Green Lantern: Darrelle, Enough’s Enough

Jets' Star Showing A Lack Of Championship Perspective

By Jeff Capellini,

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — What went down on Wednesday was more like a surprise party that lacked a guest of honor.

Jets fans flocked to their favorite social networking site or blogger for the latest, mostly because a daring columnist from Texas convinced better than half of the passengers at the airport that Darrelle Revis would end his three-week holdout and catch a private jet back to Florham Park, N.J.

The green and white loyal were ready to have a championship celebration because Revis was reportedly “really close” to signing a monster contract that would in essence lock him up for life.

But alas, there was no party. In fact, someone left the cake out in the rain.

I promised myself and my readers I’d never mention Revis’ name in print until he was signed. I know. I failed. I don’t care.

The bottom line is there’s just too much at stake right now to pretend like he doesn’t exist, even if he continues to stick to this misguided notion that the Jets don’t exist.

You can criticize Dallas Morning News columnist Tim Cowlishaw all you want for being wrong after coming off supremely confident in his tweets regarding the Jets’ all-everything defensive back, but the bottom line is the sports media is filled with brave souls who often stick their necks out because someone they supremely trust told them to do just that.

I, for one, applaud Cowlishaw for trusting his sources and taking the criticism now coming his way like a man. The ambiguity of his tweets has left a window open for him still to be right. He did initially say Wednesday or Saturday would be the day the deal got done. He has since taken back some of what he prognosticated, but other media types have found their own sources who are confirming similar notions.

Ultimately, I trust the New York beat writers because they are with the Jets every day and they are not in the business of making mistakes. I said when the “news” broke about Cowlishaw’s source information that I’d withhold judgment — or excitement as the case may be — until I heard something positive from Bob Glauber of Newsday, Rich Cimini of or Manish Mehta of the Daily News, among others, because they have been giving us the skinny and been correct far more times over the years than they have been wrong.

But in truth, this Revis thing is not about the writers. They are trying to provide you with a service. If you want someone to be angry at, focus your angst on No. 24, himself. He’s not providing anything useful to anyone.

If the various reports of a 10-year contract offer for anywhere from $122 million to $150 million with as much as $65 million guaranteed are correct — and I believe they are because too many people I trust to get this story right are reporting those numbers — then it’s Revis who needs to look in the mirror and stop this nonsense once and for all.

Just to confirm, I have supported Darrelle’s right to hold out from the beginning. There’s no reason why, considering his last two seasons, he should be the Jets’ eighth-highest paid defensive back in 2010. I have cast some blame for this debacle on general manager Mike Tannenbaum for opening Pandora’s box in the first place. He did, after all, tell Revis after the AFC championship game loss to the Colts that the team was ready to tear up his old deal and give him something fair for both sides.

The problem has been the differing opinions on what “fair” is.

There are many out there who are crusaders for the cause of the true and just. They say you sign a contract, you live by the terms of that contract for as long as it runs. These people aren’t wrong, but they are living in ancient times. Holdouts and contract squabbles are as attached to the hip to professional sports as statistics and outrageous PSL prices. It’s just the name of the game.

I now have a problem with Revis because he’s taken the fans’ trust and exploited it, much like he did when he skipped plays at mini-camp. Many, myself included, agreed that this guy should get every last dollar he thinks he deserves, but we have the right to ask for it to be within reason, or, there’s that word again, “fair.” Our support of his cause came before hundreds of millions of dollars were put on the table and before we saw that Dwight Lowery and Drew Coleman, the potential replacements at corner, had not come into camp that much better than they were last season.

So, are we panicking? No. We’re not fearful of the unknown. We’re furious at what’s right in front of our faces.

Ultimately, I think many of us really think being the highest paid anything in the NFL — even for a few months because you know eventually someone will get more — means little. If Revis signs today he’d have more money than the working capital of many nations. He could purchase 10 islands to hold his shutdown corner instructional camps and film God only knows how many Modell’s commercials.

It may be time to question whether winning a championship is even important to Revis. It’s obviously important to Nick Mangold, but that’s a story for another day.

The second Revis signs the Jets become Super Bowl contenders. Right now, they are a playoff team that could play deep into January and, possibly, February if everything breaks right, meaning if they don’t suffer serious injuries and quarterback Mark Sanchez makes even a slight improvement over his rookie season.

