Welcome To Kiryas Joel: Please Dress Accordingly

KIRYAS JOEL, N.Y. (CBS 2) — You may never see a more unusual “Welcome” sign in Orange County.

A sign in Kiryas Joel, the Hasidic Jewish enclave, is evoking mixed reaction.

Monroe resident Jessica Pantalemon stopped to cash a check in Kiryas Joel wearing a bright pink tank top and white shorts. She said she noticed scowling faces.

“Just from the women, mostly,” she said. “The guys let me walk by, the women stop and stare, start whispering to each other…I just ignore them.”

The tradition in the village of Satmar Hasidic Jews is modesty. Even on the hottest of days, most residents cover up from head to toe. But visitors don’t necessarily follow that tradition, and now the main synagogue is asking them to comply.

Congregation Yetev Lev posted signs at the village’s entrance – in both English and Spanish – asking outsiders to cover their legs and arms, use appropriate language and maintain gender separation in public.

“It’s a way of respect,” said one resident.

In fact, most residents say it’s simply a polite reminder to respect the local culture, and many visitors take the signs in that spirit.

“It’s nice to request that people behave in a way respect to their beliefs,” said Barry Kaufmann of Wantagh.

But the sign struck a sour note with some.

“They’re telling us that we can’t come into their community unless we dress a certain way,” said Adia Parker, an Orange County resident.

“I feel like my constitutional rights are being violated,” said Tyrone Wheeler, a day laborer in the village seeking work.

A village trustee pointed out the signs said nothing about consequences for violating these guidelines – because there are no consequences.

“We’re not threatening anyone,” said Rabbi Jacob Freund. “Everybody is free to come in and be the same, like all other places in the United States.”

So dressing like Jessica Pantalemon may elicit a scowl, but it won’t earn you a summons.

The New York Civil Liberties Union said because the signs were paid for privately and are not on public land and they pass constitutional muster.


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  1. Todd F. says:

    “They’re telling us that we can’t come into their community unless we dress a certain way,” said Adia Parker, an Orange County resident. “I feel like my constitutional rights are being violated.”

    LMAO. Every time you do anything in life, some liberal thinks their constitutional rights are violated. They don’t even read or believe in the principles embedded in the Constitution but boy do they want to sue!

    1. The Duke says:

      Parker gets an additional fail too. They’re ASKING, not FORCING, people to dress a certain way. It’s not a violation of one’s constitutional rights to get ASKED to do something. She’d be free to ignore it anyway.

    2. D-12 Killa says:

      Parker’s obviously free to be a moron. Wish we could criminalize that at times.

    3. Chris F. says:

      Todd, I’m curious – what makes you assume that Adia Parker and Tyrone Wheeler are liberals? I re-read the article and didn’t see where it mentioned which political idealism they fell under? It simply says “Orange County Resident” and “Day Laborer.” Did I miss some fine print somewhere? Or are you just assuming they are liberal to champion your own personal set of political values?

      1. Japes Macfarland says:

        re your response to Todd. It is just a fact these days that the patterns in life which indicate a person’s world view have become quite distinct. For example, if you believe in global warming than you are also likely to be pro abortion pro redefining marriage generally pro bigger government in most every area of life (although you never want to admit that…but it’s true) and less likely to go to church and believe that the bible is word of God, and so on. So one can argue for what seems a completely unrelated issue, like whether there should be a joint tip jar at the end of a night in your restaurant, or if each server should keep exactly what they specifically earn, and one can easily, usually, guess whether you are ‘liberal’ or not.
        By the way, and this is important to note…if most all college kids these days were given a speech by JFK today without his name on it, and had to guess which party wrote it, they would guess that it was written by a Republican. The Democratic party has been almost completely taken over by leftists. There are no more real liberals in power any-more.

  2. mikey says:

    this is as bad or worse than the muslim’s treatment of women…..put em all on an island the viola, the world is free of that problem forever.

    1. Dangling Modifier says:

      Which one: muslims or women?

      1. dbdbdbdb says:


    2. Rick says:

      Really? So if you ask me not to blow cigarette smoke in your face, I can reasonably respond by stoning you to death?

    3. The Duke says:

      mikey, RTFA. You can’t compare the treatment of women by SOME Muslims to this, a POLITE REQUEST that you are free to ignore. This is not Sharia law. This is an appeal to decency. You don’t have to through with it, and if you do choose to act otherwise, there’s no legal ramifications. Your comment about “put[ting] em all on an island” is very sad and hateful.

  3. Gary says:

    Everyone needs to relax. This sign is not nearly as bad as the Commandment to “Have A Nice Day” and about as much of an infringement on your Constitutional rights. BTW, nice butt.

  4. timinseattle says:

    Jessica Pantalemon has a nice bottom, I am happy to look at it anywhere she wants to show it off. Thanks Jessica

  5. adam says:

    It’s privately paid for sign on private property. If the sign were taken down it would be their rights that are violated. No one is violating anyones rights by putting a privately paid for sign on private property

  6. Robin says:

    If you don’t live in that community, then I don’t see why it’s any of your business if they want to have a dress code. I don’t agree that it violates the Constitution at all. I believe the Constitution was written to protect the ability of individuals AND communities to decide what is best for them, rather than have some big autocratic government make the rules for them. Have some common decency people. You wouldn’t prance around an Amish community in a string bikini, would you?

  7. Gedalyah by the River says:

    I had the pleasure of knowing one of the great orthodox Rabbis of America; this wonderful man was a student of the highly regarded Rabbi of the last century, the Chofetz Haim. This Rabbi stressed two things, Jewish learning and “mentchleheit.” In the Jewish tradition, a mentch is someone who does the right thing no matter what. Mentchliheit is the understanding what it is to be a mentch.

    So in this situation, the traditions of dress are well understood. but the mentch thing to do is, when someone comes into the community dressed in a way that might offend the community’s standards, someone should offer a shawl or coat so that the guest is welcome in the way our forefather Abraham taught us and politely request the honored guest put on the covering.

    But what do I know?

    1. Rick says:

      Holy Cow! I appreciate what you are trying to say here, but that would REALLY cause an uproar. You’re likely to get sued in that instance. At least in this one, people are hard-pressed to figure out who to sue.

    2. DBinVA says:

      You know, that’s the best solution yet. Instead of scowling, offer (notice I said OFFER) something for the person to cover up. It’s polite and gets the point across. As a girl raised in the deep south Bible belt, I can relate. It sounds like something my grandma would’ve done.

  8. Focus like a laser beam says:

    Why is this a story? It is deflection. CBS trying to prove we are not a tolerant country because the muslims want to put up a mosque in NYC, and all of the protests about that. This is a perfectly constitutional thing to do. The town did not put up this sign, a private group placed it. The town has no way to enforce these requests. So what if someone frowns at you for wearing shorts. I frown at stupid kids that wear their pants down to the bottom of their butts. I frown at trucks that have bull balls hanging off the back bumper. I frown at cars that play rap music playing at the gas station while they are putting fuel in their cars. You can’t legislate good taste or respect for others. So everyone here that is up in arms about the Constitution, you are way off base, just realize this story has nothing to do with what is being written. Its deflection.

  9. Montebello says:

    Good grief people! It’s only a modest request to respect their customs. More power to them. Heck, Americans dress like slobs these days: men wearing hats in restaurants, pants worn below the buttocks, obese women in atrociously tight stretch pants with cellulite hanging out all over the place, vulgar language printed on clothes. Yuck. Go to any Walmart for an amazing display of this sartorial splendor.

    And you anti-Semites – look into the mirror before you blast others whom you know nothing about. And you others who pontificate on your supposed constitutional rights to dress like a dirtbag: please read the damn Constitution first, if you indeed are able. There ain’t nothing in there about your right to pollute my vista.

    1. MIke - New York City says:

      Excellent comment. Thank you.

  10. Klaus Fuchs says:

    What is so wrong about a town that expresses a preference for modesty and wishes to curtail crass, rude behavior? Those Jews should be congratulated for their wisdom in this case, not criticized.

