Mom: Cafe Threw Me Out For Breast-Feeding

NEW YORK (1010 WINS/ AP) — A Manhattan mother says a restaurant ordered her to leave the premises because she was breast-feeding her infant daughter.

Julia Acevedo-Taylor has filed a lawsuit against Lily O’Brien’s Chocolate Cafe in midtown Manhattan over the incident last August.

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The lawsuit claims that a manager of the Bryant Park emporium ordered Acevedo-Taylor and a friend to stop breast-feeding their babies.

When they declined, the suit says, they were told “to leave and never come back.”

“They were embarassed because they were trying to be discreet,” attorney Adam Polo said.

Taylor says she was so traumatized by the incident that she hasn’t been able to feed her child in public since.

Cafe owner Cathal Queally said the manager — who has been removed — asked the women to cover up after two customers complained and that the women were not told to leave.

The cafe now has a sign in the window that reads: “Breast-feeding welcome here.”

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One Comment

  1. Deb says:

    I feel more disgusted with women who intentionally hany them out and guys who don’t pull up their pants!! Breast Feed On!!!

  2. Ashley says:

    Thank you to Irene and anyone else who beat quoting the New Your state law that protects a woman’s right to breastfeed ANYWHERE she is allowed to be. That’s right, as long as the woman isn’t trespassing, she can nurse. She can nurse in the middle of “Le Cirque”, and they legally could not say anything. Furthermore, the law also states that she can cover up as much or as little as she chooses to.

    What disturbs me more than the ignorant and prude people who agree with the employee at Shop ‘m Stop is that 1010wins reported the story and quoted a closed minded woman who said the employee acted correctly in throwing her out and never once mentioned the NY State law that allows all women the right to nurse in public!

    All people (especially employees of every business) need to be educated to this fact!

  3. HardReuben says:

    I think that women should be permitted to breastfeed in public, as long as I’m permitted to milk my prostate in public…it’s natural.

    1. what what? says:

      It is legal. It ends there…deal with it. Comparing feeding a child to “milking your prostate” just goes to show What type of peolple are offended by breastfeeding. I am sure you milk your prostate often since you are so afraid of breasts.

  4. AB says:

    The good ole US of A where the human body is considered “dirty”. I thought the Puritans left before the Revolutionary War.

  5. dan M says:

    Is the problem indecent exposure (of the offending boob), which is against the law, or is it the idea of breastfeeding? why does anyone care if no nipple is on display (notwithstanding the understandable disappointment of those who are always on the lookout for an exposed nipple).

    The bowel movement is not a great analog (pardon the pun), because breastfeeding doesn’t stink, make noise, or produce any harmful agents. in fact, when it’s under one of those aprons, all you see is a little squirmy lump.

    If you can’t handle it, just avert your eyes. You have an unassailable right to be offended by anything and everything, but you don’t really have a right to do anything about it. I’m sure bowel movement guy offends people all the time. Lots of people I bet, if not everyone he meets. What can you do?

    1. ds says:

      Well said Dan. An educated comment.

  6. Irene says:

    N.Y. Civil Rights Law § 79-e (1994) permits a mother to breastfeed her child in any public or private location. (SB 3999)

    N.Y. Labor Law § 206-c (2007) states that employers must allow breastfeeding mothers reasonable, unpaid break times to express milk and make a reasonable attempt to provide a private location for her to do so. Prohibits discrimination against breastfeeding mothers.

    N.Y. Penal Law § 245.01 et seq. excludes breastfeeding of infants from exposure offenses.
    It says basically that it is the right of the mother to breastfeed her child ANYWHERE she is allowed to be. Also, it is AGAINST THE LAW for someone to disallow breastfeeding. So what the café manager did was ILLEGAL.
    Now, some people may be offended and that is fine. But the easiest way to solve that problem is to turn away and not look. If you are such a pervert that you need to sit there and stare at a woman breastfeeding her child, then the problem is you, not her. And don’t even get me started on the pump comments – that’s the ultimate in ridiculousness.

  7. TL says:

    I have never seen a breastfeeding session in public drawing attention. The baby is very calm and relax when it is feeding. If its drawing your attention, you are the one having perverted issues. It is not a stimulating environment for the baby either as its focus is solely on the mother and its food source. I can easily sense all the negative comments from very ignorant and people that never had kids before. Basically, immature young adults. When I am out eating, I hardly pay any attention to people around. I focus on own family and friends.

