Lobsters’ Shells Wasting Away In Long Island Sound

HARTFORD, CT (WCBS 880) – There is more ecological bad news for the dying population of lobsters in Long Island Sound.

LISTEN: WCBS 880 Connecticut Bureau Chief Fran Schneidau reports

Toxic compounds, which make their way into the waters of Long Island Sound, are taking their toll on lobsters.

University of Connecticut research professor Hans Laufer says these by-products of plastics, rubber, and paints are competing with the elements in lobsters critical to forming their shells.

“When you discard the plastics and get rid of the detergents, it ends up in the marine environment,” professor Laufer told WCBS 880 Connecticut Bureau Chief Fran Schneidau.

Laufer notes the lobster population in Long Island Sound has diminished dramatically since the warming of the waters in 1990s. This latest attack, he says, is causing the shell of the lobster to waste away, further eroding the population.


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  1. Brown says:

    According to early explorers there were so many of these in pre-European times there used to be a yearly die-off, covering beaches in naturally culled corpses. Still often referred to as cockroaches of the sound(sea). The cascade of collapse started long ago and yet with all the knowledge we process talk of bringing back DDT for bedbug control, and the yearly spraying of toxic larvacides to control the vector of a virus that can’t even begin to match the death toll of staircases and vending machines, makes me truly believe we are &^**ed..

  2. Dan says:

    As the lobsters waste away, can humans be far behind? On a broader level, we all share the same habitat.

  3. Scinan says:

    We stand upon the doorstep of a brand new world. The seas become stripped of historic fishing grounds as nations find themselves struggling with food riots. The poles are melting and weather patterns are changing as we see our population climb now toward the maximum level supportable by known food sources… many ow which are being ravaged by changing weather. Here I see another effect we have upon a world we never suspected would occur.
    Sighs… Its not the same world Daddy grew up in any more is it

  4. binky says:

    In the next 10 to 20 years we’re going to see a lot of natural habitats destroyed.
    People can really suck. Most people don’t think twice about what the discard. I was in a bar over weekend and we were all served with plastic cups all night. 2 to 6 drinks per customer! All waste.

    1. s says:

      You are “people” as well and probably use more of this then you realize (soaps, “fragrance” products, most all are made of petro chemicals, personal care – read the label (if it’s honest many do not disclose), fabric softeners, and on and on (also even some ice cream is made from plastics (and coffee creamers so on) -)

      I became chemically injured after a building fire (was studying for Masters in science, background in arts/chemistry) – and became a “canary in the coal mine of earth) like millions of others and can not use or be around any synthetic chemical made of toxic chemicals such as so called “fragrance” products, so on (was near dead at worst point) ie live like the “boy in the bubble”. (but prior to this used more natural products since the late 60’s and interest in holistic therapies life style).

      We all contributed to this mess. We are just now seeing it’s manifestation which has been occurring for centuries. I used to raise fish – during the last ten years due to Bush’s deregulation of hard won environmental laws over 40 percent of both American river and ocean fishes have gone extinct! And our new president has made no changes (changes for the better was assumed but not actually stated) at all!

      Bats going extinct – most all with chemical injury have/had fungal problems due to destroyed immune system – the scientists are not looking at the real culprit – fungus comes in when a system is dying. (due to toxicity and other reasons)

      All need to wake up and stop pointing at those “other people” – it is all of us that have damaged for centuries now, our air, earth, oceans and soils.

      It is all connected. (as in if you eat meat, or animals or eggs grown in commercial “farms” you are contributing to ocean die offs (disease, and not to mention cruel animal husbandry) (pollutants enter river systems – ie Gulf dead zone prior to oil spill, and oil spills occur daily around the world – most just do not make the “news” (which is globally owned by a few now anyway).

      People need to consider less populations world wide as well, the more food that is produced the more a population grows (bio 101)

      So stop pointing fingers at “them” and do some real research if you want to make a real change.

  5. c davids says:

    the lobster population took a nose dive after the west nile virus scare when they did all the spraying……and never has recovered.

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