NEW YORK (CBS 2) — It’s the nightmare a lot of people worry about when on family vacation: You put your bag down for a moment for the perfect family photo, and suddenly, it disappears.

One New Jersey family thought they were the victims of such an incident, but thanks to their digital camera’s self timer, their story has a happy ending.

The Myers family of Bloomfield, N.J., was posing for pictures at a friend’s wedding at the Wisconsin State Capital with their digital camera on a self-timer when all of a sudden they realized their bag, which they had put down 20 feet away, was gone.

“I thought our whole trip was ruined,” said Catherine Myers.

The bag was holding all kinds of the family’s possessions, including an iPad.

“All of our stuff was in that bag, our rental car keys…toys…all kinds of things,” said Myers.

As John Myers ran to police to report the theft, he had a thought, and quickly checked to see if the self-timer shots had snapped the bandit in action.

He was in luck. There was a clear shot of the would-be robber, caught on film.

“Clear as day, you can see the guy grabbing the bag,” Myers said.

It was good news for police.

“They just flew into action,” Myers said. “They walkie-talkied the description of the man and just caught him in like, five minutes.”

Apparently this criminal commits more than just acts of thefts. In fact, it was a crime of fashion that led police straight to him.

“The guy was wearing brown dress shoes, with denim shorts and a black t-shirt,” said Myers. “They said, ‘Who would wear such a combination? We have to find this guy right away.’”

And they did.

John Myers was in Portland for another friend’s wedding on Thursday, while Catherine and their two young children made the rounds of the talk show, claiming they’ve learned two valuable lessons: Thieves don’t dress well in Wisconsin, and hold onto your bags when you leave the Metropolitan area.

Wisconsin State Police arrested Glenn lambright, 59, who pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor theft.

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