  8. DanTe says:

    Don’t know about the rest of you guys. But when I’m drinking at a cafe, I do NOT want to watch some hideous droopie udders being sucked on by some hag’s spawn. Just ruins the appetite …

    1. JA says:

      Why are you watching? Have you ever seen a complete breast out when a mother was nursing? Why do you have a problem with it? Spawn? Wow, obviously you are not a parent. They are chidlren and guess what….breasts were made for breastfeeding? Check your science books…why do you think they produce milk? I am sure it was natures intention to have all mothers pump milk and bottle it. It was done from the beginning of time…right? Just because you are not comfortable with something DOESN”T MAKE IT WRONG. Unreal.

  9. Kevin C. says:

    Lily O’Brien’s Chocolate Cafe for years has been a hub for breast feeding Mothers to see and be seen. I’ve even seen a few newbie Dads who want to get in on the act. This crack down is unwarranted and Un-American after all nothing goes better with this cafes rich chocolate then a warm cup of breast milk.

    1. KK says:

      Well said!

  10. absny says:

    Clyde, the law does in fact say that a woman has a right to breastfeed anywhere she has a right to be. While she should cover up, it’s not required. It is her right to nurse in public, whether you like it or not.

    1. JA says:

      Very well said.

  11. KC says:

    I’ve seen this all too often and most always it’s inappropriate, a challenge to a store’s Management and a ploy to be provocative. Little Dear can’t wait a few moments for his/her boobie. This type of Mother is the same type who’s little pampered darling will be tearing up a store in 2 years while they say not a word.

    1. DS says:

      Wow…ignorace is bliss. How coudl you say they should wait.? So basically they should stay home and not come out because they are nursing their child? That makes sense! An infant needs to eat at certain times and a mother should not have to run home to do so….for what reason. Have you never seen a breast? OR at least whatever is visible when a mother is nursing? Are you traumatized because you weren’t breastfed?

  12. Jon says:

    Regardless of whether she’s traumatized or not, the law says a woman has the right to breastfeed in any public or private location. The simple fact of the matter is the eatery broke the law, and they should be sued for a violation of the mother’s civil rights.

    1. Clyde says:

      Which law is it that allows a mother to breast feed in public without covering up (if that is what happened)? And breast feeding in public is not a civil right.

      1. Jon says:

        New York Civil Rights – Article 7 – § 79-E Right to Breast Feed says: “Notwithstanding any other provision of law, a mother may breast feed her baby in any location, public or private, where the mother is otherwise authorized to be, irrespective of whether or not the nipple of the mother’s breast is covered during or incidental to the breast feeding.”

        Btw, you can also use Google or any other search engine to answer simple questions like yours. And you’re wrong.

  13. absny says:

    Women have a right tio breastfeed anywhere they have a right to be. That’s the way it is…if you don’t like it, maybe you should not be out in public!

  14. Art says:

    Breast-feeding mothers: If you breast-feed in a restaurant, you’re bound to make some of the other customers uncomfortable, perhaps to the point of losing their appetite. People dining out might not want to see and hear a tiny human sucking fluids out of you. You can say, “Get over it!,” but there really isn’t a reason why, as other posters have said, you can’t come to restaurants prepared with a bottle or two. Also, if someone complains to a waitress or manager, they’re put in a no-win situation – like the manager who lost her job at the chocolate café.

    1. DS says:

      Why should we pump…to make you happy? There is nothing wrong with breastfeeding and I have never seen a completely exposed breast while a mother was nursing. You see more breast on any given street in Manhattan. UNBELIEVEABLE.

    2. ridiculous says:

      Sucking fluids? Its milk! ABSURD! No point in arguing. IT IS LEGAL SO MOVE TO EUROPE……OH WAIT…YOU WOULD GET SCARED THEIR TOO. LOL. UNBELIEVABLE. Grown adults being so ignorant. Very sad.

  15. Rachel says:

    I’m sure she was covered when she was feeding her baby, so everyone that complained that she was just flashing her breasts should just quiet down. The manager should be the one being sued as she handled the situation in a very very bad way.. When it comes to “Taylor says she was so traumatized by the incident that she hasn’t been able to feed her child in public since.”: that will have a traumatic effect psychologically. She was humiliated in public just for feeding her baby.
    As to the “can’t she just pump the milk out and feed by bottle” statements. Breastfeeding creates a strong bond between mother and child. Also, pumps were made for women with my problem originally, inverted nipples.
    Stop whinning and let her feed her baby.

