilicutty says:

      Is it just me, or does J.J. sound like a jealous, cranky clown who probably tried out at one of the shopping malls and didn’t get past the trivia part….c’mon J.J. unless you are in the semifanls you have no right to make fun of these guys…you sound like a miserable dude…let me know where you hang out so I make sure I never go there

      1. J.J. says:

        Doesn’t it sound like Mr. “McGilicuty” is a close friend or relative of one of the above contestants?

        I’m not making fun of them at all. On the contrary, I give them credit for trying. I’ve given praise before on here when it was warranted, but it was warranted this time. This is for a radio show, and the inexperience and lack of education showed. Forgive me for giving an opinion and bringing up facts.

        p.s. I like where I hang out and I’m quite happy. And, you’re welcome any time, although perhaps you’re the miserable one for having a problem with me giving my opinion just like everyone else here.

  7. John Starks says:

    I can’t even understand these guys. They grab the mic and mumble into it. For a second, I thought the guy without a neck was going to eat it. I hope the next round reads this: DO NOT PICK UP THE MIC!

    The only one who spoke clearly was Fernando, but I can’t take anyone serious when they want to talk about the Knicks. No one cares about that joke team and that joke franchise.

  8. Marty says:

    Oh man Terrence was great. He knew he was so boring that he wrapped it up quicker. I wish some of these other guys had that presence of mind. Plus when he made the Paul Hogan reference, Ho HO! It’s funny because Paul Hogan is not a good blocker. I love it! Alan Faneca, you got burned! OMG! Hold on, I’m still holding my sides from laughter! We got a live one here. Way to prepare for this competition with a minute rant and doing a little research on the Jets. Wait, was there even a point to his rant? I didn’t even gain anything from it. I never thought a hot topic like the NY Jets could be so boring and bland.

    1. M.B. McGee says:

      Marty, Terrence said Faneca looks like Hulk Hogan but blocks like Brook Hogan. Paul Hogan was never mentioned..If you are going to insult someone get your facts straight…U made fun of terrence for doing a one minute rant, yet you weren’t able to put three sentences together on a blog without looking like a putz. Take a lap!

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