    If more Americans thought as they do on this issue anyway, the country would have far fewer problems and would present far less of an affront to the LORD, who, in case anyone has not noticed, is in the process of visiting encroaching JUDGEMENT upon the land, for it’s idolatry and rebellion against Him. Go ahead and mock and scorn the LORD and His anointed – you will, ultimately, never win – because, mark my words – He, your creator, in the one in control.

    If you do not like the town of KJ, then why go there? Just to be obnoxious?

  11. Ben says:

    Actually, this is the way our country was intended to be. Local communities having the most influence over what is acceptable in their backyard. No one’s rights are being violated, if you don’t like that community’s standards, go to another one or don’t visit.

    Me, I’ve always appreciated a good looking woman in short shorts and a halter top!

  12. Greycoat says:

    It would be nice if the women dressed like they did in the ’50’s, i.e. ladies, but today Femi-Nazis and “this is my RIGHT so screw you” folks have the right to dress like sluts and no one is denying them. They are just asking you be considerate of others, but this is a selfish ME ME ME generation.

  13. Prester John says:

    I’d rather visit Kiryas Joel than clothing-optional Brattleboro VT where the town council voted that it was alright for teenagers to skateboard in the nude downtown. One has a culture that one can respect. The other shows a complete void of culture or common sense to support a mistaken notion of personal freedom.

  14. Maynard says:

    Take a look at “People of Wal-mart”. It makes this request seem like a great idea.

    1. Rick says:

      Maynard said “Take a look at “People of Wal-mart”. It makes this request seem like a great idea.”

      Serious-FREAKIN-ly! Doesn’t my stomach have some kind of right not to be forcibly emptied every time I need to pick up some Cheerios?!?!

      1. jONIE says:

        People have lost the sense of modesty…How “ignorant” to be in public with have your breasts being seen and not even caring about it….Let this rest…Biblical speaking, for any who Believe the Bible’s teachings, we are instructed to be modest. The “world” is in serious shape…Thank God for someone trying to set a standard of decency…

    2. dbdbdbdb says:

      I’m with you there, friend.

  15. samg says:

    Ahhh … good ole sharia law…. you asked for it and now its here.
    Hows that hope and change working for ya?

    YES HE CAN …

    1. Mike says:

      Obviously this has nothing to do with “sharia law” or any other law.

      Besides, I thought liberalism would allow for a group of people to gather together and implement rules for themselves?

    2. Sue says:

      You obviously haven’t been around here for the past 20 months..NO HE CAN’T…do anything worthwhile

  16. John M says:

    I suggest Bruce bite a weenie.

    1. Elton John says:

      ¬____¬ he probably does….

    2. U NO HOO says:


  17. John says:

    There’s absolutely no difference in this community asking politely for folks to do this and folks asking the 9/11 Mosque founders to not build near ground zero. If you allow the folks in the community to politely ASK, then you must allow and believe in the right of the anti-ground-zero mosque folks ask that the mosque not be built.

    1. JustMe says:

      True. The problem is that both sides want the other to be tolerant. The town put up the sign asking that people dress a certain way. If a visitor isn’t dressed as they requested, will the citizens of that town be tolerant.
      Same with the Ground Zero mosque. The builders want us to be tolerant of their decision to build there. We’d like them to be tolerant of our feelings and not build there. Resule? A stalemate.

  18. Editor at Small says:

    “The New York Civil Liberties Union said because the signs were paid for privately and are not on public land and they pass constitutional muster.”

    Can complete sentences be used? Is there an editor in the house?

  19. meh says:

    The constitution does not guarantee you the right to never be offended, get over it. Tolerance means to put up with something, you don’t have to like it, or even approve of it, just tolerate it.

  20. Bruce says:

    I suggest a flamboyant gay pride parade down Main Street.

    1. crank says:

      Why, Brucie? Why on earth would you do something to create more conflict?

      1. The Duke says:

        Because conflict creates emotional tension, which is apparently Bruce’s modus operandi.

  21. joeyg says:

    YOU LIBERALS are always invoking your right to do something (usually idiotic or disgusting), but when someone else does it, you have a problem with it if its moralistic or not in line with your “Progressive” radical views.

  22. Rick vV says:

    Read the last few lines in the article. They are asking a favor, without consequence. If you don’ t like it, don’t go to town.
    “A village trustee pointed out the signs said nothing about consequences for violating these guidelines – because there are no consequences.

    “We’re not threatening anyone,” said Rabbi Jacob Freund. “Everybody is free to come in and be the same, like all other places in the United States.”

    So dressing like Jessica Pantalemon may elicit a scowl, but it won’t earn you a summons.”

  23. Yiddish Steel says:

    Is it too much to ask for men to dress like men and the women not to walk around in the modern day uniform of the tart. Seriously! If you’re going to wear your halter top and ass cup shorts in public, expect to be greeted with a scowl from people that cherish just a little modesty in the way one dresses.

    1. Hmm.... says:

      Couldn’t they scowl at people before the sign was put up? Was the sign really necessary?

      1. bladyblah says:

        haha good one!

  24. Mike says:

    Nice booty, Jessica!

    1. Mel Gibson ^___^ says:

      LOLZA Thanks Mike! This was a welcome relief to all those who are taking this too seriously.

    2. Chris says:

      Mike’s got it right, Nice booty indeed. You all need to lighten up a bit….

  25. Jan Ignace says:

    It’s good to see a community where modesty and decent human behavior takes precedence rather than the usual moral depravity that is now so commonplace among the Left especially.

    1. D-12 Killa says:

      Agreed Jan.

  26. Becca says:

    Private property. The sign can say whatever it wants. That doesn’t mean you have to comply. This is the U.S. of A. The sign is a request, not a law. If the community makes you feel unwelcome, well I just wouldn’t choose to support their economy by patronizing it. The same would be true if it were a muslim community or a nudist colony. Feel free to ignore it.

  27. Mommynator says:

    Apparently, ignorance amongst people who squawk about the Constitution and Bill of Rights is something to be proud of.

    Those two documents are supposed to protect you from the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, not to regulate private transactions or states or local communities setting up standards.

    These people have every right to ask that you respect their community.

    You have every right not to go there if you insist on showing your private parts all over the place.

    And to Embarassed to be a Jew – they should be embarassed by you and your ignorance.

  28. Maxine says:

    I wish there were more towns that way. The cloths worn these days show more then necessary.

    1. Donnie says:

      Shows more than necessary? What’s more than necessary? It’s just a sign on private property. Live and let live. We all know many Muslims are intolerant, and lack
      common sense. This is just a simple request, not a command. I believe Jess needs a bit more padding on her backside, the women that starred at her may have been
      envying her little beautiful body. :-)_

  29. RPL says:

    You guys can’t equate modesty with Hitler! That’s beyond laughable and totally pathetic. What’s wrong with behaving properly and not running around town practically naked? It’s like having a sign up asking people not to litter. No one wants to see your nasty bits hanging out.

    1. Becca says:

      I hardly think a pair of shorts and a t-shirt is exposing “your nasty bits.” It’s summer. It’s hot. No one is telling them they can’t dress as they please. So it really needs to work both ways. That said, it’s not a law. It’s a sign. Feel free to ignore it.

      1. deebee says:

        I have a feeling they are going to see an influx of people visiting wearing t-shirts and shorts–just because they can. This might just backfire.

  30. mickey says:

    Sounds like an interesting place to visit, at least you kow you won’t get mugged by a crip or bombed by a muzzie. It’s nice to see people with standards of behavior.

  31. IXLR8 says:

    Take down the sign and put up a mosque.

    If you don’t like it, stick your neck out and await the sword.

  32. Embarrassed to be a Jew says:

    As an American Jew who lives near “them”, I am thoroughly embarrassed and offended. They act the same way on the road, which puts all our lives in danger. It’s one step closer to Hilter wanting things “his” way. The Hassids are fotgetting that. Kiras Joel is an obomination to Orange Cty. – it’s the only area that looks like a slum with so many collectingwelfare. They must be stopped. Also, please don’t compare reform and conservative jews to the Hassids/Orthadox Jews — we dislike their ignorance just as much as anyone else.

    1. willy says:

      ‘it;s the only area that looks like a slum w/ so many collecting welfare’
      Could you explain that?

