Cabbie: ‘Are You Muslim?’ Leads To Night Of Horror

Wounded Ahmed Sharif Tells Of Alleged Knife-Wielding Attack
Updated 08/26/10 8:53 a.m.
NEW YORK (CBS 2/1010 WINS) — Mayor Michael Bloomberg has invited a taxi driver, who was allegedly attacked by a baby-faced college student this week, to meet at City Hall on Thursday.

Ahmed Sharif picked up the clean-cut 21-year-old on Tuesday night — and it nearly cost him his life. Police said Michael Enright flew into a rage after asking his driver if he was a Muslim.

CBS 2’s Lou Young reports that’s when a vicious slashing attack started.

Sharif, 43, displayed his wounds with sorrow on Wednesday night: a deep gash on his forearm, a defensive wound on his hand, and slashes to his neck and upper lip — the handiwork, police said, of a passenger who savaged the immigrant cabbie in what appears to have been an explosion of anti-Muslim violence in the close confines of his New York City taxi.

Michael Enright

Michael Enright, right. (Photo/Facebook)

“I’m driving. He asked me where I’m from. I said Bangladesh. Second question he ask me, are you Muslim? I said yes. Then he tells me ‘assalamu alaikum,’” Sharif said.

The attack happened around 6:15 p.m. Tuesday in a busy commercial area on 40th Street and Third Avenue. The passenger, police said, was 21-year-old Michael Enright, an honor student from Putnam County who has spent time overseas in Afghanistan working as a reporter.  Sharif said the young man began ridiculing the Muslim holiday of Ramadan and then started a bizarre, belligerent rant.

“This is checkpoint [expletive]. I have to put you down. You have to bring Abdullah to this checkpoint, I have to bring him down, too,” Sharif said.

He said Enright lunged through the cab partition with a knife, and the men struggled as the cab rolled for a block and a half.

“The knife came here and when he knife like this by his right hand then I back up like this, then it come here,” Sharif said, showing the wound on his arm.

Enright was arrested at the scene and charged with attempted murder as a hate crime. His father had nothing to say as he rushed to his son’s arraignment on Wednesday afternoon.

LISTEN: WCBS 880’s Paul Murnane in Enright’s home town of Brewster

“This attack runs counter to everything that New Yorkers believe no matter what god we pray to,” Mayor Bloomberg said in a statement.

News of the attack has swept through the Muslim community like a shockwave. People were gathered outside Sharif’s Queens home on Wednesday night denouncing the incident as un-American.

“America is about freedom of religion and freedom of speech. You cannot hate, just hate me because I am Muslim. I didn’t do anything to you. What did I do?” a man named “Abdullah” said.

Inside, the victim, despite his injuries, continued to espouse his belief in the American dream.

“I work hard. I try to support my family and I believe in this country if you work hard and you’re honest, you’re good, you can have anything you want,” Sharif said.

LISTEN: 1010 WINS’ Carol D’Auria reports

Police said an intoxicated Enright slashed Sharif with a Leatherman knife. As the scuffle ensued, Sharif was able to keep Enright locked in the cab until he found a police officer to arrest him.

Sharif was quoted in a news release from the New York Taxi Workers Alliance as saying the attack left him shaken.
“I feel very sad,” he said, adding “all drivers should be more careful.”

Al Jones of 1010 WINS reports that Enright was arraigned Wednesday afternoon and was ordered to be held without bail.  He did not enter a plea during the brief court appearance. A grand jury will hear the case on Monday.

Defense attorney Jason Martin told the judge his client was an honors student at the School of Visual Arts, had volunteered in Afghanistan and lives with his parents.
To deny bail, given his background, “I don’t think is warranted,” Martin argued.

Enright also asked to be placed in protective custody due to the ground zero mosque debate, and his attorney said the native of Brewster, N.Y. is shocked by the charges against him.

“Right now he’s terrified. He shocked at the allegations. Right now we’re going to try to gather as much information as possible and to figure out where to go from here,” Martin said.

Javaid Tariq of the New York Taxi Workers Alliance said he has little doubt what the incident was.

“It is a hate crime. It’s is not any robbery or fare dispute or anything else. Talking to him, asking him if he’s a Muslim? Telling him it’s a checkpoint and stabbing him. Of course it’s a hate crime,” Tariq said.

