That Cup O’ Joe Is Gonna Cost You

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — The cost of coffee is on the rise due to crop issues in Central and South America so New Yorkers may have to ask themselves how much they’re willing to spend on their morning pick-me-up.

A tiny storefront on Astoria Boulevard, called Coffee Shop, sells a cup of joe for a buck-a-cup but what if prices went up sky-high?

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“I don’t really like that,” customer Julio told 1010 WINS’ John Montone. So, he says if the cost goes up he’ll just quit drinking coffee.

However, others can’t go without their morning fix.

“I’d pay three dollars a cup, I don’t care,” customer Colleen said. “I have to, it gets me through my day.”

Wholesale coffee prices are at a 13-year high after bad weather in Central America squeezed supply, MoneyWatch’s Alexis Christoforous said. In just the past two months, retail prices for Folgers, Dunkin’ Donuts and Millstone Coffee Brands have jumped 13 percent.

There seems to be a cultural divide as you head across the East River and to the Upper West Side where coffee drinkers are used to paying more than a dollar for the beverage.

“I pay about four dollars,” one man said.

If prices go any higher some New Yorkers may end up quitting the habit. “If it’s going to be a ridiculous price I’m not going to buy it,” one woman said.

So get ready to make a choice, supermarkets may raise coffe prices by as much as 10 percent by this fall.


One Comment

  1. Ken says:

    The best coffee to buy in the supermarkets is Peets coffee.

  2. Alice says:

    FYI ! Its easy to make at home and a lot cheaper .Their are other choiclies besides buying it premade.

  3. Garv says:

    Ummm Somehow have a link to Toyota on last post…Not My Doing ..Sorry All Ya All

  4. JGarv says:

    40 Cups of Coffee per pound…$3.00 per cup…Coffee will have to get REAL exspesive to really eat into the slim profit margin of Coffee Sales…Makes that $39.95 Exspresso Machine Look good Now

  5. Leelee151 says:

    It doesnt matter how high it goes, people will continue to buy just like smokers. Most will pay for there fix.

  6. espuela says:

    It is now coffee drinkers turn in the barrel. In America everyone gets a turn in the barrel sooner or later.

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