No Jail Time For NY Men Who Blew Up Turtle

KNOX, N.Y. (AP) — Three New York brothers arrested after they videotaped themselves blowing up a turtle have avoided harsh punishment.

Tyson, James and Seth Pincher, of Knox, pleaded guilty Friday to a non-criminal disorderly conduct charge.
The violation is no more serious than a speeding ticket. It carries no jail time.

The men and two alleged accomplices originally faced animal abuse charges, but those counts were dropped or downgraded, in part because the statute of limitations expired.

Police arrested the men last September after discovering the videotape while searching the home of a suspect in an unrelated case.

They found guns, homemade bombs and a video in which a group of men tortured a turtle and then killed it with a pipe bomb.

An attorney for Tyson Pincher called the brothers, “basically decent, hardworking people.”

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  • Bogman44

    It seems to be something common between children who abuse animals turning out to be disturbed adults. Although they are on their way to having lives as town fools or worse, here’s hoping they do some good for the animals they have hurt.

  • Marlene

    We should all write to the person who did the article, letting he/she know how we feel. Then we should write to our Representatives & let them know how outraged we are that these idiots did this horrific thing & that no one seems to be taki…ng it seriously, especially in terms of punishment.
    If someone is really good at letter writing, they could write a sample letter that we could all sign & send…expressing the connection to becoming abusers of humans in short time! At least our voices would be heard on behalf of this poor turtle (& other victims)

  • Melissa

    These guys needed to go into in house treatment at a local prison cell. Guys like these need to be taken off the streets. I agree with the comments here, wouldn’t that have been a terroristic act against the animal and community? I would have loved to have strapped on a case of C-4 to these AHoles with a remote control in my hand and let them sweat for a few days! Then push the button!

  • Tortoiseman

    Sick,sick,Cruel Non-Compassionate SOB’s.Let me have A stab at justice!.Look at that poor,cute innocent face!3254781

  • Laura Ledet

    Ok, let me get this straight. Its “OK” to torture and kill an innocent, defenseless animal as long as you’re not caught doing it until AFTER the statute of limitations??!! Does this judge not understand that people who perform these acts are seriously psychologically messed up and will go on to perform more acts of cruelty and violence? And was there no concern for the other pipe bombs and things they found? HELLO…….that seems to be a no-brainer here. Did the judge think these guys were just planning for a really great Halloween fireworks exhibition?!
    Honestly, I think the judge needs his head analyzed right along with these men. What horrible story and what a terrible example that’s been made by those awful men getting off without repercussion. Let’s not forget the words of Ghandi: “The Greatness of a Nation is judged by its treatment of animals”.
    Gee, guess what guys, we just failed……..miserably.

  • John Halle

    sounds like sombody’s got their head up their ass

  • Ted Sebastian

    Maybe they meant indecent and hardworking murderers. Who’s their next victim?

  • Stevi Cay

    I’m sorry, did you say decent and hardworking people?, I do not know any decent and hardworking people that would “tortured a turtle and then killed it with a pipe bomb”!

  • marina

    i studied psychology and what scares me is that , at least , therapy should have applied here, and , i guess it wasnt
    it starts , usually , with animal cruelty, and ends up with spouse/child abuse and beatings

  • Ted Sebastian

    I’m sure if someone blew them up with a pipe bomb, there would be federal charges of many kinds, probably including hate crimes. Any fool can make a pipe bomb. “Vengeance is Mine” sayeth The Lord “I will repay.” Oh, the many ways The Lord is able to repay.

  • Katky

    My guess is the Lazy Prosecutor didn’t care to mess with this.

    And their attorney should be ashamed.

  • Kathy

    James Tyson and Seth Pincher of Knox, NY. I’m sure they’ll not have an easy time of it from here out. Here’s hoping.

  • Jessica

    How could anyone think that hurting an animal is a good idea? Oh, I dunno, maybe it has something to do with the fact that we torture, then slaughter millions of animals a year, except it’s considered OK because we’re eating them. Yeah, these guys are creeps alright, but it’s not like they weren’t conditioned by society telling them, “Killing animals cruelly for whatever purpose you choose — food, clothing, etc — is fine.”

  • Bong Mejia

    that will be the 1st step towards crime and there will be another..
    need to teach them a lesson , before it is too M

  • Marlena

    I am all for punishing animal abusers!! I feel that they should get the same treatment as they gave the poor defensless turtle !!
    If they can dish it out then they can take it !!!
    That goes for any child or animal abuser !!!!

  • mike

    I never met a decent attorney!

  • Andrew

    Anyone who would harm a defenseless, inoffensive reptile like a turtle ought to be doing serious jail time, not to mention psychiatric sessions.

  • Julie

    Decent people? Sure glad they don’t live next to me. Keep them in Knox town! I’d hate to have ‘decent’ people living next to me.

  • Martha Power

    The system doesn’t work. It is incapable of critical thought. That the torture of the innocent being is horrendous enough, they should have the book thrown at them, everyone missed the point that that kind of thing only escalates.

    And, George, yes, I thought the pipe bomb was FEDERAL..

  • John Z

    I bet they hate Obama too.

  • George Scott

    What about the terrorist device they exploded – the PIPE BOMB . ???
    Isn’t that FEDERAL ???????

  • jerry/

    thes gus should be made to work in a animal abuse shelter for 5 years for no pay !!

  • T.Ped

    They sound like sick people to me.

  • janice carley

    Horrible comment on humanity. This is a defenseless animal and certainly did not deserve this cruelty. They should be fined at the very least.

  • Willow

    Somebody needs to blow them up.

  • rob

    “Hard working” maybe, “basically decent”, hardly.

  • Michael Gourdine

    It’s a “TURTLE” for crying out loud!

  • peter

    If the statute of limitations had expired on the animal cruelty, then how could it not be expired on a disorderly conduct violation?

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