Picking That Perfect Pet: Tips from the ASPCA

Are you thinking about getting a cat or a dog?  Do you know their “canineality or “felineality?  What about yours?

The Humane Society of the United States estimates that as many as eight million animals end up in shelters across the country each year, and roughly fifty percent are euthanized.

Here in New York, the ASPCA, the country’s oldest animal welfare organization, took in 4, 090 animals in 2009.  Nearly 3,800 found forever homes.

ASPCA Senior Vice President Gail Buchwald, says unfortunately, many of the dogs and cats that are brought to shelters are surrendered by owners who got the animal without first asking themselves some important questions.  “We see pet acquisition as being right up there with all the major life decisions”, says Buchwald.  “It’s like that house you’re going to live in for twenty years, that car your going to drive a hundred thousand miles, that person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with.”

She also encourages people to make adoption their first option.

And so, if you’re thinking about bringing a four legged family member into your home, Gail has some tips on what to consider, in the latest edition of All For Animals with 1010WINS News Anchor, Susan Richard.

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  1. Sally Rogers says:

    Isnt this the same ASPCA who killed a beloved lost household pet dog last year? They lied and made up all kinds of lame excuses as to why they killed the dog that was brought in???

  2. I was born a stray and found by my Pets after my mother abandoned me. My new little sister was dumped at my he-Pet’s farm and left to fend for herself when she was obviously tame and had never been outside before.
    Just because we can’t talk doesn’t mean we aren’t scared and lonely. Think before you get a pet!

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