Christie Rips Into Obama Over Mosque Remarks

N.J. Gov Says President Using Controversy As 'Political Football'

TRENTON, N.J. (CBS 2) — There was strong condemnation Monday from New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie of the Democrats and Republicans who have weighed in on the ground zero mosque debate.

CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer reports Christie said lawmakers are playing politics with a religious issue and its making all Americans suffer.

When asked how to end the screaming over the mosque and cultural center proposed for the area near the World Trade Center site, Christie told Kramer, “You stop playing politics with it Marcia. That’s just the first solution. You stop playing politics.”

Christie wants the shouting to stop, and that includes President Barack Obama.

“What offends me the most about all of this is it is being used as a political football by both parties and what disappoints me about the president’s remarks is that he’s now using it as a political football as well and I think that the President of the United States should rise above that,” Christie said.

With ground zero being rebuilt by the bi-state Port Authority, and with many New Jersey residents having died in the 9-11 attack, Christie says he has standing to say the mosque should be taken out of the political realm and should be dealt with privately and quietly.

But after Christie spoke Monday, the voices appeared to get louder.

Across the river, New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg expressed strong feelings.

“If we shout down a mosque and community center because it is two blocks away from the site where freedom was attacked, I think it would be a sad day for America,” Bloomberg said.

Across America and right here in the New York-New Jersey area politicians are lining up for and against the mosque.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Monday, it should be built somewhere else.

New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand supports the mosque where it is. New Jersey Sen. Robert Menendez supports the constitutional right of developers to build the mosque where they want.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Cuomo supports it. Republican gubernatorial candidate Rick Lazio is against it.

Meanwhile, Mahmoud al-Zahar, a leader of the Hamas terror group in Gaza, insists that the mosque be built by ground zero.

“We have to build the mosque as you are allowed to build the church and Israelis are building their holy place,” Zahar said.

To Gov. Christie, the question is whether Democrats and Republicans heed his message and whether a mediator emerges to forge consensus.

Spokesmen for New York Sen. Charles Schumer and New Jersey Sen. Frank Lautenberg did not return our calls asking for their positions on the ground zero mosque proposal.


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  1. no2mosque says:

    After all Clinton got Impeached just for getting a little head on on the side. Money laundering sounds far worse !!!!!!!

  2. no2mosque says:

    Some one somewhere needs to find a way to Impeach the Muslim we have in OUR White House….. Wasn’t there some talk a few months ago about the Obama Campaign and illegal use of Moneys used for his Campaign????
    We should start there and work our way up to get him out!!!!!!

  3. mobi says:

    @Lisa….If you do not have any constructive argument with respect to the subject i suggest you shut up your mouth instead of being a nuisance to yourself….

  4. NYC Finance says:

    IMO, the mosque shouldn’t be built at that location. It’s a sad place for a lot of us in the business and our families that were affected. I would prefer a mosque somewhere else. Not to mention it seems like some crazy person would attack the mosque as retaliation. It really seems like it would be better off somewhere else. Again…That’s just my opinion. Carry on.

  5. Kaylen Thorpe says:

    The fact that our country enshrines and protects the right to freedom of religion, is what makes us better than our enemies. Is this not why our young people are dying in the mideast?

    Neither Jews nor Christians nor Muslims are any better than the other – ironic isn’t it, they all pray to the same God and yet kill each other in His name.

    I was raised a Roman Catholic – but I find it a very scary thought that these demagogue politicians want to inflame religion, to VIOLATE the first most sacred right of our society, and to tell us what and how to pray. Christians get all upity whenever Fox News runs a story about government interfering with religion – where is that outrage now, you goddamn racist hypocrites?

    Jesus teaches us that if we do not love our enemies as we love our friends, we are unworthy of God. If we judge others, ~we~ are subject to judgment.

    If you don’t support the right to build a mosque where they so choose, then you are NO CHRISTIAN, NO AMERICAN, AND NO FRIEND OF MINE! Actually, you’re no better than the terrorists themselves.

  6. Patrick says:

    More to the point is why New Yorkers are anxious is because similiar Muslim proects have expressed “ideals that include service to humanity, speaking out against injustice, and promoting a high moral standard amongst society” through “the implementation of a program that seeks to achieve these ideals which they call Iqamat-ud-Deen, the establishment of the Islamic system of life. “

  7. Tri-Stater says:

    I do not feel in any danger because of what the president has said. However, I do feel in danger because of what the governor has said. I am an American citizen born in Manhattan NY and am slightly older than the governor.
    Consider that in the Wall Street area there is an African slave burial ground that was uncovered a few years back. May we please removal all of the business and commerce in the presence of these hallowed grounds! Are African Americans and the history of slavery any less important than the 911 victims?
    I will agree to have the mosque thrown out when the business leave because of the slave burial site. Can you imagine what it was like to have no rights, be raped, no access to education, classified as 3/5 a man – not really human, and many more atrocities associated with slavery? Please be fair, protest the presence of businesses in Wall Street which is an affront to the burial grounds along with the mosque.
    P.S. Everyone has a reason to say no to just about everything. But no country can give in to these feelings. Should Japanese Americans victimized by internment camps deny commerce or other institutions presence because of the WWII mistakes, What about how Italians were treated during that time? Should Native Americans have the right to block all growth in the U.S.? Wake up, heal and let’s get-on with it American. We are better than this!!!

  8. State the Obvious says:

    “NYC resident,” the pinnacle of objective commentary.

  9. NYC resident says:

    What gives this overblown, overweight loud mouth the right to weigh in on NYC business?
    Since when is Lower Manhattan under NJ jurisdiction?
    Hey bozo, don’t you have more important matters, like maybe stealing from NJ?
    If this guy isn’t stealing, I’d be surprised. He seems to be a crooked as the day is long.
    Okay Governor Paterson is no prize, but he doesn’t comment on NJ problems.
    And as for this scum governor’s remarks about the president, this bozo thinks he has a chance at being president. Not going to happen. He’s be indicted first. He’s in an long line of crooked NJ
    In other words, mind your business and keep stealing from your own state!!

  10. INJUN93 says:


  11. chris gerulat says:

    He’s the President and was speaking as the President. It wasn’t a statement that did anything but state what is true about America – we have Freedom of Religion! Somehow THAT gets lost in the rhetoric. Iif Gov. Christie wanted it to be “quiet” he should have kept his comments to himself and off the record. Intolerance in any form is just that.

  12. Carole Nicolich says:

    If Mosques are permitted to be built anywhere they want, then we should
    build churches in their countries. I wonder what that outcome would be.!!!!!!

    Come on, America – speak out.

  13. Hornet Montana says:

    Apparently there’s a strip club near Ground Zero? If so, is this argument nullified?

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