    2. H. Harary says:

      I am a Syrian Orthodox Jew, does that make me ignorant? Just because I am orthodox? There is more than one type of religious Jews. Don’t paint a picture of religious Jews based on one community. If you are embarrased to be a Jew then you don’t have to be one. Idiot.

      1. Not offended says:

        G-d bless you, my friend! As a conservative Christian, I’m thankful that I’ve been “adopted’ into your family!

    3. Shocked by the stupidity says:

      OMG!!! I honestly cant believe there are soooooo many ignorant and stupid Americans out there. Nobody is FORCING you to do anything. Theyre just asking. is it not ur freedom to prance around the streets naked? why can u get summonsed for doing that ? And for those who called that place SLUM? kids dont bring guns to school there…parents dont beat their kids to death there…spouses dont kill each other sooo get urself educated.

    4. Proud to be a Jew says:

      Are you really ‘Embarrassed to be a Jew? Why don’t you go find some religion you can be proud of? God doesn’t want people to live in shame.

      I wonder if any one has reported on this communities incredible amount of charity and organizations dedicated to helping others in financial, medical or emotional needs. Kiryat Joel is full of people who consider it their sacred duty to commit huge resources to help those in need. Maybe CBS can do a study on the amazing support structure that these people have created where if someone has fallen on hard times practically everyone will rise up and contribute time and money to making sure that person can get back on their feet.

      I am an orthodox Jew and I love our communities because they are amazing. They are safe and peaceful and full of hard working, entrepreneurial helpful people.

      If some of the detractors writing or reading these posts were to visit I’m sure you would leave with a new found respect.

      1. Raffi says:

        Wow, Proud Jew, thats great that your community helps people in need.I have just one question. Do you have to be Jewish to get help from them?

  33. route17traveler says:

    Does this portend things to come?

    I’ll act with civility and politeness at all times.

    This town is not a house, its not a gated community. They have not yet ceded from the Union yet. So
    I find their sign offensive.

    Keep your religious beliefs and scowling attitudes to yourself and your community members.

    All Americans have to be vigilant against fundamentalist beliefs trampling our civil rights.

    1. Cynth says:

      You contradict your own thought. If I came to you to tell you about Jesus Christ who loves you you would probably tell me off in your own way…but I have that right according to the civil right! Yet this community has no rights? hypocrisy.

    2. The Duke says:

      RTFA. This is a request, not a law. You’re free to ignore it to no legal consequence. This isn’t “fundamentalist beliefs trampling our civil rights”, it’s them making a request well within their rights. No one is forcing you to dress that way, nor to convert to their religion.

  34. Jimmy says:

    Not! I would not try to be disrespectful but this is America and I have freedoms. Sorry KJ but that’s too bad.

    1. Not offended says:

      Jimmy, if your freedoms trump their values and sensitivities, then you might be an American, but you’re not a nice person. If ignoring their request isn’t “disrespectful,” then what is?

    2. The Duke says:

      No one is forcing you to shelve your freedoms. RTFA. It’s a request that is free to be ignored, not a legal compulsion.

  35. ThinkerNJ says:

    As a kid I took our constitution for granted. NOT ANYMORE!!

    1. The Duke says:

      ThinkerNJ, how does this sign violate your constitutional rights? How does the REQUEST (which is not legally enforced and therefore no punishment will be meted out…as stated in the article, of all things) violate your constitutional rights?

  36. trudy says:

    to all you guys that say this discriminates against women, please read the sign. The sign also says no coarse language and to try to maintain a distance between the sexes addiotionally i am sure that they would not like certain t shirts you see these days that guys wear with cussing on them. This is not discrimination against men or women, they are just asking that people shopuld act in public in many ways how people in the 1940’s -fifties suburbia acted in america. A guy never went in public (or anywhere)wearing four letter words and a proper women never went out in shorts except to the beach. I miss those days

  37. anono1 says:

    How many people have visited the amish in pennsylvania? Remember you are constantly reminded not to curse in front of them and try to act modestly and even though you are paying to visit their tourist sites no picture taking as it offends their religion. Why is this so different? Different customs different folks they are merely making a request.

  38. Keira says:

    The negative comments are born out of ignorance and the prejudice you accuse them of. It is a private town and they are asking for you to respect their way of life. if you don’t like it, don’t go there. if you were in Saudia Arabia or Iran and dressed in shorts and a tank top as a women you would get arrested and fined instead of just a frown. TO the writer who made comments about the germans and going back to europe your just an arrogant racist. If it was a muslim town people would say they had a right to be respected and there wouldn’t even be a story.

    1. the facts says:

      Its not a private town if it was private only the people who live there would be allowed to be there and this is the United States of American not Saudi Arabia we are blessed to be able to dress the way we all do. If they dont want anyone dressing like that then close it off to anyone who’s not Jewish but they wont you know why because of money$$$ they dont want you dressing a certain way but have no problem still taking your money. If i lived there i wouldnt go into that area on principle typical Jewish we dont like you but we’ll take your money addittude

      1. The Duke says:

        the facts, that is very hateful of you to say. No one is requiring anybody to dress in any way; you are free to ignore their request. Also, the caricature of a Jew as a money-hungry little shrew is very old, cliché, and downright wrong and offensive. Your comment is made of distilled proverbial Kool-Aid.

    2. Dave C says:

      There’s no such thing as a private town. They’re trying to impose their non-mainstream standards upon everyone. It’s simply wrong.

      1. Boris says:

        Now I have to have a non-mainstream handbook to see whats right and wrong? Your country is soooo funny.

      2. tadchem says:

        There is a big difference between a polite request (as seen on the sign) and a Court Order or a City Ordinance. No one here is trying to *impose* anything. They are letting you know that they have standards (do you?) and they are asking for your cooperation.

      3. crank says:

        WRONG, Dave C! They are not imposing anything. They are asking. There is no law or penalty. They are not forcing anything.

      4. Not offended says:

        @ Dave C – THEY’RE NOT IMPOSING ANYTHING! THEY’RE MAKING A POLITE REQUEST! It’s no different than politely asking someone near you to not smoke, or to refrain from using profanity within earshot of your children. Sure, they wouldn’t have to comply, but it says more about the person being asked than the person making the request.

      5. Jeff says:

        You do see how your argument is flawed, right Dave? I’m sick of people who constantly say that others are trying to shove a belief down their throat and turn around and say that the perpetrators should hold the same belief they do. It’s like saying, “I don’t respect your right to your belief but you sure as hell need to accept mine.”

        If you don’t like it, don’t go there. And grow up.

      6. mloop says:

        Are you talking about this article or Liberals? Just wonderin…..

    3. Victor says:

      There is no such thing as a “private town”.

    4. Puzzled says:

      What is a “private town?” This is a town where the majority are on welfare, paid for by the residents of nearby towns – who are now being insulted about their manner of dress. I think the shul has a right to put up this sign, I just think it’s stupid, but some of the arguments here aren’t doing them any favors. To compare a town to a store is absurd – a store is privately owned, a town is not. Maybe, maybe, that comparison would hold water if the town weren’t funded by the rest of the county, but it is. The men sit in kollel all day pretending to learn.

  39. Really says:

    I wonder how the reaction would be if the local store has a sign that said anyone who wears long black coats furry hats has long facial hair curls and are covered from head to toe will be frowned upon here but we will still serve you just not with a smile how the Rabbi would feel about that they would be saying discrimination and protesting outside the store

    1. crank says:

      I imagine they already get a lot of strange looks because of their customs and dress. I disagree with your assertion the Rabbi or anyone else would protest outside any store for being rude. Like anyone, the most they would likely do is stop shopping at a store where they were treated inappropriately. YOU, however, sound like you would protest and file suit insisting your rights had been violated. In fact, these signs violate nobody’s rights. They are a request from one group of residents.

    2. Krakken says:

      Really, the local store would be filing for bankruptcy in a heart beat.

