Schmeelk in the Stands: Knicks-Carmelo Trade ‘Pipe Dream’

By John Schmeelk

After Adrian Wojnarowski’s great reporting Thursday night on the Carmelo Anthony-Denver Nuggets saga, Knicks fans everywhere seem to be clamoring at nearly the LeBron-James-free-agency level. I get the excitement to some extent, but I’ve purposely tried to avoid becoming too obsessed with Carmelo since it’s likely nothing would happen for quite some time.

Now, apparently, that is no longer the case. This is not a good thing for the Knicks, since at this moment they are very limited in what they can offer the Nuggets in a trade. As Wojnarowski pointed out, right now the Knicks don’t have the assets to offer Denver. Other teams do.

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The Knicks can’t trade a 1st round pick until 2014. Gallinari’s value is still not as great as his potential. Toney Douglas and Bill Walker are not valuable pieces to anyone. Eddy Curry’s only value is his expiring contract. If the Nuggets have in fact decided Carmelo Anthony needs to go right now, the Knicks are in trouble.

UNLESS – Carmelo Anthony decides the only team he’ll be willing to sign a contract extension with is the Knicks. No team would trade a king’s ransom for Anthony unless he agrees to sign an extension with them. This scenario would destroy any leverage the Nuggets have in getting any sort of fair value offer, and would put the Knicks in the driver’s seat. This scenario is VERY unrealistic, and can be classified under “pipe dream”.

The best case scenario for the Knicks is for the Nuggets to be stubborn, and hold onto Anthony through the start of the season. If Denver starts the year hot at 30-10 they wouldn’t trade Anthony at all, and go for the title. Then next offseason, the Knicks could acquire him for nothing but salary cap space. Like the scenario above, this is becoming more unrealistic by the day.

A more likely scenario is that the Nuggets hold out until the trade deadline to get the best trade possible for Anthony. The Knicks need to hope by then that Anthony Randolph, Danilo Gallinari, and Wilson Chandler, and possibly some others have played well and increased their value enough to be appealing to Denver. A lot of Knicks fans hate the idea of trading Gallinari for anyone, but let’s be real – for Carmelo Anthony it has to be done.

Of course, if Wojnarowski’s sources are good, it may never get to that point. Denver might decide to move Anthony now. If they do, it will be to the disappointment of a lot of Knicks fans, because odds are he won’t be coming to here.

Much like the LeBron James debacle from the summer –  if Anthony wants to come to the Knicks, he can engineer it. But if he decides the Clippers, Rockets or Nets are just as preferable, it’s a matter of what team the Nuggets can get the most out of. That team is NOT going to be the Knicks. Patience, in this case, would be a virtue.

Schmeelk Snippets

– I’m getting really tired of worrying and writing about players not on the Knicks roster. For once, the Knicks actually have a group of players that can win some games and make the playoffs. I’d love to worry about that instead of far-fetched trade or free agency scenarios.

– It’s a good thing that Danilo Gallinari has arrived in New York and is working out at the Knicks facility with a lot of his new teammates. The personality of the core players on the roster this year seems to be marking a character change this franchise has been begging for since Isiah Thomas arrived.

– Ricky Rubio will be a player in the NBA. After watching him in the FIBA prelims, it’s pretty obvious he has a great feel for the game, sees the floor well and passes like a true playmaker. He’ll never be a great scorer in the league. He isn’t a tremendous athlete, but his size and length will make up for some of that. I also firmly believe he will NEVER play a game for the Timberwolves.

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One Comment

  1. HEATxKILLER says:

    Melo is coming home Lebron left home

  2. DavidKahn says:

    You Knicks fans need to give up on the “Rubio will never be a T-Wolve” BS. He will play for the Timberwolves, and they will be a better team than your fallen dynasty.

    1. knicks4life says:

      The fallen dynasty is about to rise again mf.

  3. pressure says:

    I hope the the Knicks, don’t give up Randplph and Gallo for Melo. If the Knicks have to give up that much talent, it defeats the purpose of beating the Miami Heat. The Heat have three players and garbage,. I would rather the knicks to have three superstars and talent. If Melo don’t wait till free agency, forget about him. Move on!!!

  4. Truth Be Told says:

    Hey moron, the Knicks CAN trade the GS players.

    How do you fools get these jobs? You know nothing about the league and how it’s run. Stop reporting.

  5. Chris says:

    “You don’t think a team with Melo, Barron Davis, Gordon and Kaman would be pretty damn good?”

    No. Kaman is great, but Barron is getting older and in my opinion has lost a step. E. Gordon’s only real strength is his shooting. Plus, I’m pretty sure the Clips don’t offer the cap structure to pick up CP3. And, I don’t think Melo would want to play in Kobe’s arena.

  6. mike debo says:

    This is the NBA, cant the knicks trade Mark Jackson, Xavier McDaniels and Brian Quinette’s expiring contracts. During the playoffs i saw kerry kettles sittign on someones bench for goodness sakes. NBA is a joke.

  7. chris says:

    All three golden state players can be traded during the off season and to the same team to boot b/c Knicks are under the cap. Felton cannot be traded until December because he was a free agent and there is a 6 month abeyance period on trades for free agents.

    Houston does not have the young rebulding pieces Denver wants. Clips, Nets, and NY do. Melo will most likely not sign an extension with the Nets or Clippers if Lopez or Griffin is involved as that will essentially ruin those clubs. Melo wants to build his super three now, not later.

    He is in his prime now. The only team to do this is NY (provided they don’t take on JR Smiths K).

    1. knickfan says:

      I would have to disagree about the Clippers. You don’t think a team with Melo, Barron Davis, Gordon and Kaman would be pretty damn good?

      I think he won’t go to the clips because they have NEVER been good and he would be in Kobe’s shadow.

  8. knickfan says:

    The anti-knick bias is crazy. you’re telling me a trade where the knicks give up Gallo, chandler, buike, Curry’s expiring, and 2014 pick for anthony and Smith (who recently got in more trouble and Denver is looking to dump) would not be attractive to Denver.

    Houston is an attractive destination? Yao is never going to be healthy and is one injury away from calling it a career. You think Anthony is excited about Kevin martin (ball hog) and Luis scola (admittedly a nice, but not great player on the level of Amare)

    New jersey scares me though. They have assets and picks, but what do they have after Harris (injury issues)? They will have to give up Lopez in a deal and Favors is a project.

    Melo will choose where he goes because a team will not trade for him unless he agrees to an extension. Knicks look like the front-runners (clips are a joke and melo is not gonna be second fiddle to the lakers in kobe’s town)

    1. john says:

      Are u a freakin idiot knickfan. The rockets can offer brooks martin expiring contracts. Not to mention a trade exceotion and both new yorks picks. Lol.

      1. knickfan says:

        why in the hell would Melo sign an extension with the rockets if they don’t have Brooks and Martin? He is not going to Houston and keep his fingers crossed that Yao stays healthy. I explained why Melo has a lot of leverage, or is that to complicated for you to understand?

  9. knickfan says:

    I’ve heard that the NY/GS trade was structured in a way that AR, Turiaf, Buike could be traded during the offseason.

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