NEW YORK (CBS 2) —  A Brooklyn woman is fighting back against her granddaughter and her lawyer — who she says carried out a diabolical foreclosure scheme to steal the place she called home for more than 40 years.

After falling behind with mortgage payments on her Carroll Gardens home, 80-year-old Connie Campbell says her granddaughter stepped in to offer what she thought was assistance.

“[She] came over and she said ‘Oh grandma don’t worry, we’ll help you,'” Campbell told CBS 2’s Cindy Hsu.

But instead of helping, Campbell’s lawyer claims Charise Scibelli and her lawyer orchestrated a foreclosure rescue scam.

“The next thing you know Connie’s signing away her house on a contract of sale that says ‘Charise has your house now and you can live on the first floor, you’re relegated only to the first floor from now on'” Campbell’s lawyer Susan Chana Lask said.

Lask says months later, Scibelli and her lawyer filed a complaint to evict Campbell.

Now, Campbell is suing her granddaughter and her lawyer for $2 million.

“I will die in this house, my husband died in this house,” Campbell said, “I want to die in this house.”

Scibelli would only say that she had “no comment” through her intercom when CBS 2 went to her St. James Home.

The lawyers office in Melville, Long Island also refused comment on the specifics of the case — saying only that the allegations were untrue and that the situation was a family dispute involving other relatives, Hsu reports.

For now, Campbell is still living in her 3-story home and says she’ll continue the fight for her home in court.

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