NJ Students’ Reactions Mixed Over New Uniform Mandate

LODI, N.J. (CBS 2) — Is it a case of fashion fairness or the fashion police? That’s the question at Lodi High School.

In September, students will be required to wear school uniforms in a policy similar to what the town’s middle school implemented last year.

“I hate them. They’re so ugly,” high school junior Alyssa DiPaolo said.

Fresh for fall at Lodi High, all students will be wearing a polo shirt and khakis in the school’s classrooms, corridors and cafeterias.

It’s the return of the school uniform, and it’s required.

“Our message to students: be dressed on the first day of school in uniform,” Lodi High School Principal Joan Fragala said.

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Fragala’s got the finer points of the ensemble: blue shirt, plain or with a school logo, and khaki slacks. The uniform’s been mandated by the town’s board of education – but why?

“It just sets a nice tone for the school – there’s no competition, and it’s affordable,” Fragala said.

“It saves time in the morning,” junior Brianna Ucci said. “Just put on my uniform, brush my teeth, do my hair, and go to school.”

Many of the students at the school have been fitted for the uniforms at JDM, where the shirts cost $15 to $21 and the khakis run for $16 to $21 depending on style and fit. They’re affordable for parents, but students’ reactions are mixed about the new mandate.

“We’re sort of hiding who we are when we all have to wear the same thing,” freshman Sarah Lorusso said. “We’re supposed to be different, not the same.”

“Everyone’s different – you don’t need clothes to express it,” said Laura Zotterelli, another freshman.

“They’re going to try and find ways around it, I know that,” PTA President Laurie Cassetta said.

Principal Fragala says violators won’t be tolerated.

“If anyone violates the code, we’re going to keep them out of class until they are in proper dress, and they will be responsible for all of the work that they miss from their classes,” she said.

The principal also said mandatory uniforms were adopted to help teachers identify students on field trips and to prevent the kids from judging each other over how they dress.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Im sorry, but to all of you commenters, do you know how we students feel in our uniforms, sometimes we’d like to wear thinner shirts, in hot summer days, or thicker shirts during the winter, it is not a comfortable uniform at all…………

    Take this from a student who dress appropriately even when there where no uniforms.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What I dont understand is that why we have to wear uniforms… yeah i understand that the guys dress like bums and girls dress like their wearing nothing but we have still have to pay for something we do not want when the school could have just punished us by taking us out of class like their doing now.

  3. Anonymous says:

    In case nobody is actually FROM Lodi, the skirts are not skirts, they are skorts, and they are actually SHORTER than fingertip length. There is a LOT of skin showing that I do not want to see. I’m a junior at this school.

  4. lisa davirrifs says:

    Uniforms are great. They will stop the girls from wearing the short shorts and look like kids. They also put everyone on an even playing field. No, one looks better than the other person. All should consider uniforms.

  5. buford says:

    if only NJ could remove/clean UGLY, longtime piles of heavy trash along streets, sidewalks, roads, parks, etc.
    Making kids go out and wear clean school uniforms, then these same kids and adult parents go out and thow trash/dumps rubbish, destroying the integrity of the so-called “Garden State.”
    More than 15 NJ residents are KILLED each year in debris/litter-caused motor vehicle accidents.
    Where’s Jersey’s school principals, the local police, the public works, the mayors, the supervisors—of townships, cities and counties, when it comes to respecting human lives and the environment outside the classroom.
    BTW: Still looking for a nice, clean, litter free- “Garden’ across NJ—havent found on yet!

  6. hammer_for_the Lama!!! says:

    Someone found a way to make money by disturbing the little ones!! If teens feel comfortable with themselves, they won’t step out of their houses. The school didn’t take into account the psychological effect this will have on teenagers and youngsters. This rule will distract many students. Although, many students get distracted by what they wear to school, wearing what they feel comfortable with takes one thing off their mind and create a room for them to focus. Were parents called before this rules were passed? Many people will drop out of high school if this uniform rule is enforced! Many girls will start wearing cheer leaders’ uniforms now!!

  7. MCLP says:

    Ooops! I meant to type “wore.”

  8. MCLP says:

    Uniforms Rock! There is too much emphasis on looks and possessions in schools, nowadays. There are safety and disciipline issues, that uniforms also help with, IMO. Don’t worry, you won’t turn into a robot and can still express yourself in other ways. You won’t and can’t be all the same. I worn a uniform all through grade school and high school, and I turned out OK.

  9. elle says:

    brilliant…all schools across the country should embrace this common sense action.

  10. Leslie Zee says:

    it’s about time!..This is way overdue..Every public school in the country should make uniforms mandatory for the students. Great idea!!!

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