New Trend: Brides Trashing Their Wedding Dresses

NEW YORK (CBS 2) – There is a new trend for newlyweds.

Brides are intentionally trashing their wedding dresses after the receptions. They often bring along a photographer to document the experience.

Watch this video.

Some say they see the act of destruction as an act of creation, but many also do clean up the dresses afterward.

  • kjmyvinux

    so,it is a good article

  • tiffany

    love this wedding dress

  • foodivore

    the photog from the video footage is Melanie Rebane: m-photography
    you must check out her terrific shots in higher res!

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  • G.E. Masana Photographer

    It’s NOT a new trend. It’s been around since 2001. That’s about a decade ago.

    In fact, like most older trends, it’s actually on it’s last legs out. It’s originator, Mr. Cooper, has moved on to new things for some time now.

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