  40. the doctor says:

    there is many beach front towns that prohibit bikinis or barefoot,
    advertising agencys have their limit as how far they could go and if they pass that line there is a outcry from modest people without them being called talibans
    its only respect that is being asked
    the same as you would not go inapporpiatly dressed on a wedding or other affair

    1. Raffi says:

      The only difference with your statement “the doctor” is that the town is not a wedding or other affair, it is a free AMERICAN town. If they want to put up signs like that let them do it in their own god damn country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Elizabeth Blake says:

        This is their GD country! It’s just a request NOT a law. Lighten up dude your towel is wrapped too tight!

      2. crank says:

        It IS their ‘own god damn country’ and it is their right, according to the 1st Amendment, to put up signs making this polite REQUEST.

      3. Krakken says:

        OUtrageous, and in my country too. Pace “Please curb your dog, shoes and shirts for service…” Raffi you sound like you are from Ramat Aviv.

    2. hh says:

      its not an “affair” or “wedding” it is in broad daylight on the street in a town in the USA. If one wishes to comply with these requests thats fine. but if one does not then that is just fine as well. But it would be wrong and cruel to go there wearing a bikini just to flaunt your non belief.

  41. Dan Te says:

    Idiots never learned. They want a walled “ghetto” community again. Just like it was in Europe before the Germans put them into ovens.

    They have got to be born stupid. Nobody can possibly be working that hard at being that stupid. Just too much work.

    1. The Duke says:

      Dan Te, you are being very ignorant and hateful. This is a REQUEST, NOT a law, nor is it a return to a walled “ghetto” community. The Jews are always getting stomped on by somebody else. The Jews didn’t want walled ghettoes; they were thrown in there. They are NOT stupid. All they’re doing is politely asking people to be respectful of their customs, and are NOT requiring them to, so, should you feel that you want to, you can ignore it. Calling the Jews stupid is very closed-minded and hateful of you.

      1. Oberon123 says:

        Dan Te is absolutely correct. And please stop the “poor little picked-on me” persecution complex BS. It’s getting old.

    2. Cowboy says:

      Dan Te, it is simply a request. They have that freedom, just as you have the freedom to be rude about it.

      1. The Duke says:

        Admittedly off topic, but are you the Cowboy from the iVote servers?

  42. Raffi Naljayan says:

    If I was a woman I would go there dressed in a bikini in protest of that stupid sign!!!

    1. be respectful says:

      If you were a woman you wouldn’t make such a stupid, arrogant statement

    2. USAFLgirl says:

      Based on your name, you should be used to this!

    3. Himself says:

      Good G_d! The very image makes me shudder. You in a Bikini? Perhaps before you try that in a skimpy bottom, it would be prudent of you to check with your gynecologist, lest you offend by more than your immodesty…

    4. Roger Fishwife says:

      You might if you were a woman. You wouldn’t of you were a lady.

    5. Roger Fishwife says:

      You might if you were a woman. You wouldn’t if you were a lady.

    6. Cowboy says:

      I have no doubt.

  43. EWagner635 says:

    Imagine if they were asked to shave before going someplace, or remove their yarmulkes.

    1. Yonason says:

      Yes EWagner635, they did ask us to remove our kippas and shave. Then they took our clothes and stuffed us into ovens or they shot us lke diseased animals. Yes we can imagine what it is like. So our Parents and Grandparents moved to the USA where we would be free to wear them and dress modestly in our own communities. The they you so scornfully mention are Jews and using the term “they” shows your anti-Semitic hatred of “US” and the freedom we have “HERE” in the USA.

      1. DBinVA says:

        The word “they” is anti-semitic? Wow. I’m sympathetic, but you lost me on that one.

      2. jansonb23 says:

        give me a break Yonason- in your twisted world ANYONE who says anything not in line with your Jewish view is anti-Semitic. The way you invoke the Holocaust to make a lame point is disgusting and an insult to the 6 millions Jews who were butchered.

      3. awiseman@gmail.com says:

        yeah, way to miss the point yonason.

      4. Oberon123 says:

        As has been said, “they” is anti-Semetic? What asylum did you crawl out of? K. Joel is a city in the UNITED STATES. It is a public town, not one that is run by a synagogue. If these clowns don’t like the way we dress, let them go to Israel and practice their intolerance there. We have separation of church and state in the US, clown, and that means that no religious leader, or follower, can tell us how to dress.

      5. Cowboy says:

        Excellent point, Yonason.

        Many people here think that the Constitution applies only to what and whom they like.

      6. Sasha says:

        Yonason, your reply may be the BEST example of Godwin’s Law I’ve ever read! In no way does this article have anything at all to do with the Holocaust, but thank for you attempting to make EWagner a Nazi. Well done.

        That being said, the people of this town have every right to ask anything of anyone, just as the non-residents have every right to wear whatever they want when visiting, just as the residents have every right to “scowl” at the visitors. Freedom is freedom…period.

    2. OCMichael says:

      As long as they were just being ASKED and not being forcibly shaved; what’s the problem?
      It’s not like the parts of Afghanistan where the Taliban returned and cut off the noses of the men who dared to go clean-shaven. They have a perfect right to ASK, just as you have a perfect right to POLITELY decline.

  44. Zeeeeeskeit says:

    its simply a request ..nothing more GOSH get over it !!! nobody is forcing u to do anything….and Taliban comparisons? are u for real Appled???

    1. Raffi says:

      Yes it is a request, but if you do not comply they locals make you feel uncomfortable! Stop being stupid, please!!!!!

      1. ru4real says:

        I didn’t know that being comfortable was a right! Thanks for letting me know. Target is always too hot. I think I’ll write my congressman…

      2. Rick says:

        Uncomfortable? Seriously? Let me guess, you were one of the kids that went and told the teacher because someone “looked” at you wrong! Grow up.

      3. Chuck says:

        Well, then it’s the locals’ faults for being “insensitive’, right?

        I LOVE LOVE LOVE Ken’s comment…

        How is a private citizen group asking you to dress appropriate to a specific environment taking away your freedoms? Would you intentionally wear a string bikini to a black tie dinner? Of course not. This is no different. You are simply being asked to respect the local culture. This is not sharia law, this is common courtesy.

        Only a liberal cries foul when someone asks you to respect their customs and then demands that salt should be illegal, tells people where they can smoke, and then screams that you can’t put up a Christmas tree in a school. Even a liberal has to be able to see the amazing hypocrisy of their arguments.

      4. Bob says:


        OMG! you feel UNCOMFORTABLE???!?!?!! How about you just take your toys and go home while the big kids continue to enjoy life.

        Good God People!

      5. Roger Fishwife says:

        You’d be made to feel *uncomfortable*??!? Oh, the horror!

        What a thin skinned whiney namby-pamby milquetoast child.

      6. david says:

        We used to use shame in the great country of ours to discourage bad behavior (teen pregnancy, public drunkeness, swearing, divorce). It worked pretty well in keeping behaviors within acceptable bounds. Maybe we could use a little more shame.

      7. Cowboy says:

        Well, we can’t be denying people their Constitutional right to be comfortable, can we? Isn’t that in the General Welfare clause or something?

      8. Cowboy says:

        We wouldn’t want to violate Raffi’s Constitutional right to not be offended…

  45. Lisa says:

    Imagine if it was a Muslim village and they asked women visitors to cover their hair ? The outcry would be deafening.

    1. ODIrony says:

      Actually, Moslem mistreatment of women goes on almost universally and the media generally ignores it.

    2. Jack says:

      Yeah, because the penalty would be stoning to death.

    3. HankB says:

      The difference is if you violate a Jewish custom, you’ll draw scowls and pehaps a scolding, as stated in the story. Violate Moslem custom and you risk being stoned, whipped, blown up, or beheaded.

      1. Not offended says:

        You’re exactly right, Hank, but we’ll never see the media pointing that out. Guess that why we have to leave these comments.

      2. Kel says:

        Exactly! There is all the difference in the world between a person or organization ASKING you politely to respect their customs and a group or, worst yet, govt forcing you to do it under penalty of torture or death! The difference is black and white, night and day. It’s that difference we need to wake up and see. The request in this town has no backing of the govt; it is only a request and there is no punishment for not doing it. What the Muslims want is to implement Sharia LAW here under which that woman in the pink tank top would have been put in jail or stoned or something and those punishments would have force of law.

