Self-Timer, Crime Of Fashion Catch Would-Be Robber

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — It’s the nightmare a lot of people worry about when on family vacation: You put your bag down for a moment for the perfect family photo, and suddenly, it disappears.

One New Jersey family thought they were the victims of such an incident, but thanks to their digital camera’s self timer, their story has a happy ending.

The Myers family of Bloomfield, N.J., was posing for pictures at a friend’s wedding at the Wisconsin State Capital with their digital camera on a self-timer when all of a sudden they realized their bag, which they had put down 20 feet away, was gone.

“I thought our whole trip was ruined,” said Catherine Myers.

The bag was holding all kinds of the family’s possessions, including an iPad.

“All of our stuff was in that bag, our rental car keys…toys…all kinds of things,” said Myers.

As John Myers ran to police to report the theft, he had a thought, and quickly checked to see if the self-timer shots had snapped the bandit in action.

He was in luck. There was a clear shot of the would-be robber, caught on film.

“Clear as day, you can see the guy grabbing the bag,” Myers said.

It was good news for police.

“They just flew into action,” Myers said. “They walkie-talkied the description of the man and just caught him in like, five minutes.”

Apparently this criminal commits more than just acts of thefts. In fact, it was a crime of fashion that led police straight to him.

“The guy was wearing brown dress shoes, with denim shorts and a black t-shirt,” said Myers. “They said, ‘Who would wear such a combination? We have to find this guy right away.’”

And they did.

John Myers was in Portland for another friend’s wedding on Thursday, while Catherine and their two young children made the rounds of the talk show, claiming they’ve learned two valuable lessons: Thieves don’t dress well in Wisconsin, and hold onto your bags when you leave the Metropolitan area.

Wisconsin State Police arrested Glenn lambright, 59, who pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor theft.


One Comment

  1. Kimberly Michael says:

    Definitely Yellow Journalism!

  2. Kimberly Michael says:

    Did not question his behavior!!! Maybe you should re-read! Questioned all the other people involved! RE-READ!

  3. cindy lewis says:

    yellow journalism

  4. Kris Ericson says:

    You are questioning his behavior? Isn’t there something out of line here? I see poor judgement, danger to self and others, along with grossly inappropriate behavior. We have gotten out kicks now from this sad incident. Perhaps if we were a more caring society. Instead of bashing people worldwide and laughing about it we would instead try to help people. Spend some time in downtown Madison, perhaps You could make a difference.

  5. Kimberly Michael says:

    I don’t know how you know of his mental illness, but I thought it sure looked a bit more than just a fashion mishap. What got to me was the way the police, the victims and the news anchors laughed at the way this man was dressed. When there is obviously something else going on here. Anyway, again, I don’t know how you know about his mental disabilities, but thank you for bringing some new light on this subject.

  6. Kris Ericson says:

    This man has had numerous attempts from to help from family to people off the street.. Research has strongly indicated that to recover fully from a duel diagnosis disorder that person needs treatment for both problems. Of which he refuses help! Doctors in the past have had that very opportunity but have refused to get involved. Please watch your bags, this is as elementary as preschool. We all need to educate ourselves about the horrors of mental illness.

  7. Kimberly Michael says:

    What’s wrong with everyone from the police to the news anchors who reported this crime???? And I normally like most of the news anchors. Did anyone stop to think that maybe this thief had committed a “fashion crime” AND was going through this bag, is because he was possibly homeless or was somehow and for some reason left with no clothes, but the clothes on his back? No! I’m not saying what he did was right. But at least think about these problems this guy may have had, instead of laughing at the guy right off. It’s shameful what the economy in this country has caused. Now if he just chose those particular clothes to wear, well………that’s a whole other matter!

  8. Richard Weed says:

    Photoshop could have prevented this. Take the photo with the bag next to you, then use the clone tool to remove it afterwards.

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