Lawsuit: Bowlmor Lanes Boss Weeded Out Minorities

NEW YORK (AP/1010 WINS) — A lawsuit accuses a New York City businessman of using Facebook and MySpace to keep certain minorities from making reservations at his nightclub.

Five former workers at Bowlmor Lanes in Union Square filed the lawsuit in Manhattan state Supreme Court.

They say they were fired after objecting to what they described as racially discriminatory practices.

The suit says Tom Shannon allegedly researched prospective patrons on social-networking Web sites to see how they looked and dressed. It says he also wanted terms and conditions for booking events rewritten to prohibit baseball caps, sports jerseys and oversized jeans.

His attorney, Mercedes Colwin, said Shannon’s company, Strike Holdings, was an industry leader in employee diversity and also issued the following statement Monday afternoon:

Strike Holdings is an industry leader in employee diversity. Half of its properties are managed by persons of color, and many of the company’s upper level executives, including the Director of Human Resources and Comptroller, are also of color. As part of its unwavering commitment to cultural diversity and equal opportunity, Strike Holdings vigorously and without exception enforces a zero tolerance policy against any form of discrimination or harassment, and fully investigates any and claims of unlawful conduct. Strike Holdings is profoundly disappointed, and frankly, offended that several disgruntled employees terminated for purely legitimate reasons have apparently conspired to make baseless and completely meritless accusations of discrimination. These types of nuisance suits hamper the ability of dynamic companies like Strike Holdings to continue to grow its workforce and fuel our nation’s economy. Indeed, by year’s end, Strike Holdings will have added more than 600 full-time jobs. Strike Holdings is confident that it will be fully exonerated once all the facts are presented to a court of law.

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Lawsuit: NYC Businessman Weeded Out Minorities

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  1. nottinghill says:

    I agree Tom should go ahead and continue profiling and excluding people for the way they look he should just find another culturally divse group that agrees with his profiling, racist practices meanwhie he can just continue firing those that stand for what is right.

    1. Stanley Crouch says:

      Yep, everything is racial. Genius.

  2. Nancyb says:

    I would like to know if th DISGRUNTLE employes were actually minorities and if they were fired for not adhering at the profiling prctices of th company

  3. roy says:

    Good for him. This place was a great place for bowlers who knew how to bowl. Now it is a place for corporate hookers and hedge fund pimps looking for hookups. Another businessman ruining serious bowling for the next generation.

  4. Susan says:

    He had a dress code – so what?

  5. Brian says:

    If we lived in a free country, anyone would have the right to associate with whom they choose to associate with. More left-wing government meddling. A prison cell awaits you all!

    1. Doug says:

      You should be free to run your business how you see profitably fit. Anyone can dress like crap in the way discussed. I can’t see how racism plays anycard here. M&M could walk in and be asked to leave because of the dress code. Good for him. Left wing gov’t involvement??? If the left wing was involved it would be to allow everyone access. The right wing is the exclusionary party. Get your facts straight. Besides, government know better to get involved in someones private enterprise as long as they are not violating any laws. And a dresscode is not in violation of any law.

  6. bob says:

    So what? He didn’t want thugs and gang members who skip out on the bill using his PRIVATE PROPERTY? Wow, he should get the chair. Good for him.

  7. Alford Sharpton says:

    The race card. Don’t leave home without it.

  8. DNYC2099 says:

    And I was so looking forward to visiting the Bowlmor Lanes scheduled to open in Midtown NYC this fall.

    1. Bob says:

      Why wouldnt you go? Does this article present all the facts? Or any of the facts? You are relying on a reporter and allegations? Don’t let the media rule your life or your decisions.
      It is scary how such a lame article can actually influence what you might or might not do.

  9. Johnny Wad says:

    Although some that fall under the heading known as the “Minority” are less than stellar individuals. There are many who are dedicated and hardworking. The same can be said about the Majority. This man is in business to make money.So in all fairness,lets let him choose who he wants to help him succeed.What “irks me is immigrants who come here as freeloaders to live off the system waiting for a chance to sue someone for discrimination to get a huge payday they’ve NEVER worked for.These are the bane of society.These are also the ones who set the stage for sterotyping.This man should be left alone to run his business AS HE SEES FIT.

  10. Jerry says:

    no different than what studio 54 did or any other club that hand picks people to enter. The employees are looking for a quick buck using the race card. PS the race card ain’t worth crap anymore.!

  11. shane says:

    based on this story, all 5-star restaurants who have strict dress codes are also a racist because they refuse patrons dressing poorly. How about Obama’s presidential parties??? Is he now a racist because his events require penguin suits and not a thuggish outerwear? People are just dumb

  12. franky nodots says:

    The former employees look like golddiggers to me. What do they care who gets allowed in?

    1. SarahQ says:

      As a former white female employee to tom Shannon I can confirm that the dress code was put into place specifically to prevent black patrons from coming in…. I don’t disagree with a dress code because it is a private business, but I also know great employees were let go because he didn’t like there”look” behind the bar. AKA they were brown…

  13. JasonS says:

    He just didn’t want anyone in thug attire in hisclub, understandably. This lawsuit itself is racist because it implies that all minorities dress like thugs.

  14. Douchey says:

    Private businesses have the right to reject anyone they want from patronage. Period.

  15. Ken says:

    “The suit says Tom Shannon allegedly researched prospective patrons ”
    The writer is an idiot. The lawsuit would have said that the guy did it, not that he allegedly did it.

    Why are people too stupid to understand what “allegedly” means allowed to have jobs?????

  16. Dottye says:

    Um, code? No words?

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