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Cops Look At Surveillance After Times Square Stabbing

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — The hunt continues Sunday for a suspect in a deadly stabbing in Times Square.

Early Saturday a man was stabbed to death during a fight that began inside Playwrights Tavern on 49th Street.

Witnesses said Elliott Paulino bumped into another man and that started a shoving match.

The fight spilled onto the sidewalk, where witnesses said a suspect stabbed Paulino twice, then ran off.

Paulino was pronounced dead at Bellevue Hospital.

“I think he was at the wrong place at the wrong time,” family friend Susan Bodolato said. “My older son used to stay with them and everything when they were kids, and they grew up together, so it’s very heartbreaking – a kid you know very well that’s not here no more.”

Investigators were examining surveillance video from several locations around the scene of the crime to help them find the killer.


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  1. joey says:

    Hello people! No description of this knife carrying thug? The witnesses were likely wasted, ripped, stewnad, but if I recall most humans possess two eyeballs, two optic nerves and a brain, more specifically an occipital lobe. There is no description of what this looks like? Is he black, white, Hispanic? Oh wait, the news doesn’t tell us the race anymore. It’s so politically incorrect. Sure just let this idiot, fool, excuse for a human being (black, white, Asian or whatever) walk around NY city, because someone doesn’t want to be perceived as being racist. So I’ll watch out for a, ahh, guy. Thanks. I guess this is being progressive. Pansies. This city is becoming more elitist, pretentious, and naively progressive every year. Bring back the 80’s, when there were some balls in this town, but minus the crime, crack and burning buildings.

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