Giant Outrage Over PSL Reversal

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ (WFAN) – The Giants have announced plans that they will sell single-game tickets without personal seat licenses (PSLs) through Ticketmaster, reports the New York Post.

Listen: Craig Carton says Giants fans should be angry

The controversial plan starts at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, when PSL holders will get the first shot at buying the limited number of tickets. On Monday, fans without personal seat licenses will have the chance to buy single-game tickets.

WFAN’s Craig Carton kicked off his morning show with the news. “You can’t tell your buying public the only way to get in is with a PSL,” declared Carton, “and then tell people, seven months later, ‘My bad, you don’t need a PSL, buy a ticket to any game you want.'”

The plan is certain to cause bitterness among PSL holders. The Giants had previously claimed the only way to see a home game this season was with a pricey personal seat license.


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  1. Tom Giaimo says:

    33years ticket holder..2 $1K psls..told could not move to sidelines, all sold out..went to site today to buy tickets to 3 games for family, low and behold, tickets available upstairs on the 30yard line…liars

  2. Jon T. says:

    Shame on John Mara and his organization. The presale did occur at 3:00 PM and PSL holders should be more outraged. Not just club seats, single seats and ADA, tickets available all locations and price categories, in bulk, for all games. Any grouping of seats together that you want. Two, Three, Four… even Eight together which is the max. purchase quantity. This is outrageous Mr. Mara. You should be ashamed and embarrassed over your business practices. Good business can be successfully conducted without making fools of your loyal customers and giving the appearance of a scam. Give PSL funds back to your loyal account holders so we don’t feel so cheated. The Jets did.

  3. Art S. says:

    I fully agree with Dave C. I am in the same boat…

  4. Ton G says:

    As a Life long Giants Fan and Season Ticket Holder, as well as someone who paid the PSL I am outraged. It was made Clear by mara that the only way to “Enjoy the Giants” live (MARA quoted) was to buy a PSL. I did. Now I don’t need to? Where is my money back from the PSL??

  5. Jon T. says:

    John Mara and his family are the face of the Giants organization and have now lost any remaining credibility with their loyal customers. The absolute gaul and greed that they have exhibited is a disgrace. All John Mara and the Giants were concerned about were having season ticket holders sign PSL agreements so that their legal obligation to their fans was removed. Our family made the decision to continue our heritage of enjoying Giants football and extended ourselves to purchase PSL’s. This was our family’s luxury item that we saved for and made sacrifices in other personal areas of our life so that we could enjoy Giants football only because John Mara made it clear that the only way to enjoy Giants football as a ticket holder was to buy a PSL. This was a well calculated lie. What happened to doing the right thing for your customers? Doing the right thing always comes back to benefit a business in the long term. It is possible to make successful business decisions which benefit the organization and its customers. It is time for John Mara to come through for his customers and earn credibility. Give back PSL money to your account holders. Even the Jets admitted the truth and refunded their customers. Don’t forget Mr. Mara, taking care of your customers is an important rule of any business. Stop being blinded by greed and please do the right thing!

  6. Bluto says:

    Carton is so freakin biased against the Giants it makes me sick. The Jets lied to their fans too about their PSLs! Call it both ways, Craigy!

  7. Rick Port says:

    Received the e-mail announcement yesterday but no tickets are avaialble as of 10:30 AM Here’s a beteer one – Headline in the Daily Times (Delaware County – PA) – “Examination of Manning’s head reveals nothing”

  8. Joe From Middletown says:

    This whole topic is irrelevant because the pre-sale did not happen this morning. No official word from the Giants but no tickets were made available and now Giants PSL holders truly have a right to be upset.

  9. Dave C. says:

    I’m a PSL holder and the only way I’ll be outraged is if the Giants start selling FULL SEASON TICKET PLANS & playoff rights & transferability to my kids every single year without a PSL.

    So what they’re making a bunch of single seats and ADA section seats available.

    Any outrage is fueled by a radio host whose partner has the day off and needs something to talk about all morning.

  10. Josh Posner says:

    Wellington Mara would not approve of the PSL’s nor the way his children are handling things. There are more important things than money, especially when you already have enough to last a few hundred years.

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