Neighbors in Brewster were stunned to hear Enright was in trouble over an alleged hate crime.

“I find that hard to believe,” one woman said. “He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body.


One Comment

  1. brent james says:

    There’s something wrong with this story. How often does this happen? Drunk or not, this kid is not going to slash someone in perfect daylight and stay in the cab. Something else is going on here. Dont know what but I suspect this story is going to change in the next 48 hours. Too weird. No, I dont think the cabbie stabbed himself, but arent Muslims creating events everyday calculated to set a precedent or test the system’s reaction?

    1. Huck Pituey says:

      I wonder whether any part of the incident was caught on video surveillance? That would help clear things up!

  2. Larry says:

    Good job, Fox News.

    1. astralweeks says:

      Actually Larry, the guy was a far left lib who even works with a pro-ground zero mosque group. Good try typing him as a right wing nut job, but the truth is this nut job belongs to your side.

  3. Moondot says:

    Who is the crazy webmaster on this site? The page refreshes every 4.5 minutes and drags you to the top of the page, hence you lose your place as you’re reading.

    Which on this particular page is not a bad thing. ::rolls eyes::

    Did love the “mindchecker” comment though. ROFL!

    1. mizuzaki says:

      and I thought my PC’s lame. 😀

  4. Alex says:

    We are tired of our country being turned in to a 3rd world dump. Why aren’t these people being dumped in Japan or Israel?

  5. Pasha says:

    Check the lunatic’s website page—he is a LIBERAL and a SUPPORTER OF THE MOSQUE. Every political assassinatoin in this country was done by leftitsts/democrats/icommunists/islamonazis ffrom John Wilkes Booth who wanted to maintain slavery to Sirhan Sirhan, who was both a communist and an islamonazi to Hincklley to this nut job.

    NYC cabbies went through a year when many were robbed and/or killed and all of their assailants were leftist democrats. Conservatives aren’t robbing people neither with guns nor govt. Madoff, Ken Lay, Goldman Sach—all democrats.

  6. CentralCalSue says:

    Don’t blame the folks against the Cordoba Mosque!

    Alleged anti-Muslim attacker works at pro-Park51 group

    The alleged assailant, Michael Enright, is – according to his Facebook profile and the website of the left-leaning media organization Intersections International – a student at the School of Visual Arts and a volunteer for Intersections, which recently produced a statement of support for the Park51 project and is funded by the mainstream, liberal Collegiate Church of New York.

    1. Vince says:

      Do tell !! Thanks for that very revealing information Sue. I knew something sounded fishy about this story.

  7. Raymond Perez says:

    Hannity,Rush,Beck.Most be jumping for jo!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. greg morris says:

    We must try to see things from the assailant’s point of view. What made him snap? Was the Muslim cab driver partially to blame? Did he bring this on himself?

    Sorry; I learned this from liberals after 9/11!

  9. Pete says:

    How do you lock someone in a cab????

    1. Huck Pituey says:

      Please don’t ruin this thread with thoughtful questions that reveal lies in the narrative!

      1. Vince says:

        LOL Huck. Good one.

    2. Dank says:

      Let me enlighten your obviously from outta town a@@ pete, most NYC cabs have electronic door locks which can only be controlled by the driver, reason being that psychos like this don’t get away scott-free when they do stuff like this.

      Interesting that of everything in this story all you came away with was “How do you lock someone in a cab????”

      Allah Bless America!!!

  10. Osamas Pajamas says:

    I’m an atheist and I despise all religions — including Islam — which is one of the worst. Even so, I can’t imagine physically attacking anyone on the simple basis of their religion — that’s nuts! I’m also a former taxi driver who oviously drove in safer territory, on the coast north of Boston.

  11. Jay says:

    As far as I can tell, the story doesn’t add up. Honor student, 21, previous journalist in Afganastan, drunk, addresses muslim cabbie in Arabic, and then slashes him up. If I were to guess, this sounds like a staged event. Yet, truth can be stranger than fiction. Let’s wait for more details before passing judgement.

  12. Lawyer Up says:

    I am sure he became frightened once he found out this guy was one of those Muslums. Remember ALL the terrorists who attack World Trade Center were Muslums. Very Very dangerous peeple. This guy had every right to protect himself from one of those. no doubt. Self Defense is his only needed defense. I rest my case.

