14 Traffic Cameras Vandalized On Long Island

NEW YORK (AP / WCBS 880) — Long Island police are looking for whoever spray painted 14 street cameras designed to catch motorists going through red lights.

Police say the vandalism occurred in Nassau County on Aug. 1 between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m., nearly a year after the technology went into effect.

LISTEN: WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall reports from Long Island

Cameras at five intersections were hit, in Carle Place, East Garden City, East Meadow and Westbury. Authorities are investigating and reviewing tapes from the cameras, which sit on poles as high as 16 feet.

The cameras are projected to generate more than $13 million for Nassau county this year.

The sprayed cameras were put back in service within 24 hours.

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One Comment

  1. Ligia Gasior says:

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  2. joebanana says:

    It’s a precedent now that any cops testimony in a camera ticket case is hearsay. Just say you want to fight it, you have the right to cross examine your accuser. And they can’t bring a camera to court

  3. Tom M. says:

    In the UK they set them on fire….

  4. AverageJoeBob says:

    We need to convert the cameras to Islam. Only then will they have special protections.

  5. Jeff says:

    Whoever did this is a hero. The government in Nassau County, as these cameras make clear, believe that the people belong to the government, not the other way around. I hereby nominate the guy with the spray paint for an award for civic responsibility and courage.

  6. BC says:

    Good! These things are an abuse to the motoring public – a means by which money can be siphoned from average taxpayers. Although – as said before – I don’t tend to condone vandalism, this is what happens when the politicians don’t listen to the public. Eventually the frustration builds and you have outbursts like this.

    In the case of these traffic cameras, I’m sorry to say this but I hope it happens more often!

  7. Rick says:

    A few things come to mind with these cameras. Legalized extortion and selective prosecution. I have lived near 3 of these cameras close to 50 years and can think of only a handfull of major accidents. How come there isnt a camera at Old Country Rd. & levittown Pkwy? There is an accident there every other week. This is just another revenue generating plan to bail out the county and keep the fat cats pockets full. How come there are none of these cameras in the wealthy neighborhoods?

  8. mcm says:

    All these cameras should be removed. It creates more of a hazard when you have to slam on your brakes for fear of getting a ticket. I am surprised nothing is mentioned about the increase of accidents that are occurring in these intersections as a direct result of these cameras.
    This is clearly a revenue maker. These cameras are not placed there for our safety. On the contrary, more people are getting hurt everyday by them. The media should focus on trying to get these cameras banned rather than reporting their vandalism.

  9. TT says:

    I don’t condone vandalism but these cameras clearly deserve to be REMOVED. The department/government that installed them should be ashamed of themselves.

  10. nervous nell says:

    I’m gonna stop at green lights now, just to make up for this.

  11. SPeedY says:

    Come on, if you are going to write an article at least put a picture of the damage camera not a sign. Unless the sign was the one who got screw 🙂

  12. Herman says:

    NO! How dare someone do such a horrible thing. The the safety of the children was in put in dire jeopardy and think of all the lost revenue – its more than a soul can bear! I won’t be able to drive anywhere near these areas today, thinking of how unsafe and unprotected by the authorities I will be with the potential loss of this necessary and valuable resource!

    1. joebanana says:

      Nuh uh.

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