    1. dd says:

      Traumatized. The public is traumatized for seeing those breast. The manager should sue those women for loss of income and a job. The public should file a class action lawsuite against the cafe for allow them to breast feed in public. Don’t go to that cafe.

      1. JEN AND says:

        IT IS LEGAL….and you don’t have to look.

  16. Justin says:

    why are breasts so offensive to everyone? modesty is ridiculous. who are you protecting and why? the act of breast feeding fulfills one of life’s most basic needs, to eat. i don’t understand why a large percentage of the public associates breastfeeding with a sexual act.

  17. Stevo says:

    Restaurants have always been against people bringing in food they haven’t purchased from the establishment for eating

  18. Jan says:

    Would it really kill breastfeeding mothers to administer breast milk in a bottle while they’re in public? It may be healthier to breast feed, and it may be more natural, but that doesn’t change the fact that people don’t want to see your ta ta’s while they’re trying to have a cup of coffee!

  19. dd says:

    The lady probably did this on purpose to file a lawsuite. Stone her in public …..

    1. DS says:

      Stone her? Enough said. Ignorance.

  20. CHASENGUYEN says:

    “Taylor says she was so traumatized by the incident that she hasn’t been able to feed her child in public since.”


  21. Bibi says:

    this is a touchy subject for me who breastfed for 3 years. I think Americans are so contradicting. They wont mind a woman just exposing her breast in general (i guarantee no complaints there) but to feed a baby which is what those breasts were created for is a problem. sometimes babies dont like being covered – just like adults who get phobias from putting a bad over their heads. it is not that simple as just covering. as the baby gets older it pulls the cover off. and there is nothing shameful about feeding a baby. this should not even be an issue. those people who complaints needs their head check. every ad is about selling products through sex and no one cares when a half naked woman walks down the street. i guess it confuses the complainants because they cant grasped the idea of breast being anything for sex. idiots.

  22. Michael Coombs says:

    It’s not a question of offensiveness, but a question of modesty. I don’t understand why women feel the need to make a public display of it. It can’t be healthy for the child to have all that external stimuli around it. It should be an intimate, private time between mother and child. Now before you say, “He’s a guy what does he know”, both my sister and sister-in-law nursed their children and it didn’t bother me at all. But they did it in the house in a private room off by themselves. As for the “It’s natural” argument, it’s also natural to have sex with your spouse, but you would jump him/her right there on the table in the middle of the restaurant?

    1. JD says:

      Having sex is not eating. Do you only eat at home? Should we make you eat at home because we think the way you eat is offensive? Doesn’t make sense does it? Woman feed their children when they are hungry and have to eat. JUST because it is breastfeeding doesn’t make it offensive. IT is offensive to you because you are uncomfortable. Maybe you weren’t breastfed and you aren’t comfortable…not sure. IF you are not comfortable it does not make it wrong. Educate yourself on the topic and then you would understand.

  23. JohnPA2006 says:

    The issue here is not breastfeeding in public, the issue is
    how 2 women that call themselves moms cook up a bs lawsuit.

    They must be rich too because who has money to even do this?

    This line here should set off the detectors
    “Taylor says she was so traumatized by the incident that
    she hasn’t been able to feed her child in public since.”

    Give me a break…… so the next time your baby is hungry, your
    going to let the kid starve because a cafe told you to cover up.
    That lady needs to lactate a brain as well as some milk.

    Speaking of which I need to get lunch.
    PEACE !

  24. TL says:


    If you ever have a kid, your perspective will change very fast and believe me you will side with this woman. Unless she is a nutjob putting on a show, breastfeeding in public is an accepted practice. You are absolutely right that there is a time and place for everything. The baby was hungry at that time and it was a suitable clean location, so it was the best decision to feed her baby. It only became an issue because of some insensitive manager. The manager should have asked the offended customers to leave instead if they’re so offended by it. Its much harder for the woman to get up and leave in the middle of a feeding session and that would have definitely caused a scene.

  25. nat says:

    Now, that the cafe has been hit with a lawsuit. there should be an area in the cafe for theses women can breastfeed their babies in private. away from the other customers.

  26. melinda says:

    breasts are on the womans body to feed her young. funny, but I bet if there was a bimbo in the restaurant with her boobs hanging out of her shirt, other than the stares no one would have said a word. shame on all of you who agree with asking a woman to not nurse her baby. if you don’t like it DONT LOOK !!!