  13. Mike says:

    So CBS refused to cover the 30-40 black men who roamed an Iowa fairground last week, stabbing and assaulting white victims while yelling it was “beat whitey night!” — but they give full coverage to this story? Two of those Iowa victims wound up in critical condition, while apparently this cab driver wasn’t even hurt badly enough to keep him from personally apprehending the victim and then driving himself to find a police officer.

    Yet CBS not only runs this story and ties it all into the Ground Zero Mosque debate, but they choose a misleading photo making it appear the cabbie is next to death’s door. What about all the white victims of hate crimes? Why are they never news?

    1. Dank says:

      OK, mikey, so your upset that the cabbie wasn’t more seriously injured, he wasn’t injured ENOUGH by this lunatic to make this newsworthy in your no so humble opinion? Gee, that’s mighty white of you fella!

      Allah Bless America!!!

  14. Miguel says:

    Why does this system destroy our comments before we can finish them? MSM is totaly lying all the way through. Here CBS reports a ‘hate crime’ complete with multiple photos. Why do the many ‘hate crimes’ against Whites by Blacks go totally unreported? I remember the vicious days-long torture murders of a White couple by Black criminals was totally hidden from MSM’s lying pages. These vicioous Black monsters were allowed to be tried w/o the liberals’ infamous ‘hate crime’ status. MSM lies every single day on every single pages.

  15. irishalaman says:

    Where do you start?
    Number One thanks Muslims for buildding th eGround Zero Mosque and re-igniting the pain of 9-11. Military base slaughter, car bomb in times square and the cheering Muslim crowds of 9-11 all over the world. Secondly, the Creator will not stand for the brutality of the Muslim Cult, let us pray to the Creator for the failure of Muslims all over the world and their peaceful adotpion of Jesus as Savior. Why should we have to do anything.else? We beleive in the Son of God, they believe in a False Prophet, a doer of wicked deeds to man, woman and child.

    1. Pasha says:

      Now while you are correct, there is no justification for what this lefty lunatic did to a man who had not only not done him any harm, but provided him an honest service. Chrisitiasn were persecuted for their firtst 400 years, had a few years of peace until Islam arose and made war on Christian countiries, killing, converting or enslaving them. It took seerla hundred years before they gought back–and di dod not accomplish much. Americans have saved over 50 millon muslims from brutal dictators . They have 100 mosques in nyc alone, including one 4 blocks from Ground Zero and 300 in NY State.

      The Chriistain way is to treat the man with kindness and maybe see if he is interested in knowing about Jesus Christ and shaking hte dust off your feet if he doesn’t want to know and let him live in peace. Now if an iiane islamonazi wants to kill you or someone else, you do what you have to do.

  16. Mick says:

    Meanwhile, a group of 30-40 young black males, who spent an evening roaming an Iowa fairground, attacking and stabbing white victims, yelling it was “beat whitey night” have not been charged with any hate crime. Police are still “investigating whether or not there was any racial motive” to the attacks.

    And once again, we see that only whites can be guilty of a “hate crime”.

  17. wes says:

    This story has too many holes in it. First of all are their any witnesses?Also It just doesnt make sense. 21 year old honor student that does volunteer work but then stabs someone for being a muslim?????Sounds like someone set this kid up to be a scapegoat to possibly sway people into thinking a mosque at ground zero might not be a bad idea.

    1. Dank says:

      Witnesses? This attack happened INSIDE A MOVING TAXI!!! Oh and there’s just NO way a bigot could have ended up overseas in a war zone, that just couldn’t happen{abu Gharib anyone, SOLDIERS volunteer too}

      Once A-gain, something involving a Muslim/Islam occurs and it just HAS to be related to the Cordoba project, pathetic!

      As a younger man I used to say “I love my country, but I fear my government” looks like it’s time to include my countrymen in that statement too

      Allah Bless America!!!

  18. Harley2002 says:

    Well the Lamestream media dug real hard to find a story to fit there template. Amazing what they can dig up when they try. Maybe they can find out who is financing the Victory Mosque? Nahhhh.that does not fit Pravda’s template.