But the Jets know just how important Revis is. They don’t shut up about him on “Hard Knocks.” I didn’t see or hear LaDainian Tomlinson, Shonn Greene, Santonio Holmes, David Harris, D’Brickashaw Ferguson or Jerricho Cotchery once on Wednesday night and they are all vitally important pieces of the puzzle. But I heard the name “Revis” mentioned no less than 25 times.

The time has come, Darrelle. Your teammates need you and the fans would sell their first born for you.

Get some perspective on what “fair” means and get your butt in camp.

(Jeff Capellini is a senior editorial editor for He also writes under the moniker “The Green Lantern” on the Jets, Yankees, Islanders and many other things Gotham sports. Please follow him on Twitter at @greenlanternjet)


One Comment

  1. PC says:

    I forgot: Green Lantern, this article is ridiculous.

  2. ad says:

    Give the man his money. He deserves it!

  3. alphamonkey says:

    how did you even get the job of writing this article. boo hoo woodys broke. he only made an extra 300 million of the fans money through psls on top of the ticket sales boo hoo…. you are way off track or you are just a jet owner shill

  4. joe tru says:

    Wrong man! how about going into resigning david harris or Holmes or maybe edwards? I know its crazy but saving a measly 40 million on Revis isn’t going to sit in a millionaires pocket. Come on dude seriously?

  5. PC says:

    It’s funny in this country of free markets and capitalism that when an athlete uses his ability to market himself, the media whines about loyalty and honor. I’d love to see you sports reporters negotiate with the public fully aware of the process in real-time.

    You guys would definitely sing a different tune.

  6. Jerry says:

    *sigh again*

    He was only the BEST corner last year, two years ago he was very good, the year before that he was in freaking COLLEGE. Come on Mike, you’ve got to be better than that.

  7. Jerry says:


    Wilson and Mike: I hear ya, they should pay him a lot. And honestly, I don’t care about “fair” when it comes to Woody Johnson, but you have to understand, after this year, the salary cap will be back, and if too much is caught up in Revis’ contract, then there is not enough space for other quality players to get paid as well. What the Jets should do is give him a ridiculous amount up front, in the un-caped year, and he should get a smaller salary for the next nine. That way, Revis gets paid his 160 mil, the jets can save cap space, and maybe be contenders.


  8. Mike Diaz says:

    Seriously, you’re a professional?? You sound like a little girl crying!!! PAY THE FREAKING GUY HIS MONEY!!!! He’s only the best corner in the league for like the last decade. Seriously, if Johnson and Johnson cared any bit about winning he’d just give him the money out of his pocket! That’s chump change for him! I swear the Mets and Jets ownership should get together and run a clinic on how to horribly run a sports franchise!! And I”M A METS FAN!!!!

    1. Joe Tru says:

      Mike REALLY???? The last decade? you know a decade consists of 10 years right? That would put Revis on his varsity high school team! He’s been in the league 3 years oh and he held out to “get his money” when he was drafted 3 YEARS AGO! There are rules to follow he cant hand out 120 mil likes its a lunch tip. Besides you also can’t just say oh your really good so here is a black check get to work. He is under contract already! I know how to fix this if you dont show to camp your fined twice your annual salary and your season is over problem solved.

  9. Donald .P says:

    all in all the fans lose out all the time

  10. Wilson says:

    If Revis were to take his current salary, and leave millions on the table, would the Jets give PSL or season ticket holder money back with the money they are saving by not paying Revis?

    Would Rex or other players get a raise? NO. Where would that money go?

    Revis is you. He is your brother. He is your son. Why wouldn’t you root for him to get as much as possible?

    This article should say, “Woody is being cheap–pay Revis whatever he wants–he is the best player on your team.”

    Instead, you root for a billionaire to get richer and the young middle-class guy to get screwed.

    Capellini–do you root for the house in black jack too? Do you also root for Wall Street execs to get giant bonuses?

    1. SAM says:

      Let me ask you this question, what does it matter after 15 million? Revis can’t live the rest of his live on 15 million? I don’t blame Revis or anybody for getting as much money as they possible, but when you are told 65 million guaranteed & 122 million dollars is a much as you going to get and you still say that’s not enough, well now your just being greedy no matter what twist you put on it. As far as Woody, he is rich with or without the JETS, bottom line is Revis was right to play his card and get as much as he can, but now he crossed the line and is insulting the JET fans by not excepting a loaded contract because “one” other person at his position might make more.


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