  27. jme says:

    THERE IS A time & place for everything. she could (pump) put it in a bottle and feed the baby from the bottle. some people are exhibitionists – sounds like she’s looking for cash – these days they sue for absolutely anything. it’s their place of business – if they said shirts and shoes mandatory – they can do the same for breast feeding. i am a woman and i believe keep yourself covered and feed the kid @ home.

    1. Monika says:

      What if her baby will not take a bottle??? Some will not.
      What if she can not afford a good pump???
      And although it sounds so simple… Breastfeeding works on supply and demand. SO if she adds a feeding/ pumping her body will start to produce extra milk. Which if she then misses a feeding will cause a great deal of discomfort and possibly infections.

      Also the law is on the side of the breastfeeding woman. Anywhere she has the right to be. So they would have to ban women to prevent Breastfeeding. Which as a chocolate shop I doubt would be good for business.

      I hope you enjoy spending the first 2 years of your child’s life at home. Because that is how long the recommend that you breastfeed.

      I hope you enjoy not leaving your house for 2 years when you have children. Because that is how long th

  28. TL says:

    Bowel movement and breastfeeding is not the same thing. Is it natural for you to eat while you have bowel movement? Breastfeeding is eating and eating should take place in an eatery area or just about anywhere clean and decent. She has every rights to breastfeed anywhere. For all the negative comments, I am guessing you do not have kids yet. I doubt she is sueing for money because what kind of monetary damages would she actually get? This is a matter of principle she’s sueing on and likely at her own cost.

    1. dd says:

      You are right. Breast feeding is eating. The did this on purpose to sue. The cafe should sue them for loss of income and interrupting their businesses.

  29. SayingItLike ItIs says:

    Yes, breast feeding is natural. So is a bowel movement. Just because it is natural, doesn’t mean it belongs in an eatery environment.

  30. David says:

    It should not be done in public. Especially in a chocalte eatery where people are trying to have a good time. Breast feeding at home is something that a parent has to take on the chin and stay out of the popular hot spots with the child, play time is over, for the adult anyway.

    1. RG says:

      Spoken like a true idiot! More women should breastfeed! The selfish act is choosing not to breast feed when she can!

    2. Monika says:

      Really so for 2 whole years a woman should not leave her house. It is not like she was at a night club, she was getting some chocolate with some friends. OMG. She was doing what is best for all of us. And you are to ignorant to even see it. And you can be discreet about it. Even without a cover or blanket.

      And would everyone rather listen to a screaming baby instead think about it!

  31. JustMyOpinion says:

    Ever hear of pumping and storing??? There is no reason why they need to “WHIP EM OUT” in public any more….there are options.

    1. Me says:

      Seriously? When was the last time you were connected to an uncomfortable machine to please a few people whom are overly sensitive and ignorant?

    2. Peggy says:

      I breastfed my son exclusively for his first six months. I was able to discreetly breastfeed him in public and never had a complaint. I had clothes that were made with the needs of a nursing mother in mind, and I also had a receiving blanket or cloth diaper with me to cover any exposed breast. I also pumped and stored. However, he would not take a bottle–whether I was around or not.

      Pumping and storing is not always an option.

  32. Mandi says:

    depends on the situation ?? Was she covered and breast feeding ? If so what is the big deal..

    Or did she whip out her boob and was openly exposed? If this is the scenario then she did no consider others around her and the privacy to herself and her baby.

    At least cover up.. Breast feeding is not a public show!!!!!!! Get real !
    As a woman of 3 kids who has breastfed, I would even be offended if you did not cover yourself while breast-feeding !!

  33. Nick says:

    Selfish woman. Just a money grab

  34. jackie says:

    When are people going to understand that breastfeeding is merely feeding a baby the way Mother Nature intended? That is what breasts were meant to do. Anyone who finds it offensive is just plain ignorant!

    1. JERSEYKNIGHT says:

      Copulation is merely making a baby the way Mother Nature intends. That doesnt mean we do it in public. Cover up, it IS offensive.

  35. Nick says:

    Selfish woman, and yeah right, the “TRAUMA” she cant feed her kid in public anymore. Just a money grab attempt

  36. Char says:

    I don’t care where the lady were breast feeding. That’s not our business. but she should cover up in public. I don’t blame the lady or manager. The problem was the PEOPLE who complained. Cos, they are sick people. Who care!!!

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