Rangel Criticizes Obama For ‘Dignity’ Remark

NEW YORK (CBS/AP) — Rep. Charles Rangel has shot back at President Obama’s recent comment that he “end his career with dignity.”

Speaking at a candidate’s forum in Harlem Monday night, Rangel said the president hasn’t “been around long enough to determine what my dignity is.”

The embattled 80-year-old congressman said it was more likely that he would protect Obama’s dignity over the next two years.

Obama’s remark was made three weeks ago.

The former House Ways and Means Committee chairman was accused of using official stationary to raise money for a college center bearing his name; delaying tax payments on income on a rental unit in the Dominican Republic; failing to file his financial disclosure statements on time; and operating four rent-stabilized apartments in New York, including one he used as a campaign office.

The Democrat has vowed to fight the charges and is refusing to resign. He says he is focusing on his re-election to his district in Manhattan’s Harlem neighborhood.

Rangel is seeking his 20th term. The state’s primary is Sept. 14.

His rivals include Adam Clayton Powell IV. In 1970, Rangel defeated his father, the legendary Rep. Adam Clayton Powell Jr.

Rangel insisted his problems wouldn’t affect the outcome of other races.  

“I refuse to believe that I’m either that important or infamous that my problems are going to interfere with any good person getting elected,” Rangel said recently, adding that he was sure his Democratic colleagues were serving their constituents well and that most were safely on their way to re-election.

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One Comment

  1. Dems on Parade says:

    I can’t wait for the TV broadcasts of the Congressional Ethics Committee hearings on Rangel, along with the daily questions and requests for comments from the White House. It will be fun to watch Rangel and Obama resist their overinflated egos and try to remain silent.

  2. jesse jr says:

    rangels constituents would reelect him even if he were convicted and “serving” from his prison cell

  3. Matt Cvetic says:

    Neither Rangel nor Obama have any dignity. They should BOTH resign.

  4. Dave says:

    Neither one, Obama or Rangel have any dignity what so ever. They are both corrupt and are liars and cheats. They are both bad for America but let me include John McCain and Mitch McConnell in that list as well.

    1. Kurtiss says:

      Say why, or you lose your credibility. I’m not saying I disagree with you, but you can’t just list names…recite facts!

    2. Aldinsgirl says:

      Please tell me what Mitch McConnell has done to be put in the same circle with Obama and Rangel. He is not a tax cheat or a liar.

  5. Barbara says:

    Kettle, meet pot.

  6. Barney Frank says:

    Charlie is a true Patoot

  7. Kuntry Joe says:

    Brother attacking brother; these are sad times for the democrat party. Why can’t we all just limp along?

  8. Tea Time says:


  9. Ralph says:

    Adam Clayton Powell was a crook, too. It is just part of representing that district, and expected.

  10. srcamachonj says:

    He was critical of “The One”, Rangel must be a racist!!!!!

  11. Mark says:

    They are BOTH cut from the same cloth. The stench is overwhelming.

  12. notwaff says:

    Obama will throw anyone and everyone under the bus. He even threw his own pastor and his grandmother under the bus during his campaigning – in order to get elected.

  13. Chuck says:

    I don’t think that Roger Clements should serve a day longer than Charles Rangel

  14. DieMSM says:

    “delaying tax payments on income on a rental unit in the Dominican Republic” —hmmm, I guess this is what CBS calls it when a Democrat doesn’t pay taxes and only comes clean after being caught…I’m thinking it would be described a little differently if he had an R after his name.

  15. Lucy says:

    Michel Faulkner for Congress, let’s unseat Rangel!

  16. Rick says:

    One slug says to another…………..

  17. Buck N Farack says:

    Bro vs. Bro, humm, its this driven by race?
    Let’em all get thrown out of office and get jobs with CNN, MSNBC, NBC …

    1. jcoke says:

      That’s a perfect idea. Then we won’t have to see his face because nobody watches those chanels

  18. simplemainer says:

    to Rangell, Mccain ET AL, GO HOME, ENOUGH

  19. RICH says:

    DIGNITY? omg

  20. Ray says:

    it’s a shame that our country is being “led” be people like this who have no honor, or pride in this country. They are just there to get what they can for themselves. Remember to vote this Nov, so we can start to rebuild our country from the destruction that obama and his minions have brought upon our nation.

  21. fmcfm says:

    Two of my favorite politicians at each other’s throats. Sweet!

  22. dmd says:

    Rangel is just an upity welfare cat.
    But he is right on Ozero

  23. jorge says:

    TERM LIMITS now…

  24. Legalize says:

    That’s stationery. Seriously, it seems every article on Rangel makes the same mistake. Journalism RIP.

    1. Aldinsgirl says:

      It is the public educational system. Students are no longer taught ANYTHING!

  25. Steve says:

    Yeah, term limits. Any objections?

  26. mikeb says:

    Obama is clearly a racist for saying anything bad about this man of color.

  27. b. wade says:

    Notice how dirty dems NEVER resign, but vow to fight to selfishly keep their job no matter how much it hurts their own party? Contrast that to the repubs; when even a hint of a scandal, they resign in the best interest of the party and government.

    1. afgvet says:

      Rising in response, I offer:
      Vitter (wearing diapers while visiting hookers, running for re-election).
      Craig (bathroom solicitation of undercover cop, served out term).
      McCain (savings-and-loan money, still in Senate, running for re-election).

      Which is not to condemn Republicans, but to say this a politician problem, not a Democrat problem

  28. sam jackson says:


  29. JIMBOLINI says:

    oh oh I hope da bruthas don’t get into a gansta drive by!!!!!!!!!


  30. guest says:

    that was a great shot at Barry

  31. Yukiko says:

    Until the present congress took office I was not in favor of term limits. These people have treated our country as though it were their personal piggy bank. This has to stop. If term limits are the only way to stop them then so be it.

    1. Daymar says:

      So true! We had Byrd and Thruman that were so old they were in a coma!

  32. Jenny Craig says:

    Swamp trash.

  33. Don says:

    Thanks, Rep. Rangel, for once again pointing out that President Obama is the least experienced person in any room he steps into.

  34. Dennis says:

    Reminds me of that old joke where a young bull and an old bull are standing on top of a ridge, overlooking a herd of cattle. The young bull says “lets run down and get ourselves a lady.” The old bull retorts “lets walk down and get ’em all.”

  35. Shawn says:

    If Barry hasn’t been around long enough to know what Rangle’s “dignity” is, then how in the world can the Democrats claim he’s been around long enough to know what “health care,” “financial reform,” “stimulus,” “cap and trade,” yadda yadda yadda is??? Obviously, the truth is Barry is way over his head, can only think like someone who has spent his entire life in academia and never in the real world, has never dealt with real world issues and generated real world solutions, and has never had to take responsibility for anything he has ever said or done. I reckon that is the ideal candidate from the party of Hollywood.

  36. gobnait says:

    What did Rangel do with Adam Clayton Powell III?

    1. bob@yourmama.com says:

      lol..I was thinking the same thing!

    2. Itchy says:

      LOL, I thought the same thing

  37. AceCool says:

    what chumps

  38. Guest says:

    “Rangel is seeking his 20th term. The state’s primary is Sept. 14”

    Enough of these career politicians, we need term limits.

    1. adheeb says:

      If this guy actually runs again it will be interesting to see if his constituency re=elects him. If so, what does that say about his constituency?

      1. cinmatzo says:

        two words…. Dan Rostenkowski….. returned to Congress by the “good people” of Chicago for years. Then he went to prison.

      2. meesha4 says:

        Of COURSE they’ll re-elect him. He hasn’t done a DAMNED thing for Harlem, except bring in graft and corruption, but he’s the “right” color and the “right” party. The only difference between Rangel and the Candy Man is that at least the Candy Man actually delivers what he promises. Rangel’s constituents will live in the gutter and still believe he’ll make their lives better.

  39. LARRY says:


  40. Shovelhead says:

    Seeking 20th term? Is that what our founders envisioned? May the candidate with the most moneywin?

  41. CTHILLARY's Minion says:

    Aren’t you GLAD you settled for the Lesser Evil?

    1. j.smith says:

      did we???????????????????????????????????????????

  42. scories says:

    What a fitting end to a 19 term congressman. Check out the related tags above: “Rangel” “Congressman” “Corruption”

  43. Revolt Now says:


  44. Tim says:

    Nobody’s been around long enough to know what his dignity is. He lost it long before anyone in power was around.

  45. chris says:

    finally, something Rangel and I can agree on

    1. John Q Dallas says:

      I agree! I’ll take a career polititian anyday over a rank amateur like Barry.

  46. shane says:

    How many politicians, after 20 terms in office, really know what dignity is?

  47. Taliesin says:

    The arrogance of these people knows no bounds. God, give us term limits!

    1. shane says:

      Its not up to God but ourselves, electing men and women of character who will NOT line their own pockets.

      1. Norman Hall says:

        Yeah, good luck on that one!

    2. Homer Simpson says:

      We have term limits. They are called elections.

      1. Marge Simpson says:

        No, those are infinite term extenders

      2. Glammer says:

        Unfortunately, incumbents have a huge advantage over challengers. For example, Obama is basically campaigning all the time on the taxpayers nickle.

      3. Ellen says:


      4. Rangel Is Scum says:

        Not when elections are bought by the incumbent with all the cash.

      5. drav1212 says:

        Not when there is Jerrymandering involved.

    3. stephen says:

      There are term limits. They’re called elections.

    4. Michael Laney says:

      Total and absolute corruption in Washington DC………we are becoming a 3rd world country in that regard!

    5. Bob Deibel says:

      It’s sad to say but the people he represents will probably re-elect this elitist who should have been botted long ago.

  48. Various_Authors says:

    He’s a weasel, a textbook politician.

    1. Wil says:

      It is just utterly disgusting that he was not put in prison years ago.

      This is an embarassing tragedy, and in insult to all Americans. What has the U.S. become, a third-world backwater shithole?

    2. Glammer says:

      That applies to both politicians named in the title of the article.

    3. yusa1929 says:

      Charles Rangel for President: M. L. K., Charles Rangle and I, a Jersey Republican were all born into the world at a time when freight trains had passengers that were called Hobos, automobiles had cranks on the front, Newark International Airport was mostly a muskrat farm, water fountains were black and white and Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected president for life. Most houses had ice delivered and you had to walk a mile for a telephone. WWII we all started saving tin cans and buying war savings stamps to put into a book that traded for a $25.00 war bond that cost $17.50. Charles walked the walk and fought in “my” war. He ran for Congress and won 20 times. Charles helped make the sausage and buried the bodies as they say. After surviving 40 years in Congress bucking the white tide he is being thrown under the bus by this administration. I say make him President. He is just what the Democrats need, experience.

    4. Vlad the Impaler says:

      Elections only allow the sheeple to exchange new rats for old rats. Its time
      to torch the barn and kill all the rats – Rhetorically speaking, of course.

  49. astralweeks says:

    And they turn on each other like a pack of hyenas fighting over a bloated carcass.

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