      3. awiseman@gmail.com says:

        yeah, the media never reports on terrorist attacks in Iraq or Afghanistan, or on things like the kidnapping of Daniel Pearl. Get a grip.

      4. East Dearborn says:

        Here in the largely Muslim community of East Dearborn Michigan, hometown of our beloved hottie Miss USA Rima Fakih, you are welcome to do a little shopping here, and regardless of how you are dressed, I promise you we will not be behead you or stone you or whip you or blow you up.

    4. Bob says:


      If it were a muslem community, I wouldn’t want to go there. Problem solved. Now, given that it is a Jewish community, I still wouldn’t want to go there. Problem solved. These people banded together to form thier own community (sound strikingly familiar to our own founding fathers???), so they could live in peace and not have to be offended by others who do not share the same standards.

      If I were to come to your house and noticed your family didn’t wear shoes in the house, I would feel obliged to take my shoes off. Not because it is a law, but because it is out of respect for your beliefs.

      Your rights are not abused here people.. YOU still have the right to NOT go there..

    5. Jeff says:

      You’re right Lisa! How dare the majority of America have fears of a group of people who hijacked planes and flew them into buildings killing thousands of American citizens!

      And before you say, “That’s only one radical group and not the majority”, I would encourage you to actually read the Qu’ran and then consider making a statement.

    6. Cowboy says:

      Imagine if it was a Muslim city and they didn’t allow non-Muslims there at all.

      Like Mecca.

  46. Appaled says:

    Has the Taliban moved to New york and nobody told me. WOW

    1. Rob says:

      No. If it was the Taliban, you would be legally required to comply and killed if you refused. This, however, is a community of free citizens making a polite requrest of visitors. If you can’t tell the difference, you have bigger problems than this.

      1. Jeff says:

        I 100% agree with Rob. And by the way Mr. Appaled, there are two L’s in “appalled”.

    2. Harriet says:

      yo, they are JEWISH, ya know the folks who have been fighting Muslims for years. There’s no way they are connected with the Taliban. And no, its not a law, it’s a private request, like when you go to a fancy resturant and they have a dress code requiring ties and jackets, well for you i guess it would be shoes and shirt.

    3. Catherine A. says:

      Appalled: First, learn how to spell your name. Second: try reading the entire article. There are no consequences, because it is not an order, a law, or an ordinance. It is a polite REQUEST. You may follow it if you are a reasonable person or refuse to follow it if you are a jerk.

      These people are not the Taliban, because they do not KILL people for non-compliance. They simply ask people who are visitors, and don’t even need to be there in the first place, to respect their culture.

      Why is it that so may of the folks who demand that we respect Muslim culture refuse to respect anyone else’s?

      1. Oberon123 says:

        There are no consequences because it’s the US, not Israel. In Israel, these same filthy people beat up women who don’t comply. They’d love to do the same thing here if they could.

    4. joe says:

      Hey Appaled!! Yes!!! they moved to America!!! And they are on their way to get you!! When you see a Hassidic Jew near you run for your life!!!!

      1. Mel Gibson ^___^ says:

        LOLZA I can see Appaled now, running down the street screaming, “The Jews are coming! THE JEWS ARE COMING!!!” HA!

  47. Ann says:

    I can’t believe it! Little by little my freedoms are being taken away in the guise of
    social co-existence.

    1. Ken says:

      How is a private citizen group asking you to dress appropriate to a specific environment taking away your freedoms? Would you intentionally wear a string bikini to a black tie dinner? Of course not. This is no different. You are simply being asked to respect the local culture. This is not sharia law, this is common courtesy.

      Only a liberal cries foul when someone asks you to respect their customs and then demands that salt should be illegal, tells people where they can smoke, and then screams that you can’t put up a Christmas tree in a school. Even a liberal has to be able to see the amazing hypocrisy of their arguments.

      1. Brendan says:

        Excellent comment, Ken.

      2. Lance says:

        Yes Yes Yes!!!

      3. tadchem says:

        Liberals are famous for their double standards – especially requiring others to do things (like paying taxes) that they don’t do themselves.

      4. Beth says:

        If this were a Muslim community asking men and women to maintain seperate spheres and to dress modestly, would you be writing, “only a liberal cries foul…”? Hardly.

        This is the camel’s nose under the tent for pushing our legal system to accommodate fundamentalists.

      5. Cynthia says:

        Ken, you are correct. FA Hayek explains this beautifully in The Fatal Conceit.

        1. john smith says:

          Oh, and does the Islamic Sharia finally smell like a camel to you.

      6. patriot1942 says:

        Amen, and very well said…….

      7. Tim says:

        But you miss the point! Liberals CAN’T see the hypocrisy. If they did then we would not have to put up with such stupidity that they spew!

      8. Cliff says:

        Ken I agree with your comment except the part about liberals. I don’t think generalizing anyone is productive. I believe that is the downfall of this country is that people feel the need to fit into a certain group, whether it be liberal, conservative, democrat, republican, etc. People should have opinions about facts and issues, not follow some damn doctrine of a common belief.

      9. J G says:

        Cliff, you are saying that “generalizing anyone is [generally] not productive.” I generalize between my wife and women who are generally not my wife. I don’t give my private information to people who are generally strangers to me. I distinguish between people who are generally my kids versus generally not my kids. It’s actually very productive, contrary to your statement. As for the article, there’s nothing wrong with politely asking somebody to maintain certain standards in your presence. I have enough self respect to ask people not to make overtly racist comments in my presence or swear around my children. I do this in accordance with my personal values. I do not physically enforce these standards on others because the standards are not law. How is that any different than putting up a sign at the entrance to a community? It’s actually quite courteous to let people know which standards are expected at a given place, just as most people give dress code guidelines on an invitation to an event.

      10. Watchout says:


        Like you mentioned, you could ask someone entering your restaurant to dress as the establishment chooses. The difference here is that the “group” as you called it doesn’t own the town. Its not their private property that this young lady is seen entering. Its a public property. And to put a sign at the village entrance is offensive.

      11. yarply says:

        They see it… And they don’t care. They only care about themselves.

      12. el polacko says:

        please respect my local customs… when you come into my neighborhood, take off all your clothes, paint your face blue, and jump up and down… it’s ‘common courtesy’.. right ??

    2. The_Pilgrim says:

      I can’t believe so many libtards can’t comprehend what a “right” is and what it isni’t…

    3. WAKE UP America says:

      Your freedom taken away?
      The bankers are ROBBING you blind. TRILLIONS of dollars.
      The drug companies are turning vaccines into a sterilization/soft kill weapon.
      The media is controlled by the corporate/government interests.
      YOU NEVER get the truth.
      Television is a social control device.
      The government is committing FALSE FLAG actions.
      They are also running dope in Mexico and Afganistan.
      They put flouride in the water to make you passive.
      GMO foods are being introduced to give you drugs in the food.

      And you think your freedom is being taken away because you want to dress like a hoochie.


      1. Grounded in Reality says:

        Wake Up – Please run, don’t walk, to your nearest mental health professional.

      2. Jayson Lamers says:

        Thumbs up. At least someone is awake.

      3. Capt says:

        Well yes, there are many problems, but I don’t buy the “make it go away with bigger problems” routine”.

        Integrate into the society! This is The United States.

      4. Dr. Duncan Druhl says:

        Spot on.

      5. lee1947 says:

        WOW!!! And you did you get this information from the aliens who abducted you and took you to their Planet and implanted all of this wisdom in your head, or was it a mind probe they sent down?

      6. mbauman says:

        Um, you may want to add a bit more tinfoil to your hat.

        1. Please tolerate this message. says:

          Imaging hitching-hiking through the towns in the USA and trying to comply to every random sign?

          A tolerant sign says: “Welcome. Be Yourself”.

          1. D.Kelly says:

            totally agree! Thank you!

      7. Nobody Special says:

        WAKE UP, you forgot your tinfoil hat. You might need to put it on so the aliens don’t dig into your head.

    4. Not offended says:

      Not at all. Just be respectful of others’ values.

      1. Oberon123 says:

        I’ll respect their values if I’m in their home. Not on a public street. How dare they tell anybody how to dress on a public street? Or hold hands?

