Hot Topic: September 1

Wally Backman is thinking about the Mets, commenting on Jerry Manuel and the ‘big club’. Boomer & Carton think he would be best suited to zip the lip.

Speaking of the Mets, they traded Jeff Francoeur on Tuesday night, and by doing so the boys from Flushing wave the white flag on their season.

The Yankees won on Tuesday and now sit alone atop the AL East. Will they finally be able to break away from the Rays?

Boomer & Carton get tough on Rex Ryan. They think ‘Sexy Rexy’ is lying about Kellen Clemens, after Rex said there was never a chance Clemens wouldn’t make the team. So why did Kellen say he was given an ultimatum – take a pay cut or take a hike?

All that, Robin Ventura & Kerry Rhodes call in, and more on today’s radio program…

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  1. CoetsMode says:

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  2. Display Cases For Baseballs says:

    Get Wally in there today – no GM or not!!

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