AMBER Alert Canceled for 8-Year-Old NJ Boy

LUMBERTON, N.J. (AP/1010 WINS) — Authorities in New Jersey found a registered sex offender and his 8-year-old son who were the focus of an AMBER Alert.

Burlington County authorities say Terry Dusseault and his son were at a Medford supermarket. Neither was harmed.

Dusseault’s brother became worried about his mental state after he disappeared with his son, Terry Jr., from their Lumberton home on Tuesday. The child’s mother is deceased.

Police went to the home to arrest the 38-year-old on child sexual assault and endangerment charges involving three juveniles, but not his son.

Dusseault is on North Carolina’s sex offender registry after he was placed on probation for a third-degree child exploitation charge in 2007.

An Amber Alert was in effect for a young boy in New Jersey.

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  1. val says:

    bring back 1010 wins

  2. JPH says:

    The new WEB format really stinks. Once again someonemust of got paid a lot of money to come up with a change that stinks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Mike the Photographer says:

    This new site stinks… too many cooks spoil the stew.
    It is so haphazard, lets have all the headlines like the old 1010
    news in one column.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Yes please bring back the old site. I miss it.

  5. GOLF123 says:


  6. Dan K. says:

    please bring back the old 1010 WINS site !!!!!!

  7. Sean says:

    This new combined site STINKS. Bring back the old sites!

  8. Gry says:

    I agree with Laura wrt the old site.

    The Amber Alert has been lifted as they were both found.

  9. bluemoon says:

    What is even more disturbing is that this Amber alert was in effect YESTERDAY and CBS had this story buried until now.
    Get your priorities straight!

  10. GermaicanSpice says:

    How horrible! He wouldn’t harm his OWN child…would he??

  11. CYN says:

    All I can Say is Andrea Marlene Mark abducted children on two occasions and never suffered one consequence. Both children were destroyed because of Andre’s poor parenting choices and Andrea continues to get off scot free. The legal system is highly political and twisted as well as corrupt. Imprison Andrea Marlene Mark AKA Trott Aka Robertson, she needs time to think over her crimes

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