        1. The Duke says:

          It is NOT a command. It is a REQUEST. You are free to ignore it if you wish.

    5. James says:

      I agree I am tired of everytime somone is asked to show a little common courtesy (from a conservetive point of view) we are met with hatred and angree language calling us names like bigot, homophobe, racist or just plain intolerent. Then they tell us were we can eat, pray or say all the while making it harder just to walk my kids downtown without seeing what color thong the girl in front of us is wearing or the guy infront of us is wearing jeans that fall to his knees. Wear is the balance?

    6. Marty says:

      Get over it.

    7. Richard says:

      I had to laugh at your troll, cause reading the story, no one is as stupid as you look by posting this. Good job.

    8. jansonb23 says:

      You are 100% right Ann. Religious kooks- and our overly PC buttkissing attitudes- will be the death of our democracy as we know it.

      1. NV says:

        I think you shoudl read the US fondting documents. The founding fathers said a country must have founding principles in religioun and gave rights that were not of the state, but from a higher source, God. Best read your US Constiution. There’s no seperation of church and state, it’s call an establishment clause. They wanted no established religion, but to the fathers of this nation, they felt a society without religion will fall. And it is falling. This town has it right.

    9. Joe says:

      Kiryas Joel, home of the “all-cash” diamond merchants. According to 2008 census figures, the village has the highest poverty rate in the nation. More than two-thirds of residents live below the federal poverty line and 40% receive food stamps. Maybe the folks that live there should stop worrying what I’m wearing and stop fleecing the government and start paying taxes on their million-dollar homes.

      1. Steven says:

        Please show a link to the figures you are referencing.

      2. Rob says:

        You and “The Truth” (LOL) have verbatim comments. Interesting. Furthermore, you actually have the gnads to cite Wikipedia as a credible source? Unbelievable.

        1. Rush says:

          @ Rob –

          Hey Shtoopid –

          Check the source citations for verification…

      3. Amy Willis says:


        I looked up the town and you’re pulling those numbers out of your behind….why?

    10. Greg says:

      Did you even read the story Ann. Their asking not demanding.

    11. The Truth says:

      Kiryas Joel, home of the “all-cash” diamond merchants. According to 2008 census figures, the village has the highest poverty rate in the nation. More than two-thirds of residents live below the federal poverty line and 40% receive food stamps. Maybe the folks that live there should stop worrying what I’m wearing and stop fleecing the government and start paying taxes on their million-dollar homes.

    12. Robert says:

      No, it isn’t. They are asking you to dress modestly. There is NO legal recourse if you don’t. You are free to dress as you please as long as you have the courage to deal with the cross looks that you might receive. It’s called taking responsibility for yourself, something our federal government does not understand.

  48. alec says:

    whats next a nice stoning for non-compliance?

    1. Becca says:

      Nah. You’ve got your communities confused. The hasidic jews are just asking nicely. It’s not sharia law. Just a polite request.

      1. Tod Cole says:

        Sounds like a great place to visit and bring a family, to me.

      2. Lance says:

        Sad that what you say in jest is true in the most extreme cases.

      3. nilofc says:

        Don’t tell that to a liberal…he doesn”t know how to distinguish.

      4. Stu d'Baker says:

        This is the first time I’ve seen “polite” and “Hasidic” in the same paragraph.

      5. Oberon123 says:

        Yes, in a sense, they have. Hasidic Jews are just as bad as the Taliban. The Taliban do what they do because nobody stops them. And nobody stops Hasidic Jews from beating up women in Israel if they don’t comply. There have been many stories of how women are beaten by these self-appointed guardians of morality for not moving to the back of buses. Does this sound familiar? At any rate, this is a town in AMERICA. How dare they suggest what is appropriate wear for a public street. I don’t care how they make somebody dress in their synagogues or in their homes. NO religious group should even be able to suggest how to dress on a city street.

      6. Garth says:

        Hey people! This isn’t about Muslims. These people are Jewish. They have a right to their rules, their town and their freedom of religion. Comments like…”This is just Shariah Law of the Jewish” are stupid. You have no idea what you are talking about, so shut it! If the Muslim community heard you, they would laugh at your stupidity! The Jewish people are Islams enemy and America too, you morons!

      7. D.Kelly says:

        well the scowling women would beg to differ!

    2. USAFLgirl says:

      We’re not Shariai compliant–yet. If you don’t like this, just wait for Islam to take over America. They are on their way thanks to Obama. NOVEMBER!!!!

      1. dailyrasp says:

        You hit the nail on the proverbial head! The media is pointing this out – pointing at the Jews – while ignoring Shairia compliant activities in many cities. Sharia is on the move in America with head mullahs like Obambi and that Dhimmi Bloomberg.

      2. Harriet says:

        Yo, we got that covered already, see U.S. Constitution, Amendment 1 “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech,” oh btw, wrong religion they’re Hasidic Jews, they may make you feel bad but they are not mercenary and do not believe in conversations, so ya safe from them. Go crawl back under the rock you came from.

      3. andrew says:

        wow dailyrasp, you are a lunatic.

      4. Allen says:

        You are an idiot.

      5. David in Florida says:

        WAKE UP!!!
        or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech,” In my county (Santa Rosa, Florida) the ACLU sued the school district because kids from the FCA prayed at graduation. And, how many times have you read about a graduation speech being edited by the administration because it mentions God or Jesus?

    3. Mike says:

      No Bozo, that’s the policy for many Muslim countries.

    4. Diamond_Girl says:

      Alec, please read the article carefully. There are no consequences. The sign is a request for respect for the community, not a command.

    5. Eli says:

      What? They said there is no punishment, it’s merely a suggestion. Your comment is silly and uncalled for.

      1. More Sharia? says:

        Eli,your comment is silly and uncalled for. This is not Tel Aviv. This is the US of America. These people who are responsible for this religious repressive sign would be wise to not try to enforce it in any way. It is as repugnant to me as it would be were it a Muslim group which erected it. I see no difference.

    6. Robert says:

      No, they are not Islamsists. Non-compliance is met with a scowl vice a stoning.

      1. jerry6 says:

        not yet .In parts of Israel the Hasidim do throw stones and spit at people not dressed to their code

    7. Jeff says:

      you’re not very bright, are you Alec? Please read the story before making any silly “slippery-slope” arguments like this.

    8. JWS says:

      Read the article, dude. No penalties for not following their non-laws.

    9. Rich says:

      No, that would be Muslim and this is Jewish. The Jewish no longer use stoning.

    10. Nico says:

      Only if it were a muslim community, but seeing that it’s Jewish, you’re in no danger.

    11. nanan says:

      That sign is a FAR-CRY from stoning someone. They just asked politley. And If you don’t want to do it then you don’t have to.

      You are taking this way over the edge.

    12. Catherine A. says:

      Alec, try reading the entire article before posting a comment.

    13. Marvin says:

      Just give them a little time ——-
      August 27, 2010 at 10:00 (Believe it or not, Ignorance, Israel)
      Just when you think that things can’t get worse…..
      The significance of only having 39 is that it was believed that 40 lashes would kill a man.
      ‘Sinner’ singer given 39 lashes by rabbis
      Punishment for performance in front of “mixed audience”
      A singer who performed in front of a “mixed audience”
      of men and women was lashed 39 times to make him
      “repent,” after a ruling by a self-described rabbinic court

  49. alec says:

    You have got to be kidding me.

    1. stonyptmom says:

      That’s KJ….they make their own rules and apply them as they see fit. They have decided that they are their own Sovreign Nation and do as they please without consequence.

      1. Mike says:

        Your comment is off base. Evidently the government is NOT the one trying to encourage this, but rather the citizens in their private roles. And there is no official “consequence”.

      2. MadBag says:

        I’m 5′ 6″ tall and weigh 400 pounds. I’m 75 years old. Would it bother you if brought ny laun chair, wearing my thong swimming suit and spent a couple of hours sitting in front of your house this weekend? Didn’t think so.

