Continental Airlines Offers $1000 Reward For Missing Dog

NEWARK, N.J. (CBS 2) — The search is on for a canine from California believed to be roaming the streets of New Jersey.

Four-year-old Daisy is thousands of miles from home, but has become a familiar face in a Newark neighborhood where many people have spotted her.

Continental Airlines was transporting Daisy, a Golden Lab/Shepherd mix, from Syracuse to San Diego, when she broke free from her leash during a layover at Newark Liberty International Airport.

That was 14 days ago, and since then the crew from Rescue Ink has been combing the streets of Newark, posting and handing out signs with Daisy’s picture.

The airline is offering a $1000 reward.

“This is a house dog, now she’s in the street,” said Joe Panz of Rescue Ink. “She’s dealing with street dogs now. This dog has to survive where others thrive.”

Salsa, a sniffer dog, detected Daisy’s scent in several areas near South Orange Ave and South 10th Ave Monday night.

Daisy’s family in San Diego said she is a friendly dog who loves people, and that they are praying she’ll be found.

Dawn Wilson said she’s seen Daisy twice.

“If I see her again I’ll call that number,” Wilson said. “I know she’s like a child to them.”

And after two weeks on the streets with no food or water on these hot summer nights, searchers hope Daisy will be able to survive long enough to be found and go home.

Continental Airlines said they are diligently looking for Daisy as well. They have twice flown the missing dog’s family to Newark from San Diego to help with the search.


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  1. RMD says:

    They found Daisy!!!

  2. Madonna says:

    This happens a lot …a client of mine had a dog ~Shepherd get loose at airport in BC?Alberta, can’t remember…he ran for a week before they got him. K9 officer who shipped him travelled there to help find him and he did. Happy tail !!

  3. Trix says:

    I actually applaud Continental for their efforts to find this dog. In the best world, it wouldn’t have happened at all, but it wasn’t done on purpose or with malice. Things happen.

    Unlike Delta who lost that little dog in Mexico, they are not trying to cover anything up and say “too bad so sad.”

    Continental is being VERY responsive: They are offering a reward, they have flown the family out twice, they are getting Rescue, Inc. involved for some media coverage which will certainly help.

    A good solution to dogs lost from Airports would be to have a fenced-in area. Then the dogs are not allowed out of their crate for a comfort-stop/potty break until they are in the fenced-in area.

    My heart goes out to this family and I hope they find their beloved pal very soon. I know I would be a mess if MY dog were missing like this.

  4. Reese says:

    I sure as heck hope they find her…. If I was that family I would have a lawsuit out on this air line!!! What I worry about is someone stealing her for fighting purposes etc… Instead of calling the number right away people should try to call her, feed, or water her and then call the number once they have her in their care. If shes a nice dog then she should be an easy wrangle… I go after any dog i see running around with no master, yard, or collar… I signed a promise that i would do so!!!! Please find this baby… I’m praying they do!!!

  5. Virginia says:

    I hope they find her…I know good and kind people still exist in this world…someone probably gave her water and food…I pray they find her…

  6. Maureen Sheridan says:

    You have a valid point there. I agree. However, we (The Animal House Jamaica) ship animals to adoptive homes in the USA all the time and this scares me. It is not acceptable. Neither is the death of seven dogs which recently occurred on an American Airlines domestic flight, nor the loss of a rescued dog ion a Delta flight in Mexico. Airlines must be held accountable for their negligence and the only way they feel it is through their bottom line.

    1. Virginia says:

      You are so right….they need to be alot more responsible…I would never travel with my big dog on a plane…I rather drive if possible or leave him with my son…I have heard some horrible stories on how they treat the the animals on the aiplanes…no sympathy, and they are afraid…sorry not me…

  7. Sneaker Geek says:

    Who cares about how much the reward is. Who ever finds her should feel the joy of reward from doing a good deed. I hope she is safe and returns home. =[

  8. Maureen Sheridan says:

    I agree with Selema. Continental can afford – and should offer – $20,000.

  9. selema says:

    The reward is less. It should have been around $20,000.We are dealing with a life of an innocent dog who let free by those lazy airline workers.Its a family member and everyone in the family is devastated.

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