WFAN Announces Fantasy Phenom Finalists

Sports Radio 66, WFAN’s “Fantasy Phenom Challenge” has narrowed its field to five finalists who will vie for the Grand Prize of a chance to host a once a week air shift on WFAN for one year. The finals of the first annual “Fantasy Phenom Challenge” will take place on Friday, August 27, at Bar A, Lake Como, New Jersey. The event will be broadcast live on the Mike Francesa program between 1:00-6:30 pm, on-air, streaming online at, through mobile devices and simulcast on the YES television network. WFAN listeners are invited to Bar A to attend the event and watch the competition live.

The five “Fantasy Phenom” finalists are all local to the New York Metropolitan area and were chosen from over 2,000 fans and loyal listeners who showed up at the auditions., Auditions were held at area malls this July, as well as at local Buffalo Wild Wings Restaurants throughout New York and New Jersey. The opening round of candidates were narrowed down to 50 semi-finalists and eventually to the five finalists. The semi-finals were also held at area Buffalo Wild Wings Restaurants.

Here are the five finalists:

1. Otis Harper, Roselle, New Jersey

2. John Shea, Wantagh, New York

3. Patrick Creighton, Bethpage, New York

4. Gregg Sussman, Manalapan, New Jersey

5. Al Renauto, White Plains, New York

“It’s been quite an exciting summer as we’ve heard from so many people who are looking to be a part of this once in a lifetime opportunity to host a weekly radio show on New York’s pre-eminent sports station, WFAN,” says Vice President of Programming, CBS RADIO New York and WFAN Operations Manager Mark Chernoff.

“We’ve seen a lot of talent in the New York area and hope that everyone who participated enjoyed the experience, and also found that it’s not as easy as it might seem to be a sports talk show host. Our own Joe Benigno began his radio journey through a WFAN contest back in 1995 and we’re excited at the prospect of finding another star in the making. We thank Buffalo Wild Wings and all of our sponsors for their participation in the WFAN Fantasy Phenom challenge.”

For more information and full details on the WFAN FANTASY PHENOM CHALLENGE go to

WFAN’s Fantasy Phenom Rules & More Info

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One Comment

  1. Paul says:

    This contest is ridiculous. Have even 1 of these finalists ever called any show on the WFAN before? All of these people have no credibility and cannot even semi relate to what Joe Benigno when through. I don’t even like Joe as a talk show host but at least he was “Joe from Saddle River”. I was expecting finalists like Ira from Staten Island, Colin from Wyckoff, Bruce from Bayside, or Ralph from Manhattan. Someone let me know if one of these finalists is a regular caller into Mike’s show though. He is so arrogant that his show is unlistenable.
    Hell, my write in vote is for Jerome in Manhattan or Lou in Staten Island.

  2. brett cooper says:

    A rather large percentage of the previous comments are quite vitrial. Could it be a contestants which had been voted off? Its better to have had them show their true colors before they were on air. As for my 2 cents. #1 He just isn’t ready yet. He is better than 99% of us. /ood try, pal At least you had the stones to do it. Way better than I could ever do. Keep your chin up, chappie! #2 He was relaxed..way TOO relaxed!!! Acting all cocky. Drinking water, leaning back. People can’t trust you if they can’t see your eyes. Loose the sunglasses and stop spinning in the chair. He may be a wealth of knowledge but, it is worthless if you emote an air of being “all full of yourself”. Way too much of the cocky, (not confident) “Guido” attitude. I liked the 3 & 4 guys so far. Otis was very smooth, conversational, can make guests relax, knowledgeable((that has to be a given,though)). Mr Shea was spontaneous and can improvise.(like Otis) Needs to hone his transitions. Good energy for morning,Otis would be better at night. Good luck to all!

  3. Warren says:

    Leaving for Bar A now…should be an exciting afternoon for the finalists. Good luck to all of them…especially my choice….GREGG!!

  4. Trace says:

    Good Luck guys! Congratulations on making it this far!

  5. Rob says:

    Artie shoulda been picked.

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