        1. ghostsouls says:

          Actually I am fine with that, it wouldn’t be long before I had you up on youtube, for the enjoyment of others, heck may even put in a live webcam……Just amazed that you can find your thong after the last time you wore it 😛

        2. Kevin says:

          Yeah, you can come sit on the lawn, but you have to bring your own beer

      3. Dj says:

        Your comment could be applied to San Francsico just as easily.

      4. phoenixgirl says:

        except they are not a sovereign nation so…..they may want people to comply but the people don’t have to and there really is nothing they can do about it but scowl….

      5. stonyptmom says:

        My reference is to the local government of Kiryas Joel. BTW did they get the necessary permits to erect that sign?

    2. george says:

      maybe we should adopt this nationwide

      1. Mark says:

        Maybe you should move to Kriyas Joel!

      2. sotonohito says:

        Maybe they should move to Saudi Arabia or some other theocratic hellhole. This is **AMERICA** we don’t let religious fanatics dictate our behavior around here.

        Also, I’ll bet that your reaction would be different if it had been a Muslim community. Then you’d have been ranting about Shaira law being imposed in America. Jewish Shaira is no better than Muslim Shaira. Neither have any place in America

      3. linda says:

        i agree with george!

      4. Mordecai says:

        Maybe they should move to Israel and spare us their religious cult

      5. Cranston Snord says:

        I’m all for a national dress code.

    3. EroSennin says:

      I’m in favor of local people making their own decisions about their own communities.

      1. Mark says:

        Me too but only to a certain point. However, everyone here is really missing the best part of this article. Monroe resident Jessica Pantalemon has a really nice a$$ (see picture) and would be welcomed in my community anytime! Hello Jessica!

        1. Kevin says:

          Hey Mark, I’m with you, Jess can come to my town anytime she wants

      2. nick says:

        According to 2008 census figures, the village has the highest poverty rate in the nation. More than two-thirds of residents live below the federal poverty line and 40% receive food stamps.[3]

        Maybe they should spend more time worrying about this.

        1. Cowboy says:

          What does the poverty rate have to do with their values re attire ??

    4. rabiddog9 says:

      That young thing in the photo sure has some fine ASSETS

      1. rabiddog9 says:


      2. Bowser says:

        if she wears dentures, she’d be the perfect wife.

    5. Colorado says:

      Alec..you are an idiot. This is a request that people act ‘civilized’ and not wear outfits that will cause young boys to lose their minds with fantasy about how easy a scantly dressed woman might be. Also, I’m only 38, but remember when people knew what language was appropriate in public (or in front of elders, children, women, etc) which now seems to be forgotten. A reminder of how to show respect is great. If you are so worried about someone staring at you for acting like an animal maybe you should do some self-reflection instead of freaking out about your ‘rights’.

      1. Scott says:

        Ha! Wearing short pants or short sleeved shirts is animal like? Or will cause boys to lose theri minds? Sheesh! Grow up Dude!
        What do you think the “Maintain gender seperation in all public places” means? No holding hands? Women are to follow 6 feet behind the man?
        Pure silliness.

      2. Matt says:

        This sign is a joke.. Don’t call Alec an idiot just cus u are boring, bitter, and old.

      3. Trace345 says:

        Hey Colorado – an ELBOW is gonna cause young boys to lose their minds?? LOL, I guess Michelle Obama isn’t welcome there – she wears short skirts & sleeveless dresses ALL the time! LOL

        1. Cowboy says:

          Trace345, ME-SHELL isn’t welcome at my place regardless which designer outfit she wears…

      4. junior says:

        Ms. Pantalemon’s assets are making me lose my mind a bit and i’m an old guy….

      5. BYR says:

        Thank you Colorado. You are spot on correct. It is truly sad we have lost our manners.

    6. Bruce Richards says:

      The human body is an abomination and an occasion of great sin. Did you see the ass on that girl? Thank God most true religions recognize how filthy just looking at the human body can be. Always keep covered up for God. That’s what makes him happy.

    7. Aya Clio says:

      This must be a joke!!! No better thans Muslims!!! Go live in a secular society. The beauty of living in America is called FREEDOM!!!

      1. Tim S says:

        One of the many differences between the Hasidic Jews and the Muslims, is that this is a polite request, not sharia law demand. No one will be stoned or beheaded for shorts and a tank top.

      2. thor says:

        Your comments are way more bigoted than the polite sign they posted. Nobody is being persecuted – read the article and rethink your out of context conclusions.

      3. Jay says:

        Modesty and respect in America?

      4. nad says:

        freedom does not mean show all ur meat,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,u nudist go live in a jungle

      5. 51773 says:

        I bet they’ll feel really stupid when they finally realize there is no god and they missed out on all the fun.

        1. Cowboy says:

          Then again, 51773, you might feel really stupid explaining that post to God…

      6. mitch says:

        No muslims would stone you or cut your hands off or let you rot in jail.

      7. Cowboy says:

        Actually, it is just a request. Not a demand.

        I believe that they have the FREEDOM to make a request…

      8. G says:

        Actually it is better than the Muslims. They aren’t burying people in the sand and stoning them for wearing the clothes.

      9. steve says:

        It’s a request, unlike in Islam it’s your head…big diff buddy.

        1. Oberon123 says:

          Kiryas Joel is an AMERICAN town, not a private country. It doesn’t matter who lives there. To add insult to injury, it’s AMERICAN tax dollars that support these lazy bums. How DARE they look disapprovingly at Jess, when Jess is probably support their welfare lifestyle with the taxes she pays? She’s from Monroe, which is next door to KJ. The welfare bums ask politely because they’re in America. In Israel, this same sect beat women who don’t measure up to their level of modesty. And Israel is supposed to be a democracy. This same sect sponges off of the state of Israel, also. Yet they feel free to pull taxpaying Israeli women off of public buses to beat them for the way they dress or because they won’t move to the back of buses. Bus drivers don’t intervene because they’re scared of the rabble.

          1. D-12 Killa says:

            LMFAO@U. Lazy bums?? You are hilarious. Way to stereotype people moron.

      10. joe says:

        I cant understand all hateful commentators here, kiryea joel is 100% a chasidc village with 3 000 families living there, they don’t need any outsiders to shop there, their economy is supported by its residents and all they did is asking in a respectful and nice way to dress modestly the children of the people living there are never exposed to that kind of dressing like you see in the video of that lady.

    8. Carol Crowell says:

      Think about it, people. Whether it is the Shakers, the Amish, the Mennonites you have an opportunity of viewin a different culture in your midst. Be considerate of their beliefs and lifestyle. That’s just plain courtesy. No one’s takin away your rihts. You are respondin with politeness. If you can’t be comfortable in modest dress o elsewhere. But, why not try to learn somethin?

      1. jole says:

        Carol, your exactly right, too many people in the country now days never learned to have respect others or themselves for that matter. People that complain here can’t or didn’t read the sign, as usual liberals jumping to a misdirected conclusion.

      2. Voodoobones says:

        Carol, you might want to get your “G” looked at. It seems to be missing. 😉

      3. Lily says:

        Your lack of simple grammar is inconsiderate. If you want to express your opinion, please either learn to be polite or take them elsewhere. I don’t like to see present progressive verbs walking around without even wearing a “g.” I’m aware this is a public place, but please….be courteous to what I, personally, would like to see.

        1. Oberon123 says:

          If you want to criticize the grammar of another, then perhaps you’d better learn some yourself. The word opinion is singular, yet you use a plural, them, along with it. Maybe you should learn about agreement in number before you criticize others.

      4. Goldenfoxx says:

        I recall back maybe 20 years ago when women did not wear pants to church. I live in California a very liberals state. If you wore pants to church, people would shun you. There’s some religious churches that still adhere to no wearing of jewelry like the Seventh-day Adventist. You are shunned too for wearing anything that adorns you. Weird beliefs and you’re not welcome to freely worship with them just because of what you are wearing. This town sounds like they are very legalistic and intolerant of what others want to wear and feel comfortable in. How Muslim women can wear those burkas when it’s over 100 degrees outside is beyond me. That is not healthy.

      5. Sara Jane says:

        All fine and well as long as it can be done the same way in another podunk town in AMERICA. “Please leave faces uncovered here”. “Please don’t walk 10 feet behind your husband here” “please feel free to say what is on your mind here”. Welcome to AMERICA if you want to be “back home” then go there if it’s so great.