  19. Red says:

    Instead of showing your kneejerk reaction in ignorance let’s wait for all of the facts to come in. Blaming the Tea Party for this is almost as stupid as that idiot Bloomberg blaming the failed Times Square bombing on someone upset over Obama’s healthcare plans. Show even the slightest bit of intelligence people. Rushing out to blame shows your own hatred and bigotry. It’s as much as spreading fear as anything you claim.

  20. rh says:

    Soon, data will show that hate crimes laws are disproportionately applied to whites, creating grounds for challenging the hate crimes laws for violating the constitutional rights of people to equal protection.

    It may be deep 6d by the Supremes?

  21. SirJaxx says:

    Something Stinks in this story, and it isn’t the White Liberal Guy! I would bet dollars to donuts that these are self – inflicted wounds, and staged to make it seem that a Hate-Crime against a Muslim had occurred to garner sympathy for the Ground-Zero Mosque.
    Michael Enright is being set – up as a Patsy for a Pretty Feeble attempt at Murder, considering that he has just spent a lot of time in Afghanistan where I am sure he has seen what a Knife to the Throat can do, so why cut someone’s face?
    Sorry, I don’t believe this story or these accusations, and hopefully the truth will come out. But I Doubt that CBS would Broadcast the Truth even if it meant this Young Man’s Life

    1. Dank says:

      1.the Video pretty clearly shows a slash across the cabbie’s THROAT.
      2.the family says the attacker spent “a short time” in Afghanistan
      3.It’s telling that you capitalized “knife” and “throat” in the middle of a sentence, obsessing about doing a bit of knife work yourself son?
      4. Why is it that every lil thing even REMOTELY pertaining to Islam or Muslims is being connected to the Cordoba project?

      This poor benighted kid obviously snapped, and in doing so attacked a guy out trying to earn a living. That IS a crime, and the cabbie IS the victim.

      Allah Bless America!!!

  22. Huck Pituey says:

    Why couldn’t he have gone after Paris Hilton instead???

  23. JT says:

    i sense that they are leaving something out of this story

  24. Tom says:

    Where is it disclosed that Enright is a member of the Tea Party???

  25. db says:

    Simple .. nobody wants the mosque

    1. Dank says:

      Oh, ok, thanks for the clarifying comment db, a guy who belongs to an organization which is a “staunch supporter” of the Cordoba project stabs a Muslim in a drunken rage because of the Mosque…? I feel so much clearer on the issue dude!!!

      And you seem SO moved by the human tragedy here, so because a guy who gets stabbed is Muslim, and because there is also a dispute locally over an Islamic Center, it’s “simple” he DESERVED to get attacked, or at the very least, no one should care because after all “nobody wants the mosque”

      Allah Bless America!!!

  26. firstpoppa says:

    Gee, alcohol was involved. Who’d a thought.

    More Kool Aid, Deke?

  27. Eric says:

    Nancy, Get back in the kitchen. This is man business that your little female brain cant understand.

  28. Eric says:

    Nancy, get back in the kitchen. You and your stupid comment are stupid.

  29. David says:

    It wasn’t a ‘hate’crime folks but armed assault and battery.

  30. sally says:

    LOL at the Matt Drudge comments. That guy is gayer than richard simmons sock drawer.

  31. Nancy says:

    Separation of church and state was intended to keep government out of the churches, not the other way around. That’s a fact.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Eric, you should check on that batch of meth you have brewing in the back room of your trailer before the ‘youngins’ get to it and burn off more of their fingers.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Dave, Matt Drudge’s clan of idiots always post the best comments. They have no teeth, live in the south and drive quads on public roads. Gotta love them.

    1. Vince says:

      Sounds like you read the Drudge Report. So you must be one of them.

    2. JapesMcFarland says:

      The attacker is one of yours genius. Just like Tim Mcveigh and every other nut job lol 🙂

      Don’t blame the folks against the Cordoba Mosque!
      Alleged anti-Muslim attacker works at pro-Park51 group
      The alleged assailant, Michael Enright, is – according to his Facebook profile and the website of the left-leaning media organization Intersections International – a student at the School of Visual Arts and a volunteer for Intersections, which recently produced a statement of support for the Park51 project and is funded by the mainstream, liberal Collegiate Church of New York.

