Fantasy Phenom Semifinalist Videos, Week 3

Round 2 of WFAN’s Fantasy Phenom contest was in full effect this past Monday at Buffalo Wild Wings in the Monmouth Mall in Eatontown, NJ.

Each semifinalist was given 2 minutes to rant about a chosen topic. One lucky contestant from this group will be chosen to participate in the Fantasy Phenom final round on August 27th at Bar A.

Watch the videos:

Joseph-Mets Need to Start Over

Pat-World Series Homefield Advantage

Robert-New York Jets’ Front Office

Ahnder-The Jets Woes

Frank-The Revis Saga Continues

Gregg-Rivalry? What Rivalry?

Chris-Mets Fans, Give Up Hope

Kerel-A Mets Positive Note

David-Coughlin on the Hot Seat

Daniel-The Mets Screwing Up Again

  • Kelly K.

    HANDS DOWN Anhder was the best one of them all…lots of enthusiasm and a GREAT personality…exactly what is needed for a radio talk show. He knows what he’s talking about and has the personality to make WFAN a success…you can just tell that the caller’s and people listening would love him…I’d definitley listen…CHOOSE ANHDER!!!!!!!

  • markset

    The kid Joe was the best no doubt. Ive been following the whole competition and the other guys had me falling asleep. Joe was hilarious and as a Met fan I agree with all his opinions.

  • Jen mac

    Joe was definately in my opinion the best natural born speaker. The others were boring, Joe was hilarious kept it interesting.

  • markset

    Ive been following this competition from the beginning and I think the kid Joe was definatly the best one. I saw all the auditions and most of the other guys had me falling asleep. Im a met fan and agree with his views. He happens to be very funny also and I think he got a great radio voice. Im glad he mentioned the show scrappers and I happened to catch the show tonite on spike and it was hysterical

  • Keith S.

    Joe gets my vote; he was informative and knowledgable and kept my interest. Although I’m a big time Yankee fan, I would have to agree with his comments and I wouldn’t mind hearing more from Joe.

  • Glenn

    Anhder really nailed it about the long suffering Jets fan’s mindset. Anhder was very relexed and has a great radio voice.

  • mark set

    joe was def the strongest presence out of the bunch. THE rest of the guys lost my attention and had me sleeping, Joe was funny and love his veiw on the mets. He also mentioned scrappers which i was able to catch on spike tonite and loved it.. very funny show. check it out

  • Tina Markland

    Joe…was the BEST…his was very informative and new exactly what he was talking about. He was a PURE NATURAL, and would do a great job..Also, has a great radio voice…GO JOE

  • Tina

    Joe was by far the best….Great voice and very informative. Also, very passionate about baseball and his feelings about the METS…..Joe, I would enjoy listening to you on the radio daily….

  • sammy e

    Joe is great! Complete entertainment. He has the voice and knowledge to be a sucess. Any other choice than Pipi would mean and slump in listeners and stale air time.

  • Jennifer

    Love Joseph…his points, his voice & overall his persona!

  • Rossana

    Joe Pip is THE BEST! He knows what he’s talking about!!!!!!

  • sal

    i have to say joe pipi looks like he has control of the show he has the look … and he really knows what hes talkin about joe pipi good luck you look great .. good work

    • kelly

      look has nothing to do with it when you are on the radio!!!! personality counts and thats anhder…i just watched them all

  • Denise

    Joe was definitely the best. great passion and energy. Go Joe!!!!

  • briz

    Joe pipi was awesome. Knows a lot and speaks from the heart.

  • Jdogs

    Joe was awesome, thats what the FAN needs.. a passionate, intelligent,real, host who isnt afraid of speaking his mind… you should def hire joe

  • anthony angelo

    joe pipi has my vote. has a great new york radio voice.

  • Reel Wahoo

    Kerel had purpose and meaning. He told you why and inspired you to still root for the Mets. Go Kerel, Wright and Davis.

  • Lisa

    Joe was the best! He was very comfortable with speaking on the topic, he kept my attention the whole time and he was entertaining too. Team Joe!

  • Joe D.

    Joey B was by far the most informative of all the rants. He is a true METS fan. Good Luck.

  • Rich

    I thought Kerel was in control of his two minutes and had a great radio voice.

  • allistar

    Joe was the best…great voice great energy!!!!! I want more!!!!!

