Fantasy Phenom Semifinalist Videos, Week 3

Round 2 of WFAN’s Fantasy Phenom contest was in full effect this past Monday at Buffalo Wild Wings in the Monmouth Mall in Eatontown, NJ.

Each semifinalist was given 2 minutes to rant about a chosen topic. One lucky contestant from this group will be chosen to participate in the Fantasy Phenom final round on August 27th at Bar A.

Watch the videos:

Joseph-Mets Need to Start Over

Pat-World Series Homefield Advantage

Robert-New York Jets’ Front Office

Ahnder-The Jets Woes

Frank-The Revis Saga Continues

Gregg-Rivalry? What Rivalry?

Chris-Mets Fans, Give Up Hope

Kerel-A Mets Positive Note

David-Coughlin on the Hot Seat

Daniel-The Mets Screwing Up Again


One Comment

  1. Matt says:

    I agree with Chris, I listened to all the “rants” twice and I think PAT is the best by far! His approach is great and he sounds like he could hold some great conversations over the radio. Good radio personality.

  2. Chris says:

    I thought Pat was the best. He stepped out of the box with his topic. Anybody that watches ESPN all day can talk about the Mets or the Jets.

  3. toni posa says:

    awesome job joe……. my vote’s for you

  4. Zach says:

    Joe and Greg have a whole lot of friends and family.

  5. connie agosta says:

    joe was the best by far!!!!!!!! he knows what he’s talking about

  6. Alexander says:

    Joe’s voice is just too much

  7. terry says:

    I had to listen to the rants twice cus of the reviews. I think the clearn winner should be Ahnder — why — cus he was the only contestant to give me the heads up on what he wanted to talk about. ALL the others just started with their rants.

  8. Mary says:

    Dan made the most sense and brought passion into his 2 minute argument,
    great job and my choice by far

  9. victoria says:

    Joe did an awsome job ! He has a great voice and is very entertaining. I would def listen to him on a daily basis !!!

  10. Angela says:

    I vote for Anhder.. He has a great radio voice and really seems comfortable. Not only that but it is obvious he knows what he is talking about and is very excited about it.

  11. Lisa says:

    I vote for Joe!! He makes you hang on to every word he says!

  12. Leslie says:

    Gregg was the BEST!! His energy and enthusiasm really showed. I would definitly listen to him. He kept my attention,

  13. Andyroo says:

    Ahnder is clearly the only guy up there with some personality and enthusiasm. I would turn to CBS 880 to listen th the news instead of listening to these guys.

  14. jessica andreula says:

    Joe is the best!! you can’t find another voice like that!!

  15. Archie says:

    Joseph has what a NY sports fan NEEDS to hear from a talkie; passion, energy, delivery, knowlegde and a SOLUTION to fix the team. Not to mention a NY accent and delivery.

  16. Archie says:

    JOE by far, has the passion and energy. NY fans need to hear solutions to the problems with a their teams with NY accent, natural energy and presence from a talkie. PERIOD!!!!

  17. george says:

    Where is shaun? We Love him!!!!!

  18. Perry Veit says:


  19. Ray says:

    Joe how many friends do you have? lol

  20. Brian says:

    I watched all the rants and have been following the contest. I gotta say, I’m liking Daniel the best. As a WFAN listener, this is the kind of guy i’d like to here more of. Great rants, fresh sound, solid delivery. I’m looking forward to more. Daniel, you have my support. Put this guy in the finals.

  21. Joseph Borrometi says:

    i think joe was the best. Why? because i am Joe… i didnt tell anyone what to write.. they heard what i said and commented accordingly… its not my fault i have supporters and listeners.(which BTW thats what u need when u host a show) i think every contestant was good and i feel anyone of us deserve it, however i feel i was the best and im the most knowledgable and i would have the most listeners… i have the reality T.V world in my corner and i hope WFAN knows that…Scrappers USA!!!!

    1. John E. says:

      Joe, you were one of the better ones but you hurt yourself with your comments.try a little humility next time. logging on to tell everyone how great you are doesn’t make people want to root for you. the FAN doesn’t need another egoman iac…And when you say you are so knowledgable, but both of your rants were about the Mets…there is more than one team in NY.

      PS- you also shouldnt try to patronize us by telling us you didnt beg everyone you know to log on and write about how great you are…we are not stupid. Stick to scrapping

  22. Donnie C says:

    Joseph was the best WFAN or the Mets should hire him..

  23. Dmitry Merener says:

    JOSEPH was by far the best. He has the perfect voice for New York sports radio. He made very valid points. He demonstrated his knowledge of baseball by including history. Excellent video, I wish they gave him more time!

    1. Archie says:

      Dmitry is right. Joseph has that NY delivery not to mention his passion, knowledge of history and most of all a SOLUTION to the problem. NYers need a talkie who can answer question with passion!!!

  24. Rick says:

    Not sure who I’d pick…Maybe Dan actually.

  25. A. Maira says:

    Joe was great , very honest and sounds like a die hard sports fan and was born to do this.He was right on point about his comments .This is what we fans want to listen to on the radio.

  26. Christine Scucci says:

    Joe……was the BEST,,,,,,Great job

  27. Carlye says:

    Ahnder was amazing! He actually did his rant like a radio show. That is what the competition is about right? He has a contagious energy and great personality. he did a terrific job cant wait to hear more from him in the future.

  28. marisa says:

    i vote for anhder………the rest are BORINGGGGGGGGGG uhhhhhhhhhh

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