  34. Justin says:

    Folks. This is a teachable moment. Clearly, Michael, like many young men feel alienated and pressured by the overbearing Muslim anti-west, anti-Christian rhetoric that is so prevalent in our society. Michael is a victim here, no the criminal. The cab driver, if in fact he was attacked, is as much to blame for this as are our politicians. We need to show the world that we are tolerant of Christians & Jews too. The Mayor and the President would do well to invite Michael and his family along with Ahmed to have a beer and discuss how much more alike we are than different. Perhaps Ahmed could share some of his Muslim knowledge of how to most effectively use a knife to stab people and cut there heads off, and Michael might enlighten Ahmed on things like bathing and taking responsibility for your crimes.

  35. dave says:

    Matt drudge is a ho-mosexual j e w and his followers are a bunch of tabacco chewing rednecks.

  36. John Frost says:

    A Christian wrote the Quran told me an ex Muslim. The religion is fake He said and left.

    1. Cari says:

      That’s funny how Islam was around before Christianity….

  37. ben diamante says:

    Something is wrong with this story. Something is missing.

  38. Barry Hussein says:

    Religious Tolerance: Muslims convert to Christianity and they are arrested and the punishment is death.

  39. BarryHusseinq says:

    This guy is a leftist. Like Mao, Stalin and Hitler were statist socialists.

    This is immediately called a hate crime but officials are “still investigating whether Beat Whitey Night (iowa state fair) was a hate cr4ime or not…interesting.

    Liberals get everything wrong and it usually ends up with lots of innocent hard-working people being destroyed. Way to go lefties!!!

  40. Steve` says:

    Wow. There’s some major idiocy here. Per usual, the ugliest venom is being spewed by the libs. It’s quite amazing how consistently you people demonstrate this trait.! How about some facts? Not your thing? That explains why you love MSNBC and rant on Fox without any factual basis. Pathetic.
    This kid could’ve had his first bipolar episode, gone off the deep end…who knows what. Sounds like the people that know him believe this is way out of character. So, let’s try to keep from hanging the guy until the facts come in.

  41. StopLiberalism says:

    Every crime is a hate crime. Stop being stupid with words.

  42. Deibon Monet says:

    This whole thing is a set up and didn’t happen the way the muslim claims it did.

  43. GMAN51 says:


    Did u carry the story of “Beat Whitey Night this week at tthe Iowa state fair? Groups of blacks roaming put 35 people in the hospital. 2 critical. CBS???

  44. Max says:

    “He mentioned the very people who should be tried for Hate crimes against Americans.”

    Oh look the satanic marxists using news stories of assaults upon a Muslim to attempt to further their satanic hate crimes police state and then pathetically trying to associate people like Sarah Palin with it, how typical and satanic of lost soul nihilist Antichrist Marxists. They have absolutely no morality except what serves their satanic twisted agenda. Wake up America, your nation is cursed and has been taken over by the UN/OECD/IMF world government Marxist Antichrist agenda.

  45. anna says:

    This man is aligned with the liberal left. See the American Thinker blog post dated Aug. 25 on this incident.

  46. Dave P says:

    Wow! Imagine that. Americans acting like Muslims.

  47. Mil says:

    Can’t We All Just Get Along?
    Says The Ape Human Trader, Limbo
    on Planet Of The Apes.

    We all know Barry is a Muslim, but what can the voters do now?

    The Only President & Wife team to disrespect the American Customs,
    like when they put the left hand to the chest during the national Anthem.

    Barry & Sheeba need to go, fast….

  48. gbx2010 says:

    Bet that Irish White boy would had not done this to a Black Muslim!

  49. spysea says:

    Not so shocking , beheadings , slashing and stoning are common practice in islam as far as I can tell. Why is it odd when its done here? Remember NICK BERG. I can see how some people get fed up!

  50. free` says:

    All of the violence and property damage has been done by leftists/liberals. Why the right/conservatives get blamed for it is beyond sloppy reporting it is an outright fraud. The media has been doing this so long people just take it is taken for granted that racism and violence are only done by people on the right. The media should be held accountable for what they have and are doing. The first amendment shouldn’t be a license to commit fraud. You are doing a disservice to the country. The people posting comments here prove my point.

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