      6. Sara Jane says:

        Hey “Lily” the whole comment from you was about grammar? Seriously? Do you have anything else to say? You want to pound on someone because their “g” doesn’t work? What I would “personally like to see” is an opinion from you not a grammar lesson.

      7. MichaelH says:

        How about using a friggin’ “G” on the end of your words? Talk about “learnin somethin.”

        Good lord woman, act like you graduated high school.

      8. Not offended says:

        Wow! Michael, Sara, you need to learn a little humor! Lily’s comment was TOTALLY tongue-in-cheek! And if her “g” doesn’t work, that doesn’t preclude her from leaving a comment! Quit taking yourself so seriously!

      9. Marvin says:

        2,000 years ago they crucified a gut for preaching PEACE, then they hounded his followers for hundreds of years, they STILL spit when they hear his name.
        August 27, 2010 at 10:00 Just when you think that things can’t get worse…..
        The significance of only having 39 is that it was believed that 40 lashes would kill a man.
        ‘Sinner’ singer given 39 lashes by rabbis
        Punishment for performance in front of “mixed audience”
        A singer who performed in front of a “mixed audience”
        of men and women was lashed 39 times to make him
        “repent,” after a ruling by a self-described rabbinic court

    9. jimmy d. says:

      I love it! Need signs like that in every county, city, town. America is a cesspool!!!

      1. robthomaseyes says:

        This is nothing more than Sharia law, Jewish style. So now Jewish people are going to institute Sharia (halachic) law and force Christians and others to separate the genders, etc.? Hell no. No Jewish sharia law in AMERICA.

    10. redsfan says:

      To comply with the wishes of people with moral and ethical values would be in direct conflict with those who are making the bigoted comments here. These bigots think that the beliefs and values of others are vacuous, void of substance. For them to comply with the wishes of these people would give credence to the value of these beliefs. There was a time, at least here in the United States, that we were more tolerable and acceptable to others. Not that we didn’t have problems. We had bigoted people, but they were in the minority. Now these bigots are growing in numbers and spouting their venom her on these posts.

      1. Sara Jane says:

        Hey “redsfan” how bout you relax? You have used so many words that are “vacuous” that you really said nothing at all. The whole idea here in AMERICA is that it’s a melting pot, not segregated, that means we ALL have to get along, not just the ones that are “special interests” . Every one has something that doesn’t sit right with them. That’s the nature of the game. It’s about not shoving it in someone’s face. Do it if you love it but do it because you love it not because you are trying to change somebody or make them comply with YOUR thinking.

      2. Not offended says:

        Go Reds! The long-suffering Reds’ fans finally have something to get excited about!

        1. Sara Jane says:

          Hey “not offended” why don’t you have something to say, you have NOTHING to say unless someone says something first. Ummmm, get an opinion, or backbone or voice. Your choice or not but ultimately you are weak.

      3. Welrdelr says:

        Isn’t a bigot a person that is intolerant of other people’s opinions or actions if they are different from their opinions or what they consider to be right. In the United States we have too many groups that are trying to control other people’s actions, languages, and beliefs they do not think they are bigots and they speak of being politically correct …. What is worse than a bigot is a race, religion or group that declares any action or word off limits for those that are not of that race, religion or group……. Example the “N” word or certain phrases regarding racial or sexual names that can only be used by members of that group.

      4. Glenda says:

        I agree with robthomaseyes comment. This is nothing more than Sharia law, Jewish style.

      5. EJ Diaz says:

        It seems like a polite request, redsfan. Relax. What sounds bigoted and full of venom is your response that, no doubt, states that the beliefs and values of others are vacuous, void of substance.”

        Admit it. You’d love it if others would “comply” with the wishes presented in your post.

        You … are … just … like … them. (only less polite) 🙂

      6. Shaan Khan says:


        I agree that all of a sudden the bigoted people are coming out of the wood works. We desperately need more tolerance. We need to embrace our differences. The racist response of bigots against the so called “Ground Zero Mosque” (which BTW is not at ground zero, and even if it was so what) makes it very clear that unless checked, America is on the verge of becoming like pre-Nazi Germany

      7. Charles Carroll says:

        You’re the bigot. This is just a simple request made by the local community
        No compliance is required. Go Cardinals!.

      8. ROB in NJ says:

        I live in an upscale mostly white community. If I get private funds, and don’t put it on public land, can I put up a sign: Welcom to XXXX, Please maintain the quality of life by NOT playing loud RAP music from your car, wearing baggy pants that reveal your boxer shorts. NO loitering on the corners waiting for a white van to pick you up for a days work. Speak ENGLISH only when speaking or spoken too.
        Do not litter, take your trash with you or dispose of properly.

        1. Mac says:

          No, Rob. You would be vilified and called a racist. Death threats would likely follow and the double-standard bearing left would invade and destroy your community.

      9. ynot4tony2 says:

        Glenda said: “I agree with robthomaseyes comment. This is nothing more than Sharia law, Jewish style.”

        Really? Are you that stupid, or just rabidly anti-Semitic?

        This is not a LAW, genius. It’s a suggestion. There is no enforcement, no penalty. Women aren’t considered second class citizens or prohibited from an education, like in Sharia law. All religions are welcomed, unlike Sharia law. It’s just a polite way of asking, “If you’re going to visit our town, please respect our culture.”

        You are a hate-filled, small-minded person, Glenda. Asinine moral relativism is the hallmark of an already defeated mind.

    11. Garth says:

      I agree with you. Where are States rights or State(s) Sovereignty, or hell, Where Is the First Amendment? I am sorry! For the “douchbag sitting on a curb… What is your Constitutional right that you proclaim? I just listed three for the free exercise of this community thereof. Go back to your Shanties!

    12. Wil says:

      At least if you violate a rule, they won’t stone you, whip you, cut off a hand, or slit your throat.

      1. Glenda says:

        Yet anyway

      2. Marvin says:

        Jewish-SHARIA LAW comes to America. In Israel they WHIPPED a musician for playing to a COED audience. These clowns are WORSE then the Taliban ….. go READ the bible …… 2,000 years ago they CRUCIFIED a guy for preaching PEACE..

    13. nucman says:

      Hurray for Kiryas Joel. Hurray for Jessica’s nice bottom!

    14. BillyBob says:


      Your lack of simple grammar is inconsiderate. If you want to express your opinion, please either learn to be polite or take them elsewhere. I don’t like to see present progressive verbs walking around without even wearing a “g.” I’m aware this is a public place, but please….be courteous to what I, personally, would like to see.
      Get a f—in life Lilly

      get a f—-in life

      1. Appreciates witty comments says:

        BillyBob – Lilly’s comment was a hilarious satire of the sign’s logic. Maybe you should get a sense of humor instead of telling her to get a *@# life.

    15. thor says:

      1. I thinks it’s great.
      2. I think that people being offended by overt modesty is telling.
      3. I think the overwhelming often times hatred laced condemnation of the rather polite request is evidence of intolerance and bigotry.

      1. E. D. says:

        “I think the overwhelming often times hatred laced condemnation of the rather polite request is evidence of intolerance and bigotry.”

        Thor! You said it!

    16. pacific_waters says:

      If the local culture insisted on sex in the streets I wonder if Mr. Kaufmann would respect that.

    17. Rowdy Boots says:

      Who the hell is watching out for our constitutional rights?

      This is clearly a violation of free speech, no matter what one does to respect another’s religion, what about their respect for our free speech rights?

      Free Speech is more sacred than any religion.


      Rowdy Boots

    18. Tdclassified says:

      World Naked Bike Ride should hold a ride here. This is the same mentality that brought on the Dark Ages. Fundamentalists pull the human spirit back and weigh down the soul with their religious superstitions and the shame and guilt that comes with that. The best thing people could do is not bend to this mentality and push the Hasdic people towards spiritual freedom. Down with the Dark Ages! 🙂 And don’t call me anti-semetic as a defense mechanism.

    19. phil says:

      you know, its legal for women to walk around topless. i say that there should be a march on the town.

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