  • Gee Emm

    Joe was the only one who showed real passion … Didn’t seem like an audition .. He got my vote

  • diana

    Joe was awesome.. the best one up there. vote for joeeee!!!!!

    • A-Train

      why…..because he has a new york accent and a hundred fans saying “vote for joe”?

  • joe

    i think jow sounded the best and was the most confident.. he also spoke about something that was important rather then a preseason game… i think joe should be the new manager of the mets!

  • joe

    WOW this guy joseph hit it right on the head and he sounds good to maybe the mets need you joe !!!!

  • Josh

    I really found myself agreeing with all of what Gregg had to say. Shut up, it’s preseason.

    Oh, by the way, Giants own NY. Huge win.

  • chris

    this guy joe was def the best!!!! the rest of them sounded way too nervous and joe sounded like hes been doin it for years… vote for Joe!!!

  • John

    I like Gregg a lot. Makes a good point plus backs it up with some facts. Seems pretty polished and isn’t just yelling into the mic.

  • Dan

    Gregg was awesome! The others were good, but man, this guy made a lot of valid points. Could see myself listening to this guy all the time. Two thumbs up!

  • vinny

    after viewing all of them i would have to say joe was the best… extremely passionate and has a great voice… i would def listen to him on the Fan

  • Annette Guercio

    Joe was definitely the best. He was very passionate and kept me interested in what he had to say…definitely not boring. I would love to listen to him on a daily basis!!!

  • shu

    I would have to say Gregg is the best…Best voice and makes the most sense…for real what was all the fuss about preseason…im rooting for this gregg guy I can see myself listening to him on teh radio

  • Musky

    Joe breaks down the Mets the way Minaya should. Forget WFAN the Mets should hire Joe!

    • Des

      Joe was the best….. Good ny voice and funny

  • Fred Moskowitz

    Gregg was by far the best, He has great intensity and an obivous zest fors sports

  • Ron

    pat was definitely the best

  • Conf

    I thought Gregg was definitely the best. His voice is perfect for the radio and he knows his facts. There were no dull moments in either of his rants. Keep up the good work Gregg.

  • Jared

    I don’t know how anyone could’ve been bored by Gregg. He was on point, enthusiastic and seemed like he truly believed in what he was saying. This kid could make it big.

  • Raimondo

    Joe absolutely should be picked, colorful comments, held my interest the most, and made some excellent points on those Muts!!

  • Matt

    I think Gregg did the best job out of this bunch. He was very enthusiastic about his topic, and made some great points. Hope to see him at Bar A.

  • jwolff2

    Gregg def made some real good points. why was there trash talking for a pre season game .. good work gregg im rooting for yah

  • Jill

    I loved Gregg’s enthusiasm here. His youth and passion definitely came through and he’s definitely someone I’d want to listen to on the Fan.

  • paul

    joe was by far the best…. he has the voice for New York Radio and i would love to listen some more

    • A-Train

      Ok….now that we clearly see that this guy joe has every one of his friends….and their friends..,,and friends of their friends trying to plug votes for him……lets look at this figuratively now….ive watched ALL videos from ALL rounds….i dont know about everyone else but this guy ander dawson…….with the time he was given both times,has managed to touch on football,baseball,basketball….made all valid points and he never so much as hiccupped…..alot of guys are good…..but take a look and youll see what i mean people.

      • Dmitry Merener

        I don’t think that Joseph having his friends write comments has any relevance. Bottom line is that all contestants showed the videos to their friends and have their support. The truth is that his voice is undeniably good and he has charisma. I feel that his video stays on point, shows his knowledge of sports and flashes his sense of humor. He was not the only person with a good video but I feel he was the most entertaining and I do not think that you should take away the good points by suggesting that his friends are trying to rig this contest. Everybody has an opinion but I don’t think that this negativity is necessary.


    i think JOSEPH PIPI WAS THE BEST informative passionate and his voice is awesome for radio my vote is for him!!!

  • Tim

    I was a bit bored by Gregg, I lost focus.

    I liked Daniel, pretty solid approach.

    • rich

      I agree

  • GIl

    Dan is the man!

  • JEFF

    After going through the videos, I think Gregg was the best. He’s got the voice for radio and can stir up controversy. He looked very comfortable with the spotlight on him.

  • JETS2010

    I like the young kid Gregg….hes got the most passion, let’s see some fresh blood in the finals

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  • Matt

    This guy Kerel deserves some more time. I mean for anyone to find a bright note in a dismal Mets season is a true fan!

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