NEW YORK (CBS 2) — According to a new study by a weight loss company, 52 percent of American woman say they would give up sex for the summer rather than gain 10 pounds.

CBS 2’s Scott Rapoport talked to some women who weighed in on the issue.

Some said they’d give up eating to be skinny and yet another woman said she would give up four paychecks.

But what about giving up sex?

“Not for 10 months, for 3 years to lose weight,” one woman told Rapoport.

“Definitely, yes,” quipped another woman.

Others scoffed at the results saying they were “sad” and that the respondents needed to “find some better partners.”

Clinical psychologist Dr. Judith Brisman says society’s preoccupation with youth and beauty is sending an unrealistic and unattainable message to women.

“In our culture, feeling good about yourself means you have to look like a Victoria’s Secret model, you have to be skinny,” Brisman said.

The study also says that 25 percent of men polled in the study sponsored by Nutrisystem would also give up sex than gain weight.

But Rapoport spoke with one man who wasn’t so sure.

“Depends [on] who it’s with,” he said.

The study also says 73 percent of men and women would give up their cell phone, computer or T.V. for the summer to be slimmer.

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