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Gas Leaks Put Out L.I. Residents For Over A Month

ROCKVILLE CENTRE, N.Y. (CBS 2) — Residents of a Long Island apartment building are beyond heated Tuesday night.

They’ve had no gas service for the past month and a half – and no one is telling them when it will be turned back on.

The 36 units in the Maplewood Garden Apartments in Rockville Centre lost their gas service because of some minor leaks – but as plumbers are going door to door trying to isolate and find the problems, things are getting torn up. Walls are left torn down and ceilings are exposed in the building’s lobby.

Residents feel put out, to say the least.

“We can’t cook. We can’t wash our clothes here,” said Laura Southwick, a resident of the apartment buildings. “I have teenage kids. To eat three meals out a day is an exorbitant cost.”

A neighboring building under the same management faced gas leaks previously – and it took a month for the service to be restored. But the building currently facing problems has more apartments and the pipes are much less accessible – so there’s no telling when the gas will start flowing again.

Residents received letters and emails detailing the problems – but no reduction in rent or other help.

“I don’t feel I should pay my full amount of rent, on top of buying additional food because I can’t cook,” said resident Dana Mingo.

The company that manages both buildings, Mark Greenberg Real Estate, declined to go on camera, but they did provide CBS 2 HD with a statement.

“We’re doing the best we can in a bad situation to get the gas turned back on as soon as possible,” they said.

But the company declined to comment when asked if residents should be compensated for their problems.


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  1. Antoher Angry Tenant says:

    I’m also a tenant of this building and can’t wait to move out. It’s such a poorly run building. I’m not sure who’s worse, the management company Tom Greenberg Real Estate or the landlord JAR, LLC. We called the landlord to get a reduction in our rent and they said no, it’s not their problem-call management. Call management and they dont return phone calls. So we wrote a letter–no reply. We’re not sure what to do at this point. Gas is included in our rent and we havent had gas for over a month. Why should we pay? Now we all get to come home to no stove/oven, exposed pipes b/c the ceilings were ripped out, and now the carpeting is gone to reveal dirty concrete. And, no updates on when this all might be done. Pretty unfair. The best part is, the workers are roaming the building in protective gear and masks while the rest of the tenants are free to breathe in the contaminated air. I would be more than happy to start a petition! This treatment is just unfair. PS- Did I mention the Super has gas in his apartment!!!!

  2. Lets start a petition! says:

    Lets start a petition! I am a tenant of 124 and I will gladly assist anyone who has the means to put a petition in the lobby and distribute it to RVC lawmakers and officials. It is the only way to make our voices heard as paying tenants.

  3. 124 s. park says:

    oh yeah, and they raise the rent every year !

  4. Concerned and Angry says:

    The people working for JAR LLC should try living there, my daughter lives ther (I had to co-sign her lease)and these peole are rude and never return phone calls and told me if I didn;t pay the rent they would “sue” me …LOL but they can continue (6 weeks) to provide an unliveable aprtment and charge the full rent. I have seen better run “Public Housing” units. Also, trying to contact the building manager “Tom Lienart” is a joke as I guess he can’t even operate a telephone as it has been 2 calls and 3 weeks and no reply……..

  5. Co-worker of Annoyed Tenant says:

    I know a guy from work that lives in this building. He has been forced to shamefully eat coconut shrimp with orange dipping sauce in his truck behind sports bars …..this is a heartbreaking story and action must be taken

  6. slumlords says:

    Yup, they failed to mention the constant flooding in the building lobby and parking lot everytime it rains, last years roofing catastrophe in which most 3rd floor residents had major ceiling collapses and water damage. The hallway ceilings almost always have construction openings. They replaced tiling in the building lobby recently and blocked ALL of the stairwell doors to prevent ppl from walking around the area….fire hazzard! JAR, LLC and Greenberg Real Estate are a bunch of slumlords. shame on you.

  7. Annoyed tenant says:

    Wow! Glad to see I’m not the only one. I live in building 124. I’ve had enough of the shenanigans going on in this building. I’ve spent so much money eating out, and I’m sick of microwavable meals. I asked my landlord to reduce my rent to compensate, and his response was beyond nasty! He also told me I should go get a foreman grill. I spoke to him today and told him the media was in the building, and his response was “what does that have to do with anything”. I can’t wait to get the hell out of this place!!

  8. rvc says:

    I live here and it is a terrible bldg with constant problems! I requested a rent reduction to reflect the cost of not being able to cook our own food. We can’t wait to move.

  9. eddie says:

    Another heartwarming NY story.

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