Rangel Criticizes Obama For ‘Dignity’ Remark

NEW YORK (CBS/AP) — Rep. Charles Rangel has shot back at President Obama’s recent comment that he “end his career with dignity.”

Speaking at a candidate’s forum in Harlem Monday night, Rangel said the president hasn’t “been around long enough to determine what my dignity is.”

The embattled 80-year-old congressman said it was more likely that he would protect Obama’s dignity over the next two years.

Obama’s remark was made three weeks ago.

The former House Ways and Means Committee chairman was accused of using official stationary to raise money for a college center bearing his name; delaying tax payments on income on a rental unit in the Dominican Republic; failing to file his financial disclosure statements on time; and operating four rent-stabilized apartments in New York, including one he used as a campaign office.

The Democrat has vowed to fight the charges and is refusing to resign. He says he is focusing on his re-election to his district in Manhattan’s Harlem neighborhood.

Rangel is seeking his 20th term. The state’s primary is Sept. 14.

His rivals include Adam Clayton Powell IV. In 1970, Rangel defeated his father, the legendary Rep. Adam Clayton Powell Jr.

Rangel insisted his problems wouldn’t affect the outcome of other races.  

“I refuse to believe that I’m either that important or infamous that my problems are going to interfere with any good person getting elected,” Rangel said recently, adding that he was sure his Democratic colleagues were serving their constituents well and that most were safely on their way to re-election.

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  1. CRW says:

    Dear Mr. Rangel, your Supreme Leader has just validated what Gov. Palin has said all along about Owebama Care- that it contains death panels. First you are to end your career with dignity. That leads to ending your life with dignity. Owebama and his ilk don’t want any elderly people around. Gosh they don’t earn a lot of money that can be collected (confiscated) as taxes. AND they draw from the treasury money that can be used for the re-election campaigns for your party members. Seems you are the firs victim of your party.

  2. One_American says:

    Rangle should give Obama a nice long hug – just as they jump off the cliff together.

  3. Big Al says:

    It is too late for Charlie to lose his dignity. It has been lost for many years. Rangel is a crook in a crooked party. Dems are expected to break the law. Criminal convictions are a plus on the resume of a Democrat.

  4. Helen says:

    I do beleive we OVER pay these people that is WHY they are going for their 20th year.. although I am not sure it’s what we pay them but what they can make on the side which pales their paychecks..

  5. T says:

    Awesome… who doesn’t like the smell of democrats eating their own.in the morning?

  6. CT says:

    Hey, Charlie! Take a swipe at his big ‘back’ wife, too. Go for broke. You will be.

  7. Jack Kennedy says:


  8. wendy says:

    I hope Reverend Manning of Harlem and his ATLAH church come out loud and strong against this short-legged Mac Daddy Rangel.

  9. clay says:

    The sad thing is, his moron constituents will vote him back in.

  10. Cleary says:

    There are very few Democrats I like, even just as people. Can’t stand Pelosi. Hate Reid. Despise The Messiah. But I like Charlie Rangel. I don’t know if he’s guilty of anything unethical. But as Pancho said of Don Quixote, I like him. He seems like a salt of the Earth kind of guy; someone I’d sit down with at Denny’s for a cup of morning coffee. There are very few Republicans or Independents who I’d say that about – can’t think of any other Democrat. And I agree with Rangel, but go a step farther: Not only isn’t The Messiah qualified to determine what Rangel’s dignity is; The Messiah isn’t qualified to be in the same room with Rangel. The Messiah has taken this great country through the sewers of his tiny little mind and showed us what it could be like if we allowed ourselves to truly become a third world country. My guess is that Rangel didn’t fight in North Korea with a hope in his heart that one day we’d look like Venezuela.

  11. anne thomas says:

    there is no dignity in congress! just arrognance. pride goes before a fall. JUST SITTING HERE PRAYING I WILL SEE IT SOON

  12. SouthernGal says:

    Go Charlie!

  13. matt says:

    You know you’ve got a gem when a guy who has spent almost his entire adult life in congress tries to tell you he thinks he’s not important

  14. Larry says:

    Charlie is a poster boy for term limits. They get so blinded by the power and perks they think they are above the law and the people they are supposed to serve.

  15. james usa says:

    Thieves vote for thieves. Institute a copetency test for potential voters

  16. Axci Dent says:

    Sort of like the Pot calling the Kettle Black.

  17. Alex Scipio says:

    Sheesh… if we had “good people getting elected,” Congress wouldn’t be at 11% approval, we wouldn’t be $14T in debt, we’d be as free as we were BEFORE the Baby Boomer liberals showed-up and those below – and many like them – would NOT be in Congress:

    Rangel, Dodd, Frank, Snowe, Collins…….

  18. 54Poncho says:

    What does a hog know about dignity?

  19. Society is Breaking Ddown says:

    I recokon whilst modern day Rome is burning, we’ll be entertained by political cannibalism …

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