Vandals Torch 4 Vehicles In Whitestone, Queens

NEW YORK (CBS 2/1010 WINS) — Some residents on a quiet Queens street woke up to find their cars in flames.

img 44631 Vandals Torch 4 Vehicles In Whitestone, Queens

John Riccobono with his truck torched in his driveway in Whitestone (Photo/Juliet Papa)

Police said someone set fire to four vehicles on 9th Avenue in Whitestone early Tuesday.

LISTEN: 1010 WINS’ Juliet Papa reports from Whitestone

Some were in the street, some were in driveways and at least one of the fires spread to an owner’s home.

“I looked out the window and I saw the flames, it was blazing and I called 911,” Marcy Ciardello told 1010 WINS.

Another dozen cars were keyed in a vandalism spree across a four block area.

Investigators dusted for prints and located a security camera that may have caught the culprits on video, CBS 2’s John Slattery reports.

“At first I didn’t know why my truck went on fire, then I found out that three other cars, three other vehicles on the block were also set on fire,” said John Riccobono of Malba.

“It was bright red,” Riccobono said. “At first I thought the house next door was on fire. When I looked closer I noticed it was my truck in the driveway.”

Riccobono used a house to douse the fire until the fire department came.

“I start to cry. You know, it’s a beautiful car,” Jerry Cota said talking about his GMC Dinali that went up in flames.

“We don’t know why, unless they were kids that were drinking, we have no idea what could’ve happened. No idea,” said Lisa Pekaris of Malba.

Detectives have been canvassing the area. No arrests were made.


One Comment

  1. Gina says:

    It makes me sick what is going on in the POLICE depts these days, they chase cars that pass lights as if the person committed a murder, but when there is a serious crime, too many hide like cowards… need another example, how’s this one!!!!

  2. No1_Hater says:

    I must agree with Gina on this one. Walk into a police precinct and youll see what I mean. You can tell right off the bat more then half of them are misrable and dont even want to be there. Its a horrible sight. Loss of motivation and the will to work leads to poor job performance, which leads to unexceptable crimes like this, and thats exactly what is happening to the police around Whitestone and other places. They have lost thier “drive” to fight crime. Simply put, they stopped putting 100% behind thier efforts. And we all know that if your a police officer and not putting in 100% in your job your useless, unreliable and selling yourself short right off the bat because being a police officer is putting your life on the line everyday. so why wouldnt you put 100% into what you do?

    PS For the love of GOD. Raise the bar for the cop exams and tests. Do you see some of the cops these days? Young kids that I used to see smoking weed on the street corners. Common guys… pick it up…

  3. cygon says:

    someone “…. used aHOUSE to douse the fire”???!!!!!!

  4. Harriet says:

    Gee Gina, aren’t you being a bit hard on our HEROS, ya know the folks who put their lives on the line everyday, on wages which would never afford a house in MELBA, or perhaps we would just pay them minimum wage without benefits, then they can retire after 20+ years of service and live on cat food, that should entire the best qualified people to join on the force.

    1. Gina says:

      Gee nothing… I know MANY that were on the job… and now at 40yrs old some are collecting $100,000+ and they admitted how they ran the other way when they saw trouble, but went after anyone who ran a yellow light as if they committed MURDER… so don’t try this HERO stuff on me!

      The true HEROS are few (who I have respect for) and sadly they get laughed for trying to do the right thing!

      1. Gina says:

        I guess this is one the HEROS you’re talking about right… WHO REFUSED to help a little girl who is NOW DEAD!

    2. Gina says:

      You seriously need to wake up my dear!

  5. Laurie Britton says:

    I would check the auto body shops in the area – I was the victim of an insurance scam some years back – “chop shops” aka auto body shops in Whitestone and College Point were stealing cars, then vandalizing them, and abandoning them.

  6. Gina says:

    Too many LOSERS are roaming the Whitestone area and the 109pct ignores or laughs when we make complaints, enough is enough!!

    We pay their income & will pay their PENSION… time for them to step up & patrol this area in the evenings and not just now that this happened, but indefinitely!!

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