Authorities: No Danger From Times Square Chemical Spill

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Traffic was moving again in Times Square Monday, following a Hazmat scare.

Firefighters responded to the scene after workers spilled about ten gallons of hydrogen peroxide near the top floor of One Astor Plaza. The building serves as Viacom’s headquarters and is also home to the Minskoff and Nokia Theatres.

Seventh Avenue was shut down near 45th Street as a precaution and investigators said no one was in danger. Dozens of emergency vehicles remained late Sunday night.

Sources told CBS 2 that two workers were exposed to the chemical and had to be decontaminated, but were then sent home.

Onlookers in Times Square didn’t seem to worry thanks to the heavy emergency presence. “Not concerned. I figured if there was something really wrong, obviously they would make sure we weren’t around,” Jennifer Snelling, visiting the city from Boise, Idaho, said. “[We’re] just watching them do their job and do it well.”

However the situation did worry some tourists. “Of course I’m concerned. What’s going on here? Because we know something happened here a few months back,” said Suresh Vasu of Danbury, Conn.

The leak was contained. Authorities said their actions were merely a precaution.

The failed times square bombing in may took place a short distance away from the spill.


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