Man Accused Of Pushing Woman Into Side Of Moving ‘R’ Train

Straphangers Subdue Suspect, Who Offers Baffling Explanation

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — This one fits nicely into the “you gotta be kidding me” category — even for New York City.

An evening commute turned into a near death experience for a Manhattan woman. Witnesses said they saw a crazed straphanger push her into the side of a moving train. The attack has some train riders on alert.

An “R” train barreling into a Midtown subway station nearly killed 39-year-old Manhattanite Ute Linhart. But she didn’t fall in front of the train. She was pushed.

“It’s scary. It really is,” one rider told CBS 2’s Hazel Sanchez.

Linhart was standing on the 28th Street subway platform when she said a suspicious looking man came creeping up on her. Linhart told police when the train pulled into the station the man pushed her into the oncoming train.

The impact sent Linhart flying back onto the platform. She suffered broken ribs, a broken left shoulder and left arm and a crushed sinus cavity.

One witness snapped a picture of the man she said is the alleged attacker Jose Rojas.

Straphangers kept the 25-year-old suspect up against a wall so he couldn’t get away. Prosecutors said Rojas admitted he pushed Linhart and told witnesses “I don’t know why I pushed her.”

“There’s no going around stopping or preventing an assault like that from happening because it’s just inevitable,” said Bedford Stuyvesant resident Peter Macintosh.

When asked if she ever thinks about things like this happening to her while she’s standing on a subway platform, Dianna Marino of Astoria told CBS 2: “That somebody might push me into the train? No.”

But some subway riders told us this week’s unprovoked assault has them thinking about what they’ll do now to protect themselves.

“I have to be aware of my surroundings at all times. If not then something like that will occur,” said Yonira Couvertier of Queens.

“When someone looks a little suspicious I will shout and scream and say police,” added Mary Mejia of Queens.

“I keep away from the train. When it comes in I’m always back,” another rider told CBS 2.

Linhart is being treated at Bellevue Hospital, where she reportedly said she’ll never take the subway again.

Rojas has been charged with second-degree attempted murder and first-degree assault, and is being held without bail.


One Comment

  1. Evo says:

    How about we put up simple mesh or wire fences with door ways aligned with the train doorways?

  2. Griggsy says:

    it’s always amusing seeing the non-New Yorkers comments. Usually very uninformed and narrow minded.

    Anyways, you have to be careful on the subway platform. I see people standing at the very edge, you gotta be careful. There’s been other incidents where folks pass out and fall on the tracks.

  3. constricted says:

    they should make clear sliding panels that slide up from the ground once a train leaves and then drop down and out of the way once the train comes to a stop to pickup and unload would make the chance of something like this from happening pretty much impossible

  4. Libertarian the original liberal says:

    Affirmative action implies that people are to weak to take care of themselves like the color of their skin is a handicap! Tiger Woods took over golf because he was good. Obama made it to the top because he put a lot of effort into his politics….(shady as they may be) and to treat able bodied people of sound mind as helpless holds them down! If people of any color want to make it in this world the only way to do so is on their own hard work and determination. Only the strong survive!

  5. Harrison says:

    Never stand near the edge b/c some freak might push you in. Happens enough people should know. Glad she’ll live.

  6. sbisking says:

    This guy should be hung.

  7. Tim says:

    E V I L

  8. sailordude says:

    Yeah I grew up in New York City and never heard the term straphanger. The new trains don’t even use straps anymore I don’t think, they are made of metal loops. That term sounds perverse in today’s society. Thank God the lady lived I’m sorry that it happened and hope she gets well soon, and that the man is put on trial for attempted murder or locked up a long time in a mental ward. If he’s illegal please deport him after he has served his time.

  9. Chicago Ray says:

    The freakparade continues full blast…Can’t even stand near trains anymore . Build more mental hospitals with the Obama care ripoff.

  10. justus says:

    This writer should be trown into a train by calling someone a straphandler who is not insinde the car. BTW this was a stupid organized crime hit. Everything about this story is wrong. Turn in your journalism degreee!

  11. Chaya says:

    “The devil made me do it.”

  12. smashicus says:

    Hate crime?

  13. marie arnold says:


    Don’t forget…not EVERYONE knows what in the world a straphanger was. I had to look it up!! Only a handful of US cities have Metros….

  14. Spotlight says:

    Just another democrat in action.

  15. The Second Amendment says:

    Bernard Goetz had the correct way of dealing with this.

    You New York liberals incorrectly think that the “policeman”, or government man will be there to help you in times of need…..Stupid fools!

  16. Zander says:

    Just another reason not to live in New York. The scum of the earth are all around you-Liberals and illegal aliens!

  17. aikinyc says:

    It’s unfortunate that this happened. I guess my slight paranoia has some validation. I try not to stand so close to that yellow band on the platform from reading/hearing about those stories of people being pushed onto an oncoming subway train. I always try to stand in such a way that even if someone accidentally brushes up behind me, one leg is always in front of the other and I lean slightly back to avoid falling forward especially when I stand close to the edge of the platform especially when it’s crowded.

  18. Htos1 says:

    Good thing he was a white guy w/a suspended license.That’s five years in prison and a $5000 fine.

  19. Gnarly says:

    I bet nobody